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    Who makes CTF maps?

    if you need to attack Frantic's map why do you play them all day long ? if he would not put such an effort in mapmaking, there would'nt even be 1 CTF Server. i would make alota maps if i would see a future for them... I dont play them anymore simply because im bored with CQB and camping around corners. In their context they are good maps, i am simply bored shitless of the CQB context. If your trying to pick an arguement with Delta then do it over PM. this AINT the place for your rant. Its a place for getting more open CTF maps up there where you have to rely on more than speed and trigger response time
  2. Easy_tiger

    BIS, Please Read This

    Again no grounds for legal action, its only illegal to distrubute the no cd crack WITH the game. Hosting a no cd crack is not illegal by itself. I'm having to use a no cd crack because i binned by damn copy of arma (still have the the lic key etc tho..) and it was the only way to play Arma after i updated to 1.08. just waiting for a bargain on ebay now....
  3. Easy_tiger

    BIS, Please Read This

    there are no grounds for legal action as they are not breaking BIS's T&C's Their hacks stem from 2 places: 1. D3D / Direct x Level: If you know how to program in a OO language like c++ all you need is the SDK and visual studio and you can pretty much alter what BIS (and other games) use in DirectX to actally draw the game on the screen without altering anything to do with ArmA. 2. Using assembler and watching data registers on the CPU as ArmA requests and recieves data from various locations. with a lot of watching and a bit of luck you can manipulate the data and ArmA will be none the wiser. In the public server context there is very little that can be done about this, even banning players wont work as player IDs can also be created on the fly. The only option is to lock public servers when in use and kick any cheaters, at least they wont be able to get back in for the duration of the game Of course you can use the signiture checks on PBO's but PBO modification is quite "n00b'ish" when compared to the more professional approaches in use and i doubt it will make much difference to the situation. After reading up on these clans like TKC and myG0t it seems that they go to all this trouble to simply make the point that its "just a game" Â and to be honest i havent got a problem with it as i generally wont be hanging around exploitable public servers. (you do realise that half the time mugs vote these ppl in as admin??? , i read that on the TKC forum! ) I'll only be concerned if i ever get back into competative play and its prevelent there! But who knows you never really can tell if it is anyway!
  4. Easy_tiger

    Who makes CTF maps?

    Hey Dudester, link to my map below: Link to my map I'd like to make more but unless ppl actually start playin more than the usual 3/4 ctf maps (you all know the usual suspects) i feel that its a bit of a wasted gesture. "The maps will be CTF medium to large sized and they will be working in tune with the environment, not against it, ie not a random lot of buildings dropped in an area." lmao couldnt agree with you more Delta *edit Just checked the D/L link for my map and its down at the mo ffs, if anyone wants my map then pm me , i'll arrange to email it over to you
  5. Easy_tiger

    Open Warfare CTF Northen Exposure

    Thank You Frantic! Will look at said thread
  6. Just finished my first map for ArmA entitled "Northern Exposure" Set in north Sahrani, this map plays 15v15 max in a more open combat environment and has a fixed weapon and vehicle layout. Required version: v1.08 Open Warfare CTF Northern Exposure
  7. Easy_tiger

    Less and less CTF players.

