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  1. Updating it a bit. The problem stiill persists and is also with mod clothing like TRYK or RHS but my gaming buddy also had sporadic problems wearing the same vanilla clothing. Any hope they will fix this in the next patch? It's not 1000% important for me because i'm playing Exile atm but if you like me find it in a super super rare drop after about 3 weeks of playing after a data base reset you'd like to use it at some point.
  2. enforcer1975

    [TVT/CO-55] Wasteland

    Just wondering if someone already addressed the cba issue. I play with JSRS and have a problem with the player menu after a while ( doesn't work, lags and items disappear ) when i have cba loaded. Without cba it's fine. Would it change if the server also runs cba?
  3. They would rather lose to an almighty Ai than to the wits of a human ;) Playing on a ACE Coop/TVT server long enough i always see the same players drop when they start a TVT and there are not really that much ACE Coop servers, even the hosting group can't explain why people don't like to join in TVT - it's the same mission just with one more party. I'd rather play against a person where suppression fire and wind has some effect :)
  4. enforcer1975

    Helicopter ground attack targeting

    One i know of is A.C.E. 2 - it has pretty neat features for human manned gunships. Apache has a camera where the pilot can watch/assist the gunner f.e. Missiles are manually guided like their RL counterparts ( TOW / cable guided, Hellfire / laserguided ), laser ranged Autocannon, thermal imaging etc.
  5. enforcer1975

    AI improvement in Arma II from beginning to now

    With all the improvements an iNinja skills....nothing can beat the thrill of facing a living opponent :) The AI is trying to use the right tactic ( which is supposed to be real world tactics ) to a situiation and has it's limits in adapting, so do some players... Sometimes i am surprised by the abilities of the AI but only because some mission builders have them spawn from a position behind me. They can still track you through a wall or even a house or two, just watched it yesterday where an AI ran into cover from one of my AI colleages where the latter was tracking the exact movements of him through a house as if he still had visual contact.
  6. enforcer1975

    Helicopter CONTROLS

    Should be obvious...this is not arcade BF where you turn your helo on a tighter area than a tank can. First lesson you learn when you come from an action shooter to ArmA...it doesn't work the BF way ;)
  7. enforcer1975

    "Tab" targeting issues

    If you want a none tab solution BIS has to programm it. It could be like in Jane's Longbow where you have a radar screen on your MFD and move a targeting cross over the target and select lock. First of course they have to make the MFDs usable in ArmA which i don't think they will ever do or can do or want to do any time. Maybe the engine has it's limits even if it is very versatile... The current radar solution with the dots on the top edge of the screen is not worthy to be in ArmA imo.
  8. OFP and ArmA mainly had large scale TVT games before the coop wave came. And they were not close quarter battles like in BF3 / BC2 where you only have 200m to the next flag and where you fight at hand shake distance. And ArmA isn't a fast paced game as CoD / BF and shouldn't be played that way. Even so some fast paced missions were popular until ArmA1.
  9. enforcer1975

    "Tab" targeting issues

    ArmA lives from mods...sadly. Quite a few features in the game were mods first. Someone wanted thermal vision, he made a thermal mod, suddenly the game also had ( an improved ) thermal after the next patch, same for countermeasures, there were never any to begin with... I'd love to have an ACE like vanilla game, but that would scare a lot of casual gamers although this is the wrong game for casual playing :)
  10. You forgot "play against, with ..." applies to both modes. Sorry for tripping you ;)
  11. enforcer1975

    "Tab" targeting issues

    Your wishes are already reality to some degree. It's called A.C.E.2
  12. There are lot's of things players don't know. Some games don't even show if an admin is logged in. As mentioned above someone who set up a server should know the difference if someone logged in with the master password or was voted an admin. WWW gives so much information, maybe people should start using it to gather reliable information, it's not just for porn ;)
  13. Mission design is the key. You can have a mission that's 10mb large or tweak it to half the size with better performance. There is a lot of data sent during a mission. If you limit client data to clients and update every x minutes or when there is a change and only send server / gameflow relevant data continuously traffic will be minimized and the mission can run longer without getting out of sync.
  14. It's indeed a phenomenon. In games like CoD, BF3 it's a given to show your skill by fighting a human opponent or a human team. In the ArmA universe most people seem to have become pansies ( sorry for the choice of words but would say this is a fact ) who can't take it that there is someone better than them out there. This game is imo the best game to show your skills in in all disciplines like driving, flying running and shooting but all that happens is Coop. I just started playing again two weaks ago, 90% of the servers have Coop ( mostly Evo West Coop ). It's fun to play but after some time it really gets boring because the only "Coop" you get is that you are on the same side...no actual teamplay on public servers if you don't have another teammate or team in Teamspeak.
  15. You can distinguish a voted admin and a legal admin by looking if they have a * next to the word admin. A voted admin doesn't have one.
  16. enforcer1975

    RH SMG pack for OA / CO

    Nice addons like always. But the guns sound so "Holllywood". The P90 might need a faster cyclic rate and why does the Kriss have more recoil effect than the UMP? Defeats the idea of why the Kriss was built. ;)
  17. enforcer1975

    Arma 2 - Female Characters?

