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  1. Hello, I've got a minor problem with the voices. example: "**** 3 is down!" what you actually hear is: "****.......is........" how can I fix this? reinstalling is not a thing I wish to do. if that's the only way, then I'll keep it like this, it doesn't bother me that much, but if it could be fixed it would be great.
  2. so, a 1.8gig ramdisk is enough? I mean, is it required to make a large ramdisk? I'm not quite familiar with ramdisk or how it works with ArmA :P
  3. hmm.. whenever I try to download SLX and its completed.. I get an error "unexpected end of archive".. when I look in the folder.. I just see 1(!!! ) file.. something about "gunleaning.pbo"? and there's nothing more.. I downloaded it from filefront. does someone have an another mirror for me?
  4. ok, got it working. is it possible to use multiple mods like ffur and slx with wgl? (atleast for the ai tweaks, effects, possibilities)
  5. Elcivor

    auto drop down

    what auto drop down is: and for a modern computer I think Hardware T&L is good.. atleast.. its the same as I use
  6. Elcivor

    1.96 problems

    I don't hear voices, how is that possible? I don't hear anything(except footsteps, shots, etc.. but -I don't know if they are there- no other environmental sounds or the voices when giving orders..) its not about my system that's for sure, I know this topic is old.. but still, I just want to know how to fix it (for my system specs: amd athlon 2400+ 2.0ghz 1.5gig RAM asus radeon 9600se dx9
  7. hmm... I can't download WGL 5.12, it says an 403 error.. what's wrong?
  8. I have very similar specs on my 2nd arma PC, except I have an X800 instead of the 9600. I get the createindexbufferfailed too, but it happens much less when I turn resolution down to 800x600 or 640x480. Turning all settings down helped as well. I think I also increased amount of available AGP memory in the bios. Hope that helps. yeah, I also use 800x600 anytime a game has low FPS, I don't mind the res.. I mind the performance.. I have changed my AGP memory right now(a few minutes ago) and am patching the game to 1.08 again... also, I am tweaking my system.. I don't know.. but.. what is the difference between the omega and the normal catalyst drivers? EDIT: it works now I even tested it to lower my FPS to 1xD and it still didn't crash
  9. ha, your english is quite fine, but I see you could also manage the indexbuffer failed thing
  10. do you guys know something? bytheway, this time I did not receive a indexbuffer failed message this time it was a: "arma has encountered a problem and needs to close" without connecting to a server... but.. I was just testing it to create a low as possible FPS I could get(shooting, throwing smoke grenades, normal grenades, other kind of explosions) then that happened.. and I still can not believe I don't have enough vram.. because, why else would BI say the minimum you need is 128mb ram... eeh.. I even tweaked the game as much as possible I use kegety's ArmA launcher: used 789 mb max mem when I play I always have a higer ammount than 1gig ram places some compatibility things on right click thingey I always use the administrative rights on the game deleted ArmA.cgf?(I don't know the extension, but that thing inside the my documents folder) when it was created again I used: fsaa=0 I forced vsync off forced triple buffering on and some other ati tweaks for maximum performance instead of quality etc etc is it maybe I use Ati Catalyst Center 7.8? edit and edit and editxD maybe, if I have not enough Vram for 1.08, is it possible it would help lowering my FOV from 1200 to 1000? or lower than that? I was already busy watching if I could change my 3d card.. well someone gave me a great reccomendation card that I can support saving up for the Sapphire Radeon X1950 PRO AGP 512mb
  11. Elcivor

    Character keeps walking

    I had the same kind of problems with other games.. I pressed the w key.. later I stopped.. it stil moved.. when I just tapped it once, it responded a half of a second later... and etc kind of things.. the problem with me was the graphics.. I hadn't configured the graphics in the catalyst(for the ati drivers en asus) control center.. when I witched everything related to performance or that the application managed everything itself, the problem was gone.. but.. on some games it was a problem with my computer.. it just couldn't handle the game propperly.. (my processor was a bit too hot back then) there might be more problems, and more fixes but try to open the case on one side and do something about the cooling(I'm not concluding you have a bad pc other than I just ask you to test if it works), like putting a ventilator in front..(or just leave this, because I don't think that's the problem..xD) and/or try to change the graphics a bit.. also the graphics ingame, try put it to the lowest graphics, does the problem still happen?
  12. Elcivor

    ArmA is just ... awesome!

    oh hahaha, sorry that I didn't read it right:P
  13. Elcivor

    Hardware and settings for ArmA

    I know that I have an older computer, but still.. what would you suggest with my sys spec, tweaks and mods also allowed to make better performance(except the no-grass thing) AMD Athlon 2.0ghz 2400+ Asus Radeon 9600SE 128mb 1.5gig ram
  14. Elcivor

    ArmA is just ... awesome!

    haha, never heard you could actually change that float zone to a normal FPS game? (except for the up and down way )
  15. Elcivor

    Nothing in Arma2 Seems much Different

    does ArmA2 uses a bit of the Agent AI? or will it stay on the "better improved"-Game AI?