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  1. Ever since I saw that other thread on this forum about airsoft I've been drooling over the guns they have available for this game.  I even contacted the leaders of a few teams they have around here locally and got information on a game they were having this weekend.  It was about 2 hours away, but I decided to make the drive anyway. Once I arrived there I walked for about a quarter mile through a field to the tents they had set up there and asked about the game.  The admission was $15 (U.S.) and the gun rental was $20.  The gun I rented was an AK-47SU (*biggest grin EVER*) with a high-capacity clip.  I was amazed at how cheap this was.  For 3750 rounds of ammunition it cost $15, so I was set for the day. The first round we played was an attack/defend mission.  I was on the defend team with a group called team raven, modelled after the U.S. Navy seal team.  Anyway, we set up a defensive perimeter and waited.  Eventually, we saw the enemy.  It wasn't that hard to spot the first guy, he was wearing blue jeans and a faded tiger stripe t-shirt, so he stood out pretty well.  I called out his position, and heard that there were 2 or 3 other guys closing in on us.  They didn't see us, which was the coolest feeling I've ever had.  I sat there, drew a bead on them, and once someone else opened fire, I let rip with a few bursts from my AK.  The rounds were pretty accurate, but they took a while to get there, so I had to keep that in mind while I was shooting.  Frankly, it's harder than it looks (at least for me ).  I eventually dropped him while the rest of the team took care of the rest.  For a while I thought that was it for their first offensive, then I heard some rustling to my left.  I pointed it out to the guy next to me, who engaged the person crawling around, but got shot before he tagged him.  Now it was up to me.  I got up nice and close to a tree in front of me and waited.  We got into a firefight eventually, each shooting at each other.  I had the advantage, I was crouched and had the rifle shouldered, so I had a lower profile and better aiming.  He was standing and hip-firing, and maybe surprised, so he was worse off.  His gun eventually jammed while I was shooting him, so he was out.  I eventually got tagged out by someone who was sneaking up on my flank.  It's not that nobody saw him, but he managed to get in a firing position before he was shot.  I died about twice this round and had a LOT of fun. Between the rounds I met with the people I had talked to online and chatted with them over lunch.  They're all nice people.  But soon enough it was time to play again. This time we were on offense.  The team I was playing with was very organised.  They had a good plan set up and executed it very professionally.  We were in a wedge formation with two other fire teams going out with us.  We would eventually seperate and assault the base.  One had a sniper rifle, and the others were really a distraction for us to move in.  We walked over to the flank of the base and started to move in.  We were rustling and cracking our way through the woods when I spotted the blaze orange barrel of an MP5 pointed at one of my team mates.  I stopped everyone and pointed at him.  One of the teammates moved in on his flank, but ran in to another enemy there.  This is when the enemy I had spoted stood up and shot at my wingman so to speak.  I let loose on him full auto with the AK (hey, 600 round mag, 3750 rounds, 30 minutes left of playing, why not? )  He dove for cover and returned fire.  I was already crouched so we exchanged fire for a few seconds.  I got tagged out pretty quick and decided to call it a day.  It was a 2 hour drive home and I wanted to be back in time for dinner. So that's my adventure with airsoft.  I'll definately be saving up for my own gun now, probably selling stuff on ebay too  I just wanted to tell everyone how much fun I had today.  Anybody else have any airsoft storys to tell? EDIT - This is a picture of the gun I played with, I think.  This isn't me either, but we did take a picture of me posing with the gun.  I'll post it later. Here's a link to the image.
  2. FSPilot

    The Middle East part 2

    Flamebaiting? Â If you didn't have anything relevant to say you probably shouldn't of posted at all. And no, no matter what you say they are, your views on terrorism are readilly apparent to me. Â Frankly I don't even want to read what you've got to say on this subject. Â As a matter of fact, I think I'll stop. I'd agree that it is self-explanatory if I didn't think I'd find people on this forum who condone the actions of terrorists. That's why I said I thought the blame was half and half. Â Hizbullah shouldn't of started the fight, Israel shouldn't of finished it the way they did. Â Besides, both of your points can be applied to Hizbullah just as readilly as they can the Israeli forces. Â Half and half. And I certainly don't think these terrorists are desperate. Â I'm sure they could, and have in the past, find all sorts of support from other nations who share their political objectives. Maybe it was a heat-of-the-moment decision, or an inexperienced commander, or just a bad call. Â I just hope everybody can learn from what happened and that it won't happen again. Â I think I'm done arguing this. Â I've made my point and I think that most people (the ones that can produce any kind of argument anyway) agree with me.
  3. FSPilot