    The more i look at them the more i think "Schneewittchen, kein Arsch und keine Titchen" :rolleyes:
  18. enforcer1975

    How to play this game?

    It's at least more realistic than BC2 where you evade bullets and missiles like a primaballerina. Every pilot would have lost control over his chopper by then. It looks more like an apprentice pilot than a professional flying and is really funny to look at if your team wouldn't suck at shooting down the drunken pilot ( OP aifcraft imo ). These pilots would be frustrated how often they are shot down in ArmA 2. Some are frustrated in BC2 too where i shoot them down every time i get my hands on AAA. Just forget everything you learned in BC2 and start from scratch. It's like in the Youtube video "How not to be a noob in BF BC2" where CoD is compared with BC2. Bullets go where the barrel is pointed and not because some programmer put in a dispersion script to simulate inaccuracy while moving. I do things in BC2 i would never do in ArmA 2, i started playing again BC2 for some time and have to empty my brain to be able to play it. In the end you can't really compare an action shooter with a military shooter.
  19. enforcer1975

    RADAR - new idea

    Lots of stuf that isn't put in by the devs, so you can't blame it on the mission makers. They are limited to what the game can, so carry your wishes to BIS. There is already a targeting laser in the game, i rarely ( rarely is already exaggerated ) see anyone using it.
  20. enforcer1975

    RADAR - new idea

    Locking onto a target should be limited to LOS anyway. You can lock onto anything and keep the lock if you had locked it while having LOS. Jammers are great but they would only be used continiously like decoys are used in air vehicles right now, you rarely see planes not dragging a chain of flares behind them. And i mean an endless chain not just a burst of flares. I doubt planes have that much like in ArmA 2, too bad there is no information about how much they actually have on board. Dummy vehicles are already available afaik and also visible on radar as an inactive vehicle marked in grey. The main concern is it's too easy targeting active vehicles. If they are inactive it's the other way around because you have to point your nose when flying a plane at the target to get a lock. Having a clickable radar where you point and clickfor targets would be a compromise, everyone has a mouse and some even fly with it.
  21. enforcer1975

    RADAR - new idea

    IFF is already in the game ( you already see the players names if that isnt enough for you ). Radar id is only bound to vehicles instead of the whole unit player/vehicle. So if i use an enemy vehicle i will be identified as an enemy and attacked...obviously. And if i capture an enemy vehicle i won't be attacked at first ( AI is stupid enough not to attack you though ). Radar shows different colors for faction vehicles already.
  22. enforcer1975

    RADAR - new idea

    I asume you meant the anti radar missile? The enemy on the surface meaning the guys with the AA turned their radar off to mislead the anti radar missiels fired from the planes not vice versa. In the end the US still won, they designed a missile that noted the last position of the radar source and flew that way. because those units were immobile they were an easy target in the end. I do like the idea of removing or at least limiting the radar to something that you have "seen". Where's the fun in looking through a periscope when the only thing you have to do is click a button several times to see where the enemy is? Radar sure is helpful against AI, but the main concern is PvP. At least they could have mad a system where you have to click manually on targets and wait for visual confirmation via screen like in Janes Apache Longbow. THAT radar would be awesome. Unfortunately ArmA 2 doesn't support picture in picture nor manipulating your cockpit with the mouse. I had an idea with removing the radar and giving the player a screen where you have a visual on your target with a "targeting camera" located in your vehicle ( air vehicles primarily ) to confirm if its an enemy target or not. There is a delay of 5 seconds that adds the identity of the driver. However the game does not support PiP as my buddy says. The next possible thing would be remove the radar, give text notice in the same corner what people are targeting with a delay of a few seconds so they can't tab / shoot like they do in the moment.
  23. enforcer1975

    DLCs not installing

    Joining this thread with a more or less similar problem. I recently downloaded PMC, when it asked for the key i added it. Then the downloader crashed while activating. In the game the units are still lite. Any way to activte it afterwards? I can't download again, it says the contents have already been doanloaded.
  24. That explains why, i'm in central europe. Having 250ms and of course the delay...