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  1. Eviscerator

    News from the front

    Looking great guys
  2. Eviscerator

    Bell 412 close to finished

    The UH-1Y is not a Griffon, although it's a Bell 412, you are right in that. The UH-1Y is not a Bell 412, the engines are vastly different, the 412 uses the same type of engines used in the UH-1N while the UH-1Y uses the AH-1W engines, the tail has also been changed to match the AH-1Z so it looks quite different. Bell 412: UH-1Y:
  3. Eviscerator

    Looking for some british addons

    Erm, that's an American vehicle, the British Army do not use the RSOV, they have their own Landrover version for the same role.
  4. Eviscerator

    Bas russian opfor vehicles

    Yep, we know, and have always known, using the current BIS model was a quick and easy solution to creating an OPFOR APC, simple as that.
  5. Eviscerator

    Depleted Uranium (DU)

    The links i have posted are from the British MOD, not the US Government. Also, following links from that page you can find several other independant reports on the effects of depleted uranium, for instance the Royal Society information on DU (including reports). World Health Organization DU Links UN's Post-Conflict Assessment Unit Also, any news report/website or channel that shows graphic images without displaying a warning first is wholly in the wrong, the images i saw on the Al Jazeera website could have been viewed by anyone and were by far enough to give children nightmares. A bloody malformed corpse of a baby, whether it be shown by Americans or Arabs is something that should never be broadcast, the loss of a baby should be mourned, not waved around to further someones political views and aims.
  6. Eviscerator

    Depleted Uranium (DU)

    http://www.mod.uk/issues/depleted_uranium/index.htm http://www.mod.uk/issues/depleted_uranium/documentation.htm http://www.mod.uk/issues/depleted_uranium/misconceptions.htm http://www.mod.uk/issues/depleted_uranium/facts.htm http://www.mod.uk/issues/depleted_uranium/middle_east_2003.htm I have just found this very interesting website from the British Ministry of Defence on the use and facts concerning depleted uranium. Although it will probably be disregarded here as bile seeing as it does not support abandoning DU as a weapon but i am much more inclined to believe this evidence and the various sources it is taken from than the bunch of anarchists hell bent on 'rebelling' against anything slightly resembling a government. Also, i would take anything Al Jazeera report with a bucket of salt, i have just visited their site and on one of their pages they resort to showing pictures of deformed bloody foetus', a truly sickening tactic of getting people to believe these deaths are attributable to DU, even though the deaths and malformities could be caused by many naturally occuring illnesses and no evidence is put forward to back up their claim that DU was in fact to blame.
  7. Eviscerator

    Bas pavehawks

    Actually the HH-60L is the current medivac chopper version, the UH-60Q is the 'old' version. HH-60L Medivac
  8. Eviscerator

    Bas pavehawks

    Its because the bullet is subsonic and the sight needs zeroing, you can do this by adjusting these two figures in the config until the shot lines up with the sight: distanceZoomMin=400; distanceZoomMax=400; These config entries go in the CfgWeapons section of your config for each weapon.
  9. Eviscerator

    Bas pavehawks

    Highly unlikely, there may be something released before Christmas but it depends on how much time is available to work on it (and on a few other factors).
  10. Eviscerator

    New bas thread

  11. Eviscerator

    New bas thread

    And another side note, Delta have infact taken part in rescue missions, during Operation Just Cause in Panama they rescued an American citizen from captivity: http://www.specialoperations.com/Operati....t2.html
  12. Eviscerator

    Modern usmc marpat

    I have never seen that happen, i can kill the delta/rangers with a pistol bullet to the face, anyway any more comments on the Delta/Ranger armour should probably be put into the bas thread, dont want to send suchey/earls thread offtopic.
  13. Eviscerator

    Modern usmc marpat

    The Interceptor vests (which the Rangers are wearing in the addon) are stopping AK rounds in Iraq, there have been several instances of 7.62x39 rounds being stopped by the Interceptor vests, so the armour modelling on the Rangers is not unrealistic.
  14. Eviscerator

    Weapon problem!

    You already have a topic on this subject: http://www.flashpoint1985.com/cgi-bin....t=35373
  15. Eviscerator

    Political correctness gone absolute bonkers

    Did all Americans come up with this? No, it was ONE (probably very lonely and socially outcast) American that did this. The UK has a similarly hideous, if not worse, track record when it comes to PC decisions. Need I say "Ba baa baa" or "blackboard"? such as..? Blackboard must now be chalkboard, and it has to be "baa baa shee-eep" because it might offend black people. Stupid, huh? I love the way they change the 'blackboard' name and yet leave the 'whiteboard', can anyone say double-standards?