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  1. hahahaha nice,I like to see other ones using my addons (instead this one is done by [WW]Hammer, I only did the import and some smaller improvements)...It always shows that we are too good that anyone can make better addons and must use our's even without asking for permission... I don't care much about something like this here.This UN Mod was using my SAR-Huey and I don't know how much soeldner-mods have stolen my bo 105 model...who cares... I do know that this is my work and if somebody believes he must state he has done it...i let him and hope he won't make my addon much worse.
  2. Ebola

    Searching Tool

    thx buddy
  3. Ebola

    Searching Tool

    Hey Guys! I'm currently searching an ol conversation tool that i found on an italian ofp-site because I lost a 3dmax-model of myself with a harddisc-crash and wanted to convert the p3d that was saved back to 3ds. It was called p2m2.rar and originally downloadable under http://www.irkamtappeti.it/ofponline/Utility/p2m2.rar but this link does not work anymore . Now I ask you if anyone still got this tool and is able to send me the p2m2.rar via email to ebola@mm-proj.de Hope you can help me best regards Ebola
  4. Ebola

    Un mod by pinky

    Hey he didn't ask me for using my huey... But I don't even care about it . Everybody can do with my addons whatever he wants. I think AddOns are released to improve a game. If anyone has a good idea to improve it more by using the model he schould do it, it can't harm
  5. Ebola

    Vehicle whit trailer

    Try to define the whole trailer as a second streeringable weel. The only problem is now to stop the trailer turning around his axis:)
  6. Ebola

    Transparent textures

    Would be nice if you post a screenshot
  7. Ebola

    Transparent textures

    Would be nice if you post a screenshot
  8. Ebola

    Really bad window problem

    It was a Problem in Max. I don't know how but I solved it:). Thanks for your help guys maybe it will help me with upcoming problems. Ebola
  9. Ebola

    Really bad window problem

    The Problem is that all windows are made with the alpha-texture so I can't cut or paste any windows. I know this way su**s but I thought that it will work as fine as the truck.
  10. I have a big problem with my Huey. When you look through the windows of the chopper the inside of the kabin is not Visible inspit you can see the interior. I know that alpha-textures often make problems but the same method worked with my Mercedes truck. Here are some pictures of the "disaster" This is the truck with working textures
  11. I'm currently working on a MErcedes-Benz Truck and I used the Truck-5t as pattern. Going through the LODs I found this "proxy:FLAG_auto.01". Now I want to know for what it stands. My other question is how the proxy for the squadlogos on the Model are called. Thanx Ebola