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  1. ERC-Blackwater

    ArmA Addon request thread

    Now why the hell do you single out the ACE team and give them shit for not being your personal addon makers? Get off A.C.E mods dick, ya band wagon whore. Truth hurts bro. They shot down the idea I stated it. Don't like what I said well thats too fucking bad I have the right to say what I want and I fight to keep my right day in and day out. If B.I Forums wants to intervine and tell me I can't swear and hurt your pathetic heart well thats up to them. But you sir, can conduct a right face and choke yourself.
  2. ERC-Blackwater

    ArmA Addon request thread

    Not at the moment I'm afraid I'm currently on Pre-deployment leave until January 10th. So anytime after that I'll be able to go to the motor pool and take a few snap shots.
  3. ERC-Blackwater

    ArmA Addon request thread

    I requested this shit a long while back, and I brought it up to a dev from the A.C.E mod just 10 minutes ago and he shot the idea to shit saying they had better stuff to work on. So any who this brings me back to the forums requesting a Route Clearance Package addon for armed assault. Consisting of a modeled, RG-31 or RG-33, Buffalo, and Husky. Theres tons of google images on them and if you need more in-depth photographs of something specific let me know and when I get back from leave I can take some pictures in person. If someone could work on this man it'd make my day.
  4. ERC-Blackwater

    Operation Northstar WIP

    Sorry but the RG-31 is not a "Canadian Vehicle" Its origin is South Africa, and the Canadians are just one of the countries who operate this vehicle. As a Heavy Mech, 21Bravo this vehicle is part of our Route Clearance package in country. Kinda tripped a nerve for me reading that, sorry.
  5. ERC-Blackwater

    1st Infantry Division

    Jesus christ you all are making this flag shit so difficult. If the soldiers are "in country" in iraq or afghanistan give them the god damn BLACK AND WHITE IR flags. And for you dummies In country does not mean the U.S. Its a term used for being in theater. Now I'm sure in the early years in this war some units had full colored cloth flags. But as of now everyones got IR flags en less your in an ate the fuck up unit. Hell my units SOP, we even wore IR flags to NTC.
  6. ERC-Blackwater

    Observations of a grunt

    And another thing someone could probably easily change is 240 rounds flying out the right side... the shells eject out the bottom. Trust me I've been burt enough times by hot brass collecting below near my wrist.
  7. ERC-Blackwater

    Observations of a grunt

    Yea man I totally agree with everything you said. Myself being a 240 gunner its rediculous to even think about iron sighting a target while standing. The 240 bravo is heavy as fuck. And as he stated running with the mother fucker is hard as well. First thing you do is drop prone and fire from the bi-pod.
  8. ERC-Blackwater

    Mercs and Civilians

    pretty bad ass shit
  9. ERC-Blackwater

    CSM Beta v2 quick teaser preview

    Well I had a convo with Evenlease and he said that Chammy's sound mod is comming out tommarow at around 15:00 Zulu. Not.
  10. ERC-Blackwater

    CSM Beta v2 quick teaser preview

     Ive never seen a post threatening shooting someone in a virtual sense (i hope  ) so well worded in a post before. Oh it wasn't in a virtual sense. My weapons the 240B with a 145 optic on that bitch. I'ma hit up chammy's place with a 200 round belt of tracer rounds so Im bound to start a fire, and when they catch me all I gotta say I suffer from PTSD and I flipped. Hah nah I'm just playin I wouldn't do that shit man. But I'd slam your dick in a door if I dont get this shit a.s.a.p.
  11. ERC-Blackwater

    CSM Beta v2 quick teaser preview

    If this shit aint out by the time I get back from NTC in november I'ma have to reach out an touch someone with a 240 round god damnit
  12. ERC-Blackwater

    ArmA Addon request thread

    Well I'd like to see a full Route Clearance addon set. We've got some up-armoured humvee's already out. So what we'd need is the following: RG-31 (MRAP) : http://cfs3.tistory.com/upload_....mpwZw== Huskey : http://www.arcent.army.mil/cflcc_today/2008/april/images/apr07_10/09_01.jpg And of course a Buffalo : http://www.krcg.com/uploadedImages/krcg/News/buffalo.jpg I think a route clearance set of addons would really create some interesting missions inside of Armed Assault. Myself being a 21 bravo combat engineer, if you're unfortunate enough to get put into a Heavy Mechanized unit you get the plessure of conducting route clearance missions for hours at a time. Using these viechles. We hunt IED's and EFP's and work the same routes for months, or even the whole deployment. Its a fucked up job, and not a lot of people know about the MOS in the civilian world but uh yeah man someone definetly needs to create these addons. It'd be appreciated.
  13. ERC-Blackwater

    Vilas' addons

    Wow that shit looks amazing good work man!
  14. ERC-Blackwater

    HKpack, and....M1A2 SEP Pack

    Oh yeah man those HK Infantry and HK Special Forces models for OFP were bad as fuck. We need some of those for ArmA. Because who ever made those made them with the huge rucksacks and shit and proper gear.
  15. ERC-Blackwater

    Addon's C.O.S ADO©

    Jesus man I need that now.