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  1. Description A 6 man northern sahrani especas squad tries to eliminate the CIA agent responsible for training northern sahrani exile counterrevolutionaries. Here's my new coop for 1 to 6 players. We had some severe crashing problems in the initial testing but I think it works now that I removed the light script and moved the beginning area farther away from the coast. http://aj.zerodistance.org/co%206%....ara.pbo
  2. I noticed this little problem while making my first non-test mission for arma: For some unknown reason when the mission ends ArmA shows only the title of the ending texts defined in the briefing.html. Example: Yet only the Mission successful! part is seen when the mission ends and the the "Severe blow blah blah blah" is missing.
  3. EiZei

    Second Life

    A haven for furries and pedo..ageplayers. Lovely. Somethingawful.com has explored this matter in a quite interesting manner already: link removed (yeah, most of those are definetly not worksafe)
  4. EiZei

    Medieval 2 Total War Demo

    Slightly off-topic but an another historical grand strategy game has been released; Europa Universalis III, covering most of earth and years 1435-1789. Far more politically and economically oriented than the total war series though.
  5. EiZei

    USA Politics Thread - *No gun debate*

    huh... well by technicality he's right. but there is a whole article on amending the constitution. So, he may be saying "hint: fix it." Alberto Gonzales; the great civil rights campaginer.
  6. EiZei

    USA Politics Thread - *No gun debate*

    In other news.. the US attourney general (or whatever he is called) thinks right to habeas corpus does not exist in the US constitution. Whaddayaknow. http://baltimorechronicle.com/2007/011907Parry.shtml
  7. EiZei

    China destroys satellite with ballistic missile

    I bet you would'nt have gotten too many "yeah, let's invade iraq"-answers out of americans before their administration started beating the war drum. Do not underestimate any goverment's ability to create motivation for a war if needed. Especially a goverment like the one in PRC.
  8. EiZei

    Does your rig meet requirements?

    Yeah right.
  9. EiZei

    Is Sir Alex senile?

  10. EiZei

    China destroys satellite with ballistic missile

    That seems quite outlandish to me. Sources?
  11. EiZei

    China destroys satellite with ballistic missile

    Jesus H. Christ, do we really have to drag USA and something that happened >60 years ago to every thread?
  12. EiZei

    China destroys satellite with ballistic missile

    not really, as there is a pernament US naval force stationed in the area to prevent such a thing (or at least i recall there was) And that little detail known as the Republic of China and it's fairly capable military.
  13. EiZei

    USA Politics Thread - *No gun debate*

    Ah, screw it. I don't want to get yelled for bringing Iraq into this.
  14. EiZei

    Big Brother Racists

    Who cares?
  15. EiZei

    DEFCON: Everybody Dies

    The Hetz system is currently designated to deal with a the threat of Scud missiles and Sheehab 3 missiles. Although it is designated to destroy the attacking missile in the Stratosphere, I dont think it can handle MIRV systems. As far as I know, even the USSR at the time found it difficult to built MIRV systems, so currently the US, which is not a threat to Israel, Â is the only nation to have this kind of missiles. Actually, they did manage to develop MIRV missiles and before that they simply compensated with a slightly dumber way.. they made insane amounts of single-warhead missiles. Even the british Tridents use MIRVs.
  16. EiZei

    DEFCON: Everybody Dies

    The current ABM systems are far from working, they have been able to take out some test targets with variable success and those have been carefully controlled tests with things like radio beacons attached to the target and no countercountermeasures. Not true. Israel has developed an Anti Balistic Missile System named "Hetz" (Arrow). This system reached operational status last year. It succesfuly destroyed dummy missiles that recreated the true course of a balistic missilie (They had to specially built a new kind of missile for that purpose). By the way, the first agreement between the USSR and the USA limited the number of ABM batteries to 2 around each capital, thus, ABM systems are not a new invention."Hetz" Missile What kind of ballistic missiles? I seriously doubt they managed to effectively prevent MIRV'd ICBMs.
  17. EiZei

    PC Discussion Thread - All PC related in here.

    .. and this is why we build our own.
  18. EiZei

    DEFCON: Everybody Dies

    Oh it is. There are no heroes, silver linings, last minute redemptions or any kind of banding together in face of adversity. Contrast this with the american idea of a nuclear holocaust seen in Jericho, for example. And by the way.. it's on Google Video for free.
  19. EiZei

    DEFCON: Everybody Dies

    You can definetly see that the writers of that manual are british and they have seen Threads.
  20. EiZei

    The Iraq thread 4

    4 years is nothing, have you any idea how long evolution debates have gone on the internet?
  21. EiZei

    European Politics Thread.

    Not if you start reprocessing the waste. Would'nt count on it.
  22. EiZei

    24 Campaign?

    A man can dream.
  23. EiZei

    PC Discussion Thread - All PC related in here.

    Get a 3800+ at least. The price difference is just minimal.
  24. EiZei

    ArmA/360 avant la lettre:)

    Actually, even the regular-ass XBOX's controller is standard USB, the plug is just different. It's quite easy to make an adapter for it. Personally, I already would have if I was not so lazy and my wired controller was'nt broken.
  25. EiZei

    RPG Damage.

    I dont think one is supposed to survive firing several RPG rounds at one's own feet..