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  1. Ex-RoNiN

    International Politics Thread

    None of this can be controlled, it can all be circumvented - see UK's expenses scandal, happening right in front of everyone's noses. If you really want to effectively stop corruption, then you need to follow the age-old "trick": Hang the bastards! Then follow this with a rule, stating a) Anyone wishing to "do" politics must have at least 15years of work experience b) You may not spend more than 2 terms in any political office (whether that's local councillor or Prime Minister or whatever) There you go, this way you stop people from being 'politicians' as a 'profession'. How do you administer it? I dunno, but it's a good starter for 10 :p
  2. Ex-RoNiN

    Indian army

    Indian Army - Kargil et. al. notwithstanding, like most armies it is being let down completely by its leaders; all I need to say is: MiG-21 Bofors Artillery pieces procurement Where is the cold weather gear for the troops in Kashmir? Where are the UAVs for the border guards? Why is there no support for the troops in the North East? Why can the continuous incursions from the West not be stopped? Rang de Basanti sums it all up perfectly. As long as THESE people are in power, it will remain the most woefully underequipped fighting force in the region, regardless of the spirit in the common fighting man on the ground.
  3. Ex-RoNiN

    Bye Bye Old BI Forum

    Who changed the curtains and wallpaper in here? :386:
  4. Ex-RoNiN

    Dolphin Slaughter... Disturbing

    So you're saying that the only "humane" thing to do is to industrialise their slaughter? To come up with efficient ways of quickly killing a large amount of beings? Yeah, extremely "humane"...good thing we practiced on ourselves too. I'm sorry, but I'm having a major irony alert here.
  5. Ex-RoNiN

    Ask a moderator about the forum and the rules

    Bear in mind that moderators are only human and, as I am sure you all know too well, to err is human. Sometimes a moderator, esp. one new to the job, will make mistakes. Over time, experience helps one guide to better moderating. As always, the quickest and least painful way to resolve a difference of opinion is to PM the involved moderator, and should he not provide satisfactory answers, divert your PM's to the Head Moderator. Having a public rant will do nothing but get you in trouble.
  6. Ex-RoNiN

    Ask a moderator about the forum and the rules

    Sorry mate, but I disagree. You had plenty of time to review the rules when you signed up. You can not automatically sign up to the forum, you have to read the rules and then confirm that you read them - ignorance is no excuse, never has been, never will. Also, that link at the top is quite visible to me, perhaps some people are more attentive and have no problem spotting it. Either way, the important fact is that people that want to contribute positively will set out to find the rules. For such people, the rules are easily accessible, even though they probably read them anyway when signing up. As for the negative tone - it serves to instil in people that posting here is a privilege, not a right! [/moderator hat]
  7. Ex-RoNiN

    MSN Error

    Go to the Microsoft support forums.
  8. Ex-RoNiN

    Shilp Shetty

  9. Ex-RoNiN

    recharging batteries

    Operating devices outside their designed usage can only end in disaster. Silent n Deadly, 2WL for a spammy/disgusting comment.
  10. Ex-RoNiN

    Big Brother Racists

  11. Ex-RoNiN

    ArmA/360 avant la lettre:)

    Moving. If you feel a thread has been posted in the wrong forum, please use the "Report to Moderator" function. Thanks.
  12. Ex-RoNiN

    Ashes to Ashes

    mazza, open another ashes thread and you will be at the wrong end of a long ban. Placebo has already stated in your other locked topic that only truly international competitions are allowed a topic.
  13. Ex-RoNiN

    The Middle East part 2

    Flaming = 1WL added = Ban.
  14. Ex-RoNiN

    What do you *HOPE* will be in ArmA?

    Closing at thread starter's request.
  15. Ex-RoNiN

    Ask a mod

    The rest is bull? Cobblers. Not only is it true, but extensive records exist, detailing all of your infractions, the decisions made amongst us and you are more than welcome to have them posted here to show you that I am not talking from my behind. The records that prove your less than impressive track record exist - since they are your record, it is up to you whether you want them plastered here in public, for everyone to see and for your embarrassment, or whether you want to take it on the chin like a man and face up to your behaviour. I have 1 PM from you, dated 12/04/2006, containing no content but a little moan, to which I replied. Your accusation is unfounded. Quite rightly so, however, there's nothing to sort out if I hear nothing from you stating your case. I am not aware of any PMs I may have missed. Whose decision is it then? It is nothing but your own decision, you decided to accuse me and other moderators of ignoring you and victimising you, I merely responded to those charges. Yet again you show that you can't own up to your own behaviour. I refer you to the rules: A Warning Level was therefore very lenient. Whilst password crackers are not explicitly stated in the rules, they nevertheless pose a violation of the quoted article (in spirit, if not in word) and I deem them unacceptable for these forums. Circumventing somebody else's password seems very questionable at best, at worst it is illegal and in order to avoid any repercussions, I choose to follow a hard line towards these tools. The fact that you got a lenient treatment, instead of what's stated in the article, reflects the ambiguous nature of that particular nature and considering your past track record, this is very lenient indeed. This depends entirely on your behaviour on the forums over several months. Your posting, and especially the tone of your postings, has been noted btw. Let me make one thing clear to you Espectro. You have been a constant irritation for the past 4 years. You are very very lucky to be allowed to post here, a lot of your former troublemaker friends are not so lucky and are still banned. Your behaviour has not improved over the last 4 years, you have constantly been argumentative, breaking the rules and then not facing up to it. You continued to spam and then decided to level public accusations against me and the other moderators in this thread here. A lot of people have been permanently removed from this forum for a lot less. You are walking a fine line and I urge you to rethink your behaviour on these forums, esp. considering your past behaviour. You are not being victimised, but your past track record will come up when you next break a rule. Repeat offenders are an endangered species on these forums. I suggest you have a good read through the rules yet again, and don't break them in the future.