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  1. What do u say?, in wich kind of MP sessions u don´t use the mods? we in www.ust101.com are playing coop missions, as realistic as we can, with almost 5 gigabytes of mods and if u can view our videos, we use the 80-90% of MODS that we have installed, we play modern warfare, vietnam and WW2 mods, and the realism of the mods is the key of our activities, if the weight of the weapons an the limit to carry them is a problem for you an the others FPS fraggers, the play BF3 CoDuty and MW3, ok is not my kind of game, we SIMULATE with ARMA 2 OA + MODS not PLAY, and to do it that with the most realism possible, can´t imagine how we do it without the tremendous work of the modders ACE guys. I44 guys, VTE guys, and others that not remeber now but all the community knows who they are, and we salute them. Modders of the world don´t hear that comments about MODs and your work, and continue doing that with ARMA 3 PLEASE. LONG LIFE TO ARMA SERIES and UST101.
  2. Its an species of problem with ours mods, when deactivate this mods the addon works fine, we are using ACE, ACEX, ACEX RU, ACEX US NAVY, warfx, ACRE, CBA, Jayarma2lib, in his last version, I commence a test to view which mod is incommpatible.
  3. First SMK thx for this excelent work, is a jewel, but climb to the wall and back to wall functions not works in my ARMA 2 instalation, i´m running 1.59 version with last ACE version and my team mods, and all other functions works fine when sprint against a wall and press "C" key nothings happens and whit 2xSPACE is the same on back to wall functions. THX again.