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  1. Fenna

    Demo today....WOOT

    Woohoo, been waiting for this for ages
  2. Fenna

    christmas trees?

    Haha, i was a maniac before you (H)
  3. Fenna

    christmas trees?

    mmmmm, easter eggs
  4. Fenna


    British Empire in Africa: Gambia Sierra Leone Gold Coast Togoland Nigeria Cameroon Egypt Sudan Somaliland Uganda Kenya Tanganyika Northern Rhodesia Bechuanaland South West Africa Southern Africa Rhodesia Nyasaland These are only the names of the countries at the time. Some of these countries have split into more countries.
  5. Fenna

    Battlefield 1942

    You need MSN We need to see how good you are at flying in formation.
  6. Fenna

    The cross atlantic ratio

    Lancaster, Lancashire, England, Great Britain, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
  7. Fenna

    Map of nogova?

    Yeah, for some trange co-incedence i also want a full map of nogova. Anyone have one ?
  8. Fenna

    Need help with counterattack

    This is how I did it: I found it easier to stay as close to the ruins as I could. Firstly, I equipped most of my men with RPGs, and ordered them to hold fire, in line formation at the sandbags, facing the road where the tanks come from. I equipped myself with  as many mines as i could and laid them out between the slight slopes that surround the road. When I thought i had laid enough mines and satchel charges, i equipped myself with an AT4 launcher. The tanks came, and as soon as the first one exploded on a mine, i ordered all my men to open fire. Mission complete
  9. Fenna

    Any suggestions on the anti-heli mission?

    I've done the campaign twice now, so that the second time i could conduct the missions knowing what weapons to take and what tactics to use. The first time I did this mission, I ran with my men to the sea-side of the runway (blowing up any tanks on the way). We crawled up the slight slope next to the runway, out of sight from enemy patrols, but so that all of us could see the enemy soldiers (and were in range) . While my men were on hold fire, i gave the RPG soldiers targets (the helis), and the rest were ordered to fire at men. At this point I then noticed a V-80 in an opposite hangar I crawled to the V-80, leaving my men on the runway, and when i got spotted, ordered my men to open fire. Most of the choppers and enemy soldiers were killed, but by the time i got in the V-80, so were all of my men. I took off in the V-80, killing anything that showed up red on the radar (including 5 Shilkas). The second time I did this mission, I left all of my men at the truck and just crawled all the way to the hangar with the V-80 inside. Got in, took off, and again killed anything that showed up red on the radar. Didn't take to long doing the second option, and on the next mission i had all of my men
  10. Fenna

    Resistance mission: hostages

  11. Fenna

    Help with mission **spolier**

    Yeah I thought it said the Ring must be destroyed completely. Er I mean bridge.
  12. Fenna

    Resistance has excellent campaign (*Spoiler*)

    How do you do the mission "Trap"
  13. Fenna

    Resistance has excellent campaign (*Spoiler*)

    While we're talking about resistance, how did you all do the mission "Trap". I've taken pout the small convoy, but I can never take the town. HOw !!!!??
  14. Fenna


    What's wrong with spoilers anyway ?