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  1. OK, here's something I would LOVE to see in ArmA and am actually dying for! G36K with the picattiny assembly instead of the regular handlebar and an Eotech attached. G36A SAW version with the 100rnd CMAG and the attached bipod and a G36A DMR version featuring a Leupold 10X sight, cast barrel, 20 rnd magazine and of course a bipod. Cheers
  2. Erevos


    Just a heads-up mate. The camouflage pattern you've used was applied only on a handful of Tiger IIs (there was NO "Kingtiger" or even "Koenigstiger" officialy) around Berlin in the last two months of the war. They were late production models that had quite a few differences from the standard production version that you have modelled. Imho you'd best go for the 3-colour ambush scheme. Oh and I'd lose the bucket. It would never stay attached there on a long march or in battle conditions for more than a couple of minutes.
  3. Erevos

    M14 EBR [v1.0]

    Awesome work mate. One of the best weapons available and definitely the best scope in the market imho. Now do a grenade launcher combo and a DMR version with a Leupold sight (long barrel).