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  1. Elitetrucker

    Star Light Island

    Will someone maybe make a like crime city for this or somthing PLEASE this map is well uber. i love it lol its massive and aswell as that its really cool but it would be cool if the 18 wheeler was multiplayer compatable
  2. Elitetrucker

    United Kingdom Island

    i was saying this to psych and how about a ferry from england to Republic of ireland
  3. Elitetrucker

    Formula one car

    yeah hes doing bad this year   im a fan of him good idea remember if anyone wants the mission + addons add me on msn jamescouldwell@hotmail.com All Credits To Col kurtz
  4. Elitetrucker

    Formula one car

    iv made a nice little mission for this its amazing lol a mission were you race around a track which is another addon if anyone wants it please just add me on msn ofcourse all credits go to col kurts my msn is jamescouldwell@hotmail.com
  5. Elitetrucker

    BWMod Dingo, Unimog and Marder

    do those blue lights flash on the unimog
  6. Elitetrucker

    SgtEv SWAT Units

    Yeah be cool if we could get some flashlights addons for mp5
  7. Elitetrucker

    SgtEv SWAT Units

    Impressive is that the DPM camo i sent you that the british army use?
  8. Elitetrucker

    SgtEv SWAT Units

    well you could just add ammo crates and take your weapons but i prefer MP5 that was made by martin i belive
  9. Elitetrucker

    UKF True Side

    This was a convo on msn, now it's a post edited by a moderator........