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    Will A3 ever see advanced ballistics without mods?

    I hope so and I agree that it's a natural progression for Arma features. The devs have already been doing a lot of really excellent work lately. I only wish they could do more of it! :) It would be nice to get some dev feedback on the topic though. I understand why they hesitate to comment on future features, but it would be nice to know their level of interest in further developing their ballistic modeling.
  2. evil koala

    Will A3 ever see advanced ballistics without mods?

    This is exactly what A3 needs. Especially for TvT missions on Tanoa. It's a snipers paradise with all the thick jungle covered hills.
  3. evil koala

    Will A3 ever see advanced ballistics without mods?

    AK sights are labeled in 100m increments, but you can adjust them between the increments. But even so, I would prefer to unrealistically allow finer adjustments than to unrealistically limit to coarse adjustments.
  4. evil koala

    Will A3 ever see advanced ballistics without mods?

    For a quick fix, I agree. The current system, flawed as it is, could be greatly improved by this simple adjustment.
  5. evil koala

    Will A3 ever see advanced ballistics without mods?

    All of the issues you've mentioned are challenges in real life too, aside from feeling the wind. Poor wind estimation is the #1 reason for missed shots at range. It's actually difficult. So a simple UI element with an arrow showing direction and the length indicating the speed with a built in 5-20% error (based on the skill level of the avatar, maybe?) would be pretty easy to implement and would probably fairly accurately model ones ability to judge the wind. There are other neat filters to keep the filthy casuals such as myself from your games.. Private servers.. which you must be playing on anyway if you're running mods. No need to dumb the game down just so you can artificially make it more difficult to access the simulation side of ArmA.
  6. I think the addition of wind and MIL/MOA scope adjustments would add a lot to the game. Sniping would finally take some skill and yet become easier in some ways when you can dial in precise adjustments instead of only having 100m increment elevation adjustments. Medium to long range firefights would last longer and would likely involve more misses thus more volume of fire making them more intense. Will we ever see such things in A3 without mods?
  7. I would agree that ArmA's 3D scopes are certainly less realistic than other games that do 3D scopes, but I also find 3D scopes to be less realistic than 2D scopes in general. 3D scopes usually limit field of view and resolution far more than a 2D representation. Also, 3D scopes with free aim just make no sense at all.. The view should be fixed through the scope.. and if its fixed, why bother with a 3D scope at all?
  8. Lets make some noise on this issue. It's way more difficult to find a players name and mute/kick them than it needs to be. Please vote! http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=23746
  9. evil koala

    Soldier protection (dev branch)

    Its not just a problem with KOTH. It's a problem with ArmA 3. There's absolutely no reason not to carry a Navid over a Katiba or MX. The Navid kills in a single shot, has tons of ammo, a high rate of fire, is very controllable, and handles no different from a rifle. Its better in almost every way and where its not, its nearly identical. In real life (speaking from my experience with the M60D and M240H), these weapons are incredibly unwieldy. I have a fairly average physique and I can only shoulder a 240 for a few seconds. This is not at all represented in ArmA 3. ArmA 3 really needs to borrow from DayZ. The weapon momentum concept where the mouse instantly moves the players view while the weapon moves on target at a rate dependent on the mass of the weapon is the best solution I've seen so far. The controls still feel responsive, unlike ArmA 2, but the player can't swing their weapon 180 degrees instantly like they can in ArmA 3. DayZ's low ready and shouldered stance system is a major upgrade too. As no one can run around with their weapon up all the time; it would be exhausting. If these things were present, MG's would no longer be the go to gun in ArmA 3.
  10. evil koala

    Next DLC poll what would you want it to be??

    They're still a long way from fleshing out the infantry combat. I'd prefer they did that before expanding the supporting elements. More specifically, I'd like to see a Medic DLC implement a full medical system and maybe SAR/Medevac helicopters with working rescue hoists. Though eventually I'd love to see a better armored warfare simulation.
  11. evil koala

    Why does zeroing almost never work?

    If this were the case they'd have to also provide ballistic tables for all of the ammunition types as well as muzzle velocities for all of the weapons. This would be awesome and would move the series in the right direction IMO, but I'm not really certain the direction BI are trying to go with the ArmA series any more.
  12. evil koala

    [Guide] ARMA 3 Optics Visual Guide

    The magnification numbers still seem a bit odd. What are they relative to and how do they compare to real life? Also, why does the Mk17 show a magnification of 1-2 when it's a holo sight?
  13. Personally, I don't think a decent medical system needs to be all that complicated. It just needs to provide expected results from wounds. I'm fine with the "Push button, automatically use needed medical supplies" functionality. What I'm not okay with, is watching a soldier take a .408 in the leg or arm and continuing at nearly full effectiveness. And that the current magic IFAKs instantly heal all wounds. Field medical actions should only stabilize the victim, not heal them. They would then require evac to a field hospital where then I would be okay with insta-healing. The amount of detail that does into modeling medical systems can be incredibly detailed (preferred) or really simple. But the user interface doesn't need to reflect either decision. Ultimately, being severely wounded should take you out of the fight. Being slightly wounded should drastically reduce combat effectiveness. And neither should be able to be fixed in the field.
  14. I don't understand why anyone would think DayZ is for the casual crowd when compared to ArmA 3. DayZ does several things better than ArmA 3. Two of the biggest ones to me are the medical system and weapon inertia. On topic though. I hope we see an Arma 3 Combat Medic DLC add in a detailed medical system. Maybe even some medivac helos with working rescue hoists to add in some more features too.
  15. evil koala

    Blurry 2D Reticles

    That seems to be it. I changed my texture detail to very high and the reticles are now sharp. How incredibly absurd. I've submitted a dev tracker ticket if you all want to up vote it. http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=23655