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    Research soldier like this

    sorry to pull this up but I think there is a very similar uniform in GRAA, facial wise maybe u can use a face skin with a mask, it may look flat but might work overall.
  2. Just wondering if there is a graphical cue when planes land and the tire touches the ground/water. I.e. Puff of rubber smoke on a runway, dirt, water splash etc when the wheels themselves touch the environment.
  3. DespairsRay


    Nice that you put em in one pack. I was thinking of posting the links to the few Terminator Addons I saw after I saw the movie also. Would be nice if you also include the T-800 face texture, it's on ofpr info. Also not completely sure if this it actually Terminator based but it says so, http://operationflashpoint.filefront.com/file/_LaserGun;48515. There is also an updated Star Trek addon collection.
  4. DespairsRay


    Think there's two mini guns around, check ofp info or filefront ofp page. There is also a bunker pack or something like that that also contains a mini gun. http://www.opflashpoint.org/addons.php?v=363 cant seem to get on ofp info right now, but ive seen it.
  5. Also reminds me of an old DOS game Air Force Commander and Janes Fleet Command. Really wish there were more games like this. Especially an airforce one, I'd love to research aircraft, train pilots and build an airbase.
  6. DespairsRay

    Forcing Crouch

    Found a link for ya, check it out. http://www.ofpec.com/forum/index.php?topic=24748.0
  7. DespairsRay


    Good Job Razor Interested in seeing what other universes you cover! Still hoping you make a really bad ass Wolf Brigade Soldier! :)
  8. DespairsRay

    Need to find patches for these glitches

    If you like sitting around and creaming your pants with hype waiting for a game, then play the game and be overly critical because "X" wasn't what you expected because you wanted "Y" instead. And also enjoy the out of box experienced designed to keep your attention for a week only to get hyped again because part 2 is coming out and the game you've been waiting for is just made as to be like a conveyor belt for money then stick to console games. Have a great day paying for all the extras. If you want a game that already allowed so much freedom a la vanilla and then exponentially more with community created extras then play OFP. No need to whine. ---------------- This is just a reference point in case someone similar in nature posts a thread like this one.
  9. DespairsRay


    Is OFP info down? I remember a few months ago this happened and I freaked and now I can't seem to get on it. I hope it's nothing serious. It would be a real shame to lose such a gem, mainstay and a big part of the OFP community since it's creation. A lot of ofp® sites have disappeared, it reminds of another game I play(ed) CFS2 (combat flight simulator 2) and the main website I am a part of Sim-Outhouse.com, SOH has it's own database for addons and we try to collect as many as we can so we can host them. SOH and simviation are probably the biggest sites still keeping a collection. And we still keep the community alive with donations and stuff so we don't loose the work put into the game. I hope ofp info isn't down but It would be great to have at least one site to hold "predominantly" ofp files or at least ones we are authorized to keep hosting. Would be a shame not.
  10. DespairsRay

    Dutch infantry -- Holland May 1940

    Not an expert on the era, but looking good.
  11. DespairsRay

    Forcing Crouch

    Just a quick reply, But there isn't a crouch command like that, I wish, not sure why they didn't add that in for resistance, would of been nice to have a unit only crouch and stand. But since you can't the way to make a unit crouch is more forceful, you have to use a switchmove / playmove command I think, you have to force them to stay in a crouch animation. Not quite as smooth. But I have seen some scripts like the AI cover script use it dynamically.
  12. Hey, Wmike, redownload SLX again and then check out the folders for the MOD there should be included a folder named Mod Configs and it should include an @ECP+@SLX folder. Just turn that into a folder on the main OFP directory, and use it on a shortcut like anyother mod. Oh remember to place the ECP addon files into that @ECP+@SLX folder also, don't remember if their included. If you want to further modify it as in maybe you perfer ECP's effects over SLX's go into the .cpp and edit the necessary lines. It's a mainstay on my computer, OFP isn't the same with out it.
  13. DespairsRay


    Looking good Razor, The mech's aren't exactly "walking" but semi-look like it, check out some of the mechs out there like the Zenith, I think. Those soldiers in that pic above with the Landmate look interesting also. Nice progress with everything.
  14. DespairsRay

    WW1 Mod Expansion Pack

    Hey ProfT I was wondering what you thought about also if time permits to introducing Japanese units as well. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japan_during_World_War_I
  15. DespairsRay

    Thyria: sands of resistance.

    Sounds good