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    Next Gen Stealth Bombers

    Friend of mine who worked for BAE told me the other day the orig B2 was all square and blocky because the computers back in the day couldn't do the sum needed for the stealth. However nice to see comps availble now enable slicker exterior which will help. Just thought that was a nice fact when he told me
  2. EddyBoy


    Hello. I am an admin and a member of SES for many years. I want you to know your complaint is duly noted and will be dealt with in the near future. Could you perhaps PM me so we can discuss a more suitable name please? Were you by any chance banned from our server?
  3. I (as Mr. Penguin) hope that once the tools are out the mod can start anew. I had a blast working on ofp campaign and I wish greatly to see it through into arma. The guys mentioned are fantastic and thanks for all the work
  4. EddyBoy


    I personally loved the film. It's an adaptation of a graphic novel so of course it's not going to be historically accurate. It is incredibly silly but then again I guess that's the appeal. It's a good laugh and if you don't go in looking for an education then you'll love it. I even went to see it twice.
  5. EddyBoy

    Which Mod Would You Eat If You Were Stranded?

    Suma, he's more than likely to figure a way off the island. Before I consume him that is.
  6. EddyBoy

    PC Discussion Thread - All PC related in here.

    Sounds more like it's either a heat or a power problem. Mine used to crap out on me when i'd played games for 5-10mins due to the fan on my graphics card getting filthy. Try giving the fan a good clean or use a system monitoring tool to check power or heat levels. Could of course also be the CPU overheating.
  7. Squad name: Suicide Squad Squad Tags: SES Squad location: Worldwide(Mainly Europe However) Squad webpage: http://www.suicidesquad.co.uk Squad contact: Check forum Squad status: Always looking for new members Server Address:
  8. I too have an X-Fi and the newest patch solved the issues raised in your post.
  9. EddyBoy

    Armed Assault FAQ

    No it will use Securom
  10. EddyBoy

    Dedicated Server Software

    German copy uses securom which means we can't host dedi with that either . We need a no-cd server.exe.
  11. EddyBoy

    Anyone in the US/UK have ArmA yet?

    Our squad SES has got 23 copies. Waiting for German version to come so we can actually use a dedi server. The brits have arrived.
  12. EddyBoy

    Invasion 1944 Alpha Relased

    Unlikely. Consider Phase 1 "complete"
  13. EddyBoy

    Armed Assault videos

    Very nicely made. Hope to see another one soon
  14. EddyBoy

    ARMA Publicity

    Since you didn't clonk Placebo on the head with something and run off with the demo disk your no longer welcome here andy :P
  15. EddyBoy

    ARMA Publicity

    Yeh guy in our clan got a free trip somehow. We've already expressed our opinions on that:). He'll be updating it as he's paying them a visit 2moz. Updates here for when they arrive. Link Can't believe i'm giving him the publicity :P