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  1. It's bullshit that people can press the spacebar and see someone in the bushes with the red name tag.
  2. DieterWeber

    Battlefield 3 Simulator

    Why do all the simulators throw people upward? If my car tilted upward i'd be fairly worried.
  3. DieterWeber

    New Metallica and Lou Reed track

    Why? The 2 after the first 2 are FAR better albums. Master of Puppets and And Justice for All are amazing.
  4. DieterWeber

    New Metallica and Lou Reed track

    He's probably a hater. Anyway, they're using they're "ok" riffs on this LOU REED album. They save the good shit for their own.
  5. DieterWeber

    New Metallica and Lou Reed track

    Luckily this is just a Lou Reed album, not a Metallica album. Lou Reed sucks.
  6. It doesn't feel like "battlefield" because it's a BC2 game mode. Once we can all play conquest on the huge maps it will be great.
  7. DieterWeber

    They better have female soldiers...

    IMO this would be unnecessary and a complete waste of development time. And dumb. Woman should have no role in combat.
  8. I agree in some aspects. The game just needs bigger maps. Can't wait for all the custom maps to where I can make 800 meter shots etc. The blood effects are pretty nice too. I mean, they have a range sighting system........for maps that are 200 meters long.
  9. Nope the game is still locked even though it should have been available by now. TripWire fails at yet another thing.
  10. But everyone having the ability to zoom like a sniper is fun?
  11. Game has TERRIBLE optimization. Runs like crap at medium settings for me, and I can run Arma 2 at max(excluding VD) with ease.
  12. :) nice Baff1. Hidden and Dangerous 1&2 are my most favorite games ever.
  13. DieterWeber

    Should the default FOV (Field of view) be higher?

    umm...... Not to go off topic or anything, but what disturbingness is that in the op's avatar? Looks a little lewd.
  14. DieterWeber

    Postal 3

    Game looks terrible.
  15. Wow, they're going through the whole DLC for stuff that should already be in the game(i.e. MG42) ? I guess money and greed really does change people.
  16. Can't wait till' all the servers are on realistic mode. I will lol at all the noobs.
  17. The killcam is stupid, even if it is limited. The whole point of RO was to be realistic and real war is incredibly confusing. You don't know where you're being shot from half the time. I can see TripWire are moving the WRONG direction. I can see RO3 being a COD clone in full.
  18. Seems like almost everyone has a freaking SMG...........
  19. um...... I guess according to Tripwire, every tank in WW2 blew up in a huge explosion every time a round went through the hull.
  20. http://wecravegamestoo.com/