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  1. That`s why infantry often trains different shooting drills for closer distances. You learn to shoot and react pretty quick. When using holosights or other modern sights you can still be very accurate. But it tends to get more messy the closer you get to an enemy. And if you are too close and too surprised you can still hit while using no sights at all. It only depends on your training. But this should be simulated in the AI also. Some more surprised reactions would be nice. Also a different stance while in CQB and a different amount of shots. You keep shooting until the enemy is down and no threat any more.
  2. FallenPaladin

    Is the game dumbed down?

    I`d prefer to have the option to choose between a more realistic medical system and an "arcadish" one for quick MP games. The "realistic" medical system would still give you a FAK (In real life we carry tourniquets, quickclot, morphine, different bandages and some other minor stuff. If you are better trained, for example a combat medic you get an additional small backpack or daypack containing further medical equipment like IV sets and so on.), but you would only be able to stop yourself from bleeding to death. After injury you should have some seconds to react and stop your bleeding. After that there would be the loss of conciousness (always in relation to where you are wounded and the amount of blood you lose) and after that death, if no medic is close to give you further aid and stabilize you for casevac by giving you fluid via IV. If you are able to stop the bleeding yourself you should still be handicapped. Some possible examples which shouldn`t be to hard to put into the game, because there were injuries like that in the original Operation Flashpoint back in the day. Injury to the head - distorted sight, bad hearing Injury to the arms - shaking arms, maybe even only the use of one arm which leads to being able only to shoot with your pistol (singlehandedly of yours) to defend yourself Injury to torso - pain, which leads to distorted sight, problems to breathe, which lead to slower movement (together with the right breathing sounds this could be pretty dramatic) Injury to the legs - depending on the position of the wound and the size of it, it could lead to only being able to "hobble" around or even loose the ability to walk You should keep these handicaps until you have been casevaced. Getting fixed up properly should take some game time, but the amount to keep it still playable and entertaining could be discussed. Wounds and injuries can never be taken easy and in real live minor wounds put you out of an engagement where in Hollywood you`d still be able to happily "spray" your enemies. In this more realistic medical setting the medic would be more important together with proper casevac or medevac. This could also lead to dramatic and thrilling missions because what is more dramatic than trying to save your buddies while under fire. It leads also to difficult decisions because engaging the enemy in a firefight should always come before first aid. Which explains why we carry a lot of medical equipment to help ourselves while our buddies try to kill the enemy to get to us. The more "arcadish" injury system could stay the way it is to make MP matches more fluid. I can understand why it is the way it is, but the game could be so more entertaining and thrilling, if you have real reason to be afraid of injuries again. And I would love to have casevac missions in the game. Together with close air, artillery or mortars this is what infantry warfare is like.
  3. FallenPaladin

    Disapointed with the full release content

    I`m pretty sure Arma 3 will improve over the next few months. I`m also looking forward to the single player campaign. The missions and story of Operation Flashpoint and it`s addons is still unmatched. I`d love to see something like this in Arma 3.
  4. FallenPaladin

    OFP videography

    It`s nice to see such a video. It really brings back a lot of old memories. Operation Flashpoint was the first military warfare simulation which really got to me. I still remember the great single player campaigns and a lot of fun in MP matches.
  5. FallenPaladin

    Collection of Undocumented/Lesser-Known Features

    If an officer acts faster and smarter in a combat situation than a normal infantry soldier it surely has to be artificial intelligence.
  6. FallenPaladin

    Crossing Europe

    Great idea, I wish you the very best and a safe and interesting walk.
  7. I`m wondering if there is anybody here who owns a netbook and has tried to run Operation Flashpoint on it. I`m planning on buying an ASUS EEE PC 1000H Netbook for traveling and so on. Now I`m curious if it`s possible to play the GOTY version on it. As far as I know the netbook will have an Intel G950 graphic chip and 2GB RAM installed. The OS will be Windows XP. Any information? So far I read it runs, but noone posted the framerate, details...
  8. FallenPaladin

    Ross Kemp: Return to Afghanistan

    I liked the original series and I`m looking forward to seeing the sequel, too. I just hope it`s done the same way.
  9. FallenPaladin

    Military Humor

    An infantry squad is in a combat exercise. They have to get past a river, but the only bridge has a sign on it which says "Destroyed!". The squad crosses the bridge nevertheless. When their CO sees them with his binoculars all of them are carrying smaller signs saying "Swimming". ;-)
  10. FallenPaladin

    Goodbye Placebo

    Goodbye Placebo and take care! We`ll miss you.
  11. FallenPaladin

    Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter

    The GR series and OFP are totally different in gameplay. OFP is a warfare simulation and feels totally unique. GRAW in contrast feels like playing a highly improved DF Black Hawk Down. It`s fun but, well, totally different And that`s a good thing! FallenPaladin strokes his OFP GOTY box
  12. FallenPaladin

    Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter

    That`s a mission where I ran to the landing zone. I set the bomb and blew away the antenna and started to run into the direction of the chopper. So I managed to cross the railway before the tank appeared. I just had to drop some enemy infantry and reached the chopper almost unharmed.
  13. FallenPaladin

    Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter

    I found it also very helpful not to move in a straight line to my designated waypoint. It often worked out better to take a longer way. The maps in GRAW are quite big, so why don`t use what you are allowed to use.
  14. FallenPaladin

    ArmA Progress Updates

    Dito. I know no other game where you can navigate by the stars. I had a love/hate relationship to that campaign mission in OFP where you had to escape from russian imprisonment.
  15. FallenPaladin

    Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter

    Yes, you have to move slowly. If you do that and learn where the stationary MGs and snipers are positioned it`s much easier. In addition to that it`s very effective to use slow "cornering" with the "q" and "e" buttons on your keyboard. Go to a corner, watch around it and then move slowly to the side. That way you often see enemies without being seen yourself. Even if you only see a leg or foot go for it! Two hits through the good army boot finish any mexican rebel in GRAW.