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  1. Evil_Clown

    Big townsquare

    Is there any more northern-ish style?
  2. Evil_Clown

    Big townsquare

    whats the model name of the big town scare? Cobblestone-ish. Can't find it inside visitor, its driving me crazy
  3. Evil_Clown

    The bridge!

    Thx alot, need help with another object(s) now though. traficsigns, where are those located? Only found shopsigns.
  4. Evil_Clown

    The bridge!

    The roadbridge that runs through corazol for example, i cant find it. What is the modelname called and where is it located? Please answer
  5. Evil_Clown

    Forest Generator

    Nice looking forests, can they be made by some kind of generator?
  6. Evil_Clown

    Adding un-official addons to map

    Thank you very much, i feel kinda dumb.
  7. I tried to add an unofficial addon to my map, a building. This is how i tried it: Un-pbo'ed the Pbo, put the folder in CA Loaded the .p3d in visitor, but got "Cannot load texture" When exported and in arma it says "Cannot load p3d" How do i fix this?
  8. Evil_Clown

    RVMAT Templates!

    So the text you copied is the forest fern rvmat? With all forest clutters?
  9. Evil_Clown

    RVMAT Templates!

    Well i would really want to know what the RVMAT file for the forest texture in sahrani looks like. And all the other RVMAT files that cant be ripped from the template island, like rock and north grass etc.. Does anybody know? Is there a template list for RVMAT files so that clutters look like they should? I know that there is a thread about RVMAT files, so dont link to it. If you have a good looking forest RVMAT file, post it in the thread please. I need something that works with the north-forest texture/ Pine trees.
  10. What ways are there to get detailed DEM's from say Bosnia-Herzegovina? Or other useful heightmap related data?
  11. Great idéa. Keep posting high quality material in this thread.
  12. So i got clutters to work, but how do i randomize the placements of stones and grass? Looks like everything is placed from a pattern now, stones in a row etc.
  13. Evil_Clown

    Buldozer cursor.

    Last time i saw the cursor was on another computer, the first release of visitor 3. I found the controls but the h-key is mapped under " lasthelp". didnt find anything called cursor. I reinstalled visitor but it didnt help.
  14. Evil_Clown

    Buldozer cursor.

    The only tab showing up when i press F1 is Artificial objects. Where is the latest version of v3? I have version
  15. Evil_Clown

    auto veg

    so, all cluttermodels even not custom has to be packed with the map?