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  1. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?139590-MP-Staszow-and-Baranow-WARFARE-missions - link to the mission files. Its not complete yet, enjoy at own risk :)
  2. Hello, I found these 2 mission files off some russian site. Took a ton of google translator work but I did it ;p Both missions are done by Bomba and they dont really seem complete. AI controlled Teams seem to be missing from the game completely and some features are absent as well so it looks like its still being actively worked on. The ingame build menu is in the same format as the Arma II benny's warfare style. I take no credit in the development of these missions whatsoever. Enjoy. Staszow : http://www.gamefront.com/files/22200512/IF44WarfareV1_01Lite%4040.Staszow.zip Baranow: http://www.gamefront.com/files/22200510/IF44WarfareV1_01Lite%4040.Baranow.zip
  3. Well now i know its an SLI problem, I turned SLI off and the game works perfectly. Thx for help
  4. I had a long look into the nvidia forums but I haven't seen any other people describe the problem I am having. My motherboard is up to date too I think. - and this happens a ton more when I play missions in the green northern island as apposed to the desert half of the island. This bug makes the game unplayable and is very maddening.. -will maybe able to fraps it so I can better show you my problem
  5. I have first played this game using my older graphics cards running SLI with 2 nvidia 7600 GT. Since then I upgraded to 2 gig ram, an amd athlon 64 x2 6400+ and 2 nvidia 8600 gt. Ever since I added those 2 new cards. Ive been experiencing these bright white light flashes in game (even in the multiplayer lobby in the background when the camera is moving across the water and landscape) it seems to only happen when I look in certian directions towards the sun or directly away from it(however I am not perfectly sure on this). Ive been dealing with it for a while but now it is severely affecting my game play as it occurs as Im about to shoot someone. The screen flashes so bright and violently I frequently have to look away because its too overwhelming. I am just glad I don't epilepsy... btw: I am on the latest version of Arma, and I have latest graphics drivers as well. If any more information is needed to help solve my problem please ask