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    Poor AI detection rules :(

    It's the same as when I'm with friendly AI on one side of a city and they spot targets on the other side. There's no way they could've seen or heard those units yet somehow they know where they are. Also if I've joined a squad with a friend in co-op evolution, our characters will call out targets when we're behind walls blocks away from anything. It's like having a cheat on to see through walls or something.
  2. I think it might fail the mission if you kill too many but I'm not sure.. I think the most I've done is shot a few in the legs and arms.
  3. I like that. 'I know there's an enemy there but I'm going to pretend like I don't!' :)
  4. I've noticed in the full retail game, when I'm in a squad with humans or AI that even if they're behind a wall, they'll automatically spot stuff on the other side of the city even though there's no audible or visible clue as to what would be there. Arma 1 the AI were known for spotting stuff miles away, when I heard about the development of this game, they were meant to be implementing features to stop AI seeing through stuff like trees but...maybe they have and they can just see through everything else instead lol.
  5. Sadly it seems to be more commonplace that games are being released with major problems in them.. I too have seen lots of AI helicopter pilots crashing into the trees and stuff. Happened in the campaign when I told the heli pilot to pick me up in an open field, he flew low over the trees coming to get me, when the trees were at least 1km away. Also, in multiplayer with stuff like evo, I've noticed it a lot. Helicopters are no real threat because half the time they're bouncing off trees and buildings, same for the Ai that flys the big SU-34, usually flies in low for a strafing run but some how doesn't power up it's engines and just glides into the ground. I've also seen the thing with slow loading/rendering textures, people may think it's something to do with drivers or hardware but it was something that happened alot in Arma 1 too and is a problem with the game. 2 different friends of mine, with 2 compleltey different high end PC's have this. I mean it's not game breaking, the textures do load eventually but it's not a few seconds, it's more like 10. I have an Nvidia card, another friend has ATI and then my other friend has an SLI Nvidia card, all top of the range yet we all experience this problem? It's the game. :) Can't say I've experience Ai teammates not responding to orders though..maybe once or twice in multipalyer when I told them to get out of a vehicle but I have to ask them a few times. Sure, this game will be improved with patches, just like they did with Arma 1 but it's kind of a sad area we're going to when games aren't release with no problems. Sure, a glitch here and there but things like these would be noticed in beta testing and probably reported but not fixed...why?
  6. Eroglik

    Campaign bug???

    Check your objectives, are you sure you just haven't spoke to the right person about starting the campaign/briefing? Also I think the ship's name is Khe Sahn as in some place from Vietnam. :D
  7. Eroglik

    Track ir Set up

    Combine the 2 above posts and that is your answer. :)
  8. Just to update this, it seems to be when in the BMP, if you're looking down the sights of the BMP and die or respawn while looking down the sights, the effect remains on your screen until you restart your game.
  9. Eroglik


    I don't mind so much about the flares but at least some kind of missle warning would be better. At least then you can take evasive manouvers.
  10. Eroglik

    Fade kicking in?!!!!

    Why are you going to reinstall?? Try playing in different multiplayer servers...play singleplayer, see what happens.. You could've just ended up in a hacked server. I've noticed alot of them.
  11. Eroglik

    Missing / white textures

    I have this problem with a persons face from my squad. Noticed it in singleplayer sometimes, when it's taking ages to render properly, a squad mate will have a completley white head. It's a little bit freaky sometimes to turn around and there he is right behind you..
  12. Eroglik

    Recieving while playing

    Hmm, I get this recieving thing but only sometimes after I switch from map view back to normal view and occasionally after the game auto saves. I'll get the recieving message for about 20 seconds, I can still hear game sounds and according to my friends who are in my server (which is usually when I get it) that the game is still running. It's not so much of a problem if you're on foot but I can imagine this turning into a nightmare later in game, when you're trying to fly something and the game autosaves, only to leave you with a black screen for 30 odd seconds..
  13. Well, I don't use it because I can't change the setting in my actual graphics menu and I can't really be bothered to find it in my .cfg. I should imagine the less computer savvy people don't really know about .cgf files at all, so there's no way of changing the setting. :)
  14. Eroglik

    Playing Multiplayer COOP

    The Ai slots have nothing to do with it, they're basically open...if your friend can get in, then he'll just take over where the AI is supposed to be..as you say, it's more likley down to firewalls and ports blocking your friends out. I just use hamachi with my friends and play like we're on direct LAN connections, much easier.
  15. Yeah, there's lots of bugs in the campaign. I'm currently playing singleplayer but I've done a bit of co-op. I'm up to the level where you have to go around searching for ChDKz camps, for some reason, I can hear russian voices echoeing as if I'm meant to be near a conversation happening but I'm 1mile or more away from towns or way up in a transport chopper...sounds can echo, only voice though for some reason, when I play the campaign, the game doesn't render completley, it sort of looks like I'm running it at medium settings although I have high settings. No problems with actual multiplayer, my game renders fine then..some of these bugs were present in Arma...it's a little silly that they're still apparant in Arma 2, surely they would've revised some coding when developing this sequel.