    WTF only 5 CTF servers listed in the browser!!!!! and the rest are bloody Evolution I really enjoyed competitive CTF and was lucky to be part of, and play against some very professional clans. From what i remember CTF ruled the browser list in OFP , quite the opposite of what is going on now. The problem is that to put it quite simply the recurring 3 or 4 CTF maps i see at the moment are bollocks! Can anyone remember playing a CTF map recently where the flag hasnt been closer than 50 meters from those silly "Keep out" respawn markers, and the map hasnt been bigger than 20ftx20ft??? These maps are linear "No brainers" which have replaced strategy for trigger finger response times. Animation response was never as much of an issue in OFP because the game speed was much slower. I remember playing league games where you could really only make 1 or 2 flag attempts , then St Pierre arrived (with others including one of my creations) and it was flag relay time!! This type of map design IMO killed OFP CTF (st pierre cough ,cough) and is now stunting it for Arma I remember playing OPEN CTF maps where if you died defending your flag you better hope u had the teamwork in place to cover it because it was gonna take you at least 20/30 secs of hard sprinting after loading up to get back to it IF I see a another OFP CQB port like Hexenkessal, Mokra (or even my [sAS] Urban [2-24]) i'm gonna scream!! These tiny maps were the product of the desire of a more CQB orientated game which was lacking for some time in OFP. It was never meant to replace the more traditional CTF style in OFP COMPLETELY, which it did start to do in OFP's dieing days. It seems that the traditional CTF style has been completely forgotten in Arma.
  8. Easy_tiger

    You know when you have played too much ArmA

    When your out for a walk and you walk around an entire field because there a 2ft fence in your way :P
  9. Easy_tiger

    AI disaster + tanks

    Not really... Its just a matter of time... You would need like Millions of "what ifs" and "then do" in the code. And especially the recognition code is verry important to AI. Like "This is a Road", "use as" and "use to". But like i said it takes A LOT of time to write these codes... oh come on thats just silly Neural Nets or Finite State Machines are the only sensible way to model artificial intelligence, a huge block of coditional IF's, switches etc are inefficient,hard to maintain and would probably lead to an infinity problem. Even when using the above proven methods it is very hard and time consuming to emulate "Intelligence". If you examine a real life action and break it down you will see hundreds of of very small decisions, definitions and variables which are dependent on other decisions and variables along with the situation at hand. Though it may be possible to create a "Uber" intelligence for Arma i doubt it would be computionaly efficent enough to be used in the game, i dont think that there are many home PC's out there that could handle the computations anyway!
  10. Easy_tiger

    Windows in Humvees not bullet proof?

    hi im not sure about RL hummers but i know the best bullet proof windows you can get can only resist about half a clip from a AKM (7.62mm) at point blank range before caving in.
  11. Easy_tiger

    ArmA Graphics Problem

    Hi I mite have found a fix that works for me... ...which is killing the catalyst control console process tree (ccc.exe) before running ArmA. i've been playing ArmA pretty much straight for the last 2hrs which is the longest so far without a gfx glitch/BSOD. p4 3ghz 1gb pc3200 ram (dual paging) sapphire x1950 pro 512Mb AGP ATI 7.5 hotfixed catalyst drivers p.s i also found that disabling the CCC unlocked a load more screen resolutions and refresh rates in ArmA , so i tried 80-100hz whilst testing without problem. This may be related to the fix or may not.
  12. Easy_tiger

    ArmA Graphics Problem

    In in the same boat and its not caused by GPU overheating! The handle leak is now sorted but the gfx bug isnt! aaaargh a ALT-TAB, screen res or refresh rate change will get rid of it for a bit but it will be back....
  13. Easy_tiger

    ATI Catalyst 7.5 hotfix for ArmA leak

    Well after a proper attempt at installing the hotfixed drivers i can confirm that the handle leak has been sorted, handle count now is stable at around a couple of hundred handles. However ive still got bugs mainly the gfx corruption problem and BSODs referring o ati3uag.dll The gfx bug is a strange one, and it always starts with a temporary freeze of about 1 second before the shadows start going crazy and the random solid color polygons appear (which seem to stem from the centre of the screen). The handle count remains unchanged whilst this bug is occuring. a ALT-TAB or screen res change will get rid of the corruption for a bit, but its always back after a while (if a ati3ug.dll BSOD doesnt occur first!
  14. Easy_tiger

    ATI Catalyst 7.5 hotfix for ArmA leak

    I hope that this hotfix doesnt pass WHQL testing , (would drivers that cause windows stop messages pass testing anyway??? ) as i suspect ATI will then sign this handle leak off as complete and im stuck with a brand new bit of ATI TRASH