    The Middle East part 2

    I don't think you understand what I'm saying. Â You're criticising Israel for accidentally killing/wounding civilians. Â Yet when Hizbullah does it on purpose you don't criticise them at all. Â Yeah, you mentioned it, and that's just about it. Â You're looking the other way. Â You didn't scold them for it, you didn't even mention that you disagreed with their policy of doing that. Â All you did was mention that it happened. Â That's what I call looking the other way. Â On an internet forum criticising is just about all we can do about it, and you're not even willing to do that. Yep, that's my point. Â Terrorism is bad, as are terrorists. Â And when they attack innocent civilians I think something should be done about it. Â Since we're on an internet forum, there's not much we can do about it other than post how awful it is that people would do such a thing. Â You, on the other hand, apparently think simply mentioning that it happened is enough. We should probably just shut up about every topic on here until the people that we're talking about show up on the operation flashpoint offtopic forums, eh? How about this: you sit tight and wait for someone from Hizbullah to show up before you make another post on the subject. Â I'll let you know if I see them.
  4. FSPilot

    The Middle East part 2

    Picking a fight? Â Maybe I should say what I already said one more time. Â Want it in bigger letters? Â This isn't even important, I can't believe I'm arguing with you about this. I wasn't comparing them with anybody, never said I was. Â I was saying what they did was irresponsible and morally wrong. Â It was, no matter who you compare it to. So why do you look the other way when Hizbullah intentionally targets civilians? Â You obviously find it as offensive as most normal people do when there are civilian casualties in an armed conflict, at least when certain countrys do it anyway. Â Double standard maybe?
  5. FSPilot

    The Middle East part 2

    Does Hizbullah apologize for intentionally blowing up a cafe full of civilians? Â They do it so much they must of been fed up with apologizing for it a long time ago. Why don't some people care when Hizbullah targets civilians, but they throw a fit when Israel accidentally kills/injures civilians while trying to attack Hizbullah?
  6. FSPilot

    The Iraq thread 4

    I had hoped my smiley would tell everyone that I was joking. Â I'm not worried about 13 year old mustard gas shells being fired from a cannon. Â And yeah, I'm pretty sure if you put a grenade on top of an artillery shell it probably wouldn't set it off. I bet they could take the chemicals out of the shells though. Â And then I bet they could put them in a bomb and set it off or hell, even a "water" balloon and throw it out of a light airplane. Â That would be more than enough to cause mass panic and hysteria in the US. Â Might not kill very many people, but they got our alert level up to red again. My point is, 13 year old mustard gas shells are useless to an army trying to use them on another army (or anybody for that matter). Â But give them to a terrorist and you can be pretty sure they'll come up with some use for them. Â It might not be a full scale chemical war, but I'm sure they could attack us with it in one way or another.
  7. FSPilot

    The Middle East part 2

    I wasn't trying to compare them, just trying to judge them equally. Â Kind of hard to do when they're playing by different rules though. Â Hizbullah wants to be treated like they're an army in a war, they're really just a band of terrorists with lots of explosives and kids to strap them to. But I agree, the Israeli forces could definately of waited for another, safer, opportunity to strike, or maybe done something less dangerous. On the other hand, it's certainly not my place to judge the combat actions of a seasoned force like the Israelis. Â Both are partially at fault in the end. Â It was an unfortunate incident and hopefully the Israelis will learn from it. Â Unfortunately Hizbullah (wasn't is hezbollah a while ago?) will probably see how much flak the Israelis will get for this and try to instigate a repeat incident.
  8. FSPilot

    The Art thread

    Looks very apocalyptish, I like it. ... is he giving me the finger though?
  9. FSPilot

    The Iraq thread 4

    Exactly. Â Whether it's actually deadly or not, I think people will still be worried when the hear the term "mustard gas" or "sarin" in the first place. Most people probably think it's more deadly now that it's been sitting around for 13+ years. Â After all, mustard goes bad if you leave it out for too long, wouldn't mustard gas go even worse? Â Besides, just because it's old now, does that mean that evildoers can't use it to make an improvised dirty bomb? Â Or maybe even "renew" it? Â Just asking, I don't really know. Â IIRC, the ammunition that they're talking about is the kind fired from artillery pieces. Â Are terrorists going to smuggle artillery pieces through customs? Â Or could they put a grenade inside a bunch of the stuff, wrap it up, and put it in times square?
  10. FSPilot

    The Iraq thread 4

    Where is the news in this ? It was known that those "weapons" were still there. If you call ammo, dug in and leaking their content into soil weapons. I name it toxic waste and the UN reported those degraded ammo way back. What's the news in that statement? Â Not much. But this is news to me. Â And it looks like it's news to a lot of the media and a lot of other people too. At least that's what they're acting like anyway.
  11. FSPilot

    The Iraq thread 4

    So we should praise TBA for having willingly sacrified its reputation for Freedom, Democraty and Truth, thus allowing France to hide the fact that we took this opportunity to get rid for free (even earning money instead of spending some) of our WW1 chemical weapons to Irak, as we sold them, just before OIF, Roland SAM Missiles. Wait... world war one happend in 1993? I'm sure TBA had a reason to not announce this as soon as it was declassified. We'll just have to wait and see what it turns out to be I guess.
  12. FSPilot

    The Iraq thread 4

    A big deal out of what?It`s an emberassing discovery even by TBAs standard. Put this pathetic finds into the context of a 45 minutes threat and campaign to aquire nuclear capability claims. Right now the best thing Bush can do is make no mention,no deal out of WMDs. You're probably right. Â I just figured that the words "mustard gas" and "sarin" are more than enough to convince the general public to support the war, or vote republican. Â Being a Bush supporter I hate to say it but... maybe he hasn't read the report yet. And maybe he is planning to use it eventually. Â It's just now getting media attention. Â Unless it has before, and I just hadn't heard of it. Â Wouldn't surprise me one bit.
  13. FSPilot

    The Art thread

    Sweet! You're a skyhawk driver? I've got about 100some hours in those beautiful birds. I'd definately like to see that work if you'd like to show it.
  14. FSPilot

    The Art thread

    Sure that'd be great! Ever think of doing a Cessna 172?
  15. FSPilot

    Music Recommendations

    Found this on fazed a few weeks back. On tools new CD there's two tracks that go together (Viginti Tres and wings for marie), and an ambience track later on in the album that doesn't seem to be related to anything (10,000 days). Â Somebody looked a little closer and found out that if you play Viginti Tres and Wings for Marie back-to-back, with 10,000 days in the background, you get another song. It's really nothing big, since Viginti Tres and Wings for Marie go together anway, and 10,000 days is mostly ambience in the first place. Â But they do synch up really nicely, I like how it sounds. Anyway here's the link to a better explanation. Â And to the actual song. edit - Oh, and no quips about me being a tool fan, I don't think I've pissed anybody off since I've been back... yet
  16. FSPilot

    The Art thread

    That's some really great stuff you've got there supah. Got a website for that or something? You should definately look into doing that professionally. I've seen some high-quality stuff like that on sale for hundreds of dollars.
  17. FSPilot

    The Iraq thread 4

    Anybody seen this? Apparently our guys have been finding WMDs over in Iraq since '03. Â It's just that these weapons aren't what TBA said they had before the war was started. I just don't understand why Bush hasn't made a huge deal out of this. Â Granted, these aren't the WMDs that we thought they had. Â It certainly isn't an active WMD program, and still doesn't justify the invasion (at least not by the argument they were using). Â But it's still something. The report has been declassified since April, but for some reason they haven't published it until now.
  18. FSPilot

    The Middle East part 2

    So Hizbullah fires on Israeli forces. Â Israeli forces fire back at Hizbullah who happens to be hiding with a bunch of civilians. Â Some of the civilians are killed, and everybody's blaming Israel for this? Kind of hard to tell who's to blame, not that it's really important anyway. Â That's a very reprehensible act on Hizbullah's part. Â But it's also very irresponsible on Israel's part. Â I guess the blame could be divided between both of them. Â Israel should of just gotten back at Hizbullah some other day, and Hizbullah definately shouldn't of gone hiding with a bunch of civilians. Sort of half and half if you ask me.
  19. FSPilot

    Real life photography/photo editing

    I know the US military is just as guilty of dumbing things down for their soldiers (illustrations on which way to point a rocket launcher). But placards on how to open a door?
  20. FSPilot

    A beer stops a molotov coktail fire

    what the hell is wrong with these people. just shoot each other, no need to waste the booze.
  21. FSPilot

    New oil spill in Alaska!

    I saw something on the news at work a while ago but I thought it was something on the Exxon Valdez, not a new story. Wow, that sucks. Hopefully they've got some new tricks up their sleeve since the Valdez.
  22. FSPilot

    Desert Or Jungle camo

    I'd call in a tactical nuclear strike.
  23. FSPilot

    New US Army Heat-Ray in Iraq

    You're being a bit narrow minded, too. You think you couldn't do the same thing with bullets? Bullets are just easier to come by and easier to use. And if the USA can barely afford this, what makes you think some 3rd world dictator is going to be able to?
  24. website - http://www.virginatlanticglobalflyer.com/ Well, I think it's cool anyway. Â I'll be coming back into town over Christmas break even if I can't volunteer for some reason just to watch the takeoff. Â I'll try to volunteer with them tomorrow though, hopefully I can pass out coffee or something. Edit: Forgot to mention - I go to college at Salina
  25. FSPilot

    Record Breaking Around the World Flight

    Maybe I'm just excited because it's happening locally. I'd still think it's cool though, even if it were happening in new york. Â This kind of thing really doesn't happen every day. Â He's going to break records