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  1. Well said Dsly. And again, great work on the guide. It really shaped up nicely.
  2. FlexCopMNPD

    Flashlights on the guns?

    I for one would love to see the weapons mounted flashlights modeled into arma2 by someone (doesn't necessarily need to be BIS). If you look closely at a lot of pictures of military weapons with mounted illumination devices a good many of them have flip up IR filters installed. I can tell you from REAL WORLD experience, both military (going on my 12th year of service with 8 of those being USMC Infantry) and civilian Law Enforcement (going on my 13th there) that the light as a tactical option has almost unlimited usage possibilities. With the high powered lighting systems on the market now combined with the IR filters you can dramatically increase your view distance and hence your engagement range at night. And the tactical advantages of blinding/dazzling your opponent at night goes without saying. Hell, they are even mounting light systems capable of both visible and IR illumination on vehicle mounted weapons systems. I guess everyone else has it wrong, right?
  3. FlexCopMNPD

    CO 60 - Operation Mongoose

    Props to you gents. Mongoose is a nail biting roller coaster ride from start to finish. If you have any doubts think Band of Brothers with modern equipment. Gotta use direct VON only to really get the immersion factor. This mission definitely gets 2 thumbs up.
  4. FlexCopMNPD

    MV-22 Osprey Tilt-Rotor

    There was a bad ass program on the military channel that has been running for the past couple of days about the Osprey and it's first usage in combat. It is a veritable smorgashborg of information on the real world usage of the aircraft. Osprey Program on the Military Channel
  5. FlexCopMNPD

    Sakakah Al Jawf v.1.0

    I put this in the main addons folder and havent had a problem with it yet. Is there any reason as to why it would need to be in the dbe1 folder?
  6. FlexCopMNPD

    ArmA 2 on Xbox 360

    I dont understand why people bash releasing games on consoles. OFP:E was nearly identical to the PC version except for the watered down mission making interface. Everything else was pretty much the same. It was a great game that never got the credit it deserved. I remember hearing friends complain about the graphics but never understood why. I mean hell, didnt they just engage a tank from 1800 meters away in a cobra and then land and move to the wreckage on foot. Then, in the same map, drive a tank another 3 KILOMETERS and kill some more stuff, while driving through villages and cities all with no loading screens. Hell, trying experiencing that in any other game. I think it would be easier for developers to design a console version because they only have one configuration of hardware they have to worry about versus the multitude of potential combos that "elite" pc gamers have. I dont think that BIS or any other developer will "dumb down" their PC product for the sake of a console. Hell, when you really boil it down to the basics what is a console. A console is merely a PC that is built to a certain specification and designed for one end, gaming. That is all that it is supposed to do. So, it is tailored to do that, and do it well. Big deal it isnt upgradable to the latest greatest things. It doesnt have to be. Developers can squeeze more life out of something when they only have to code for one set of parameters. I am very excited to see ArmA2 being offered for both PC and the 360. I will definitely purchase both versions, although I may end up playing the 360 version more because I wont have to worry about updating drivers or patching this or that or worrying about whether my video card or sound card may conflict with something. And as a side note, those that say LIVE should be free need to think hard about what would happen if it was. No more updates to make LIVE better, less game servers, less tech support, less cool features, less everything. There is a reason why LIVE is waaaaay better than any Sony Online. You get what you pay for. $60 to $70 bucks a month is nothing compared to what you get out it. I cant wait for ArmA2, for both platforms.
  7. FlexCopMNPD

    Arggh..OFP graphics are jacked after upgrading to 1.3

    Ok, just did that, and it is still doing it. It is wierd, cause it only seems to affect the Text and Map screens. I am clueless.
  8. FlexCopMNPD

    Arggh..OFP graphics are jacked after upgrading to 1.3

    No, actually, I havent. I was afraid to touch any of that stuff cause I dont know what it does. I am going to try it now though. Thanks... :-D
  9. I just updated OFP from US 1.2 version to 1.3. When I did that, I now get little lines on all text and also in the map screen. The colors are also messed up on the map screen. The game itself looks ok,but any and all text looks wierd. It worked fine before I upgraded. I have the latest versions of Dx and also all my drivers. 433 Mhz pentium Rage III agp video Monster 3DII Vodoo 2 w/ 12 Meg 256 MB Ram I have no idea why the game is acting squirely now. HELP....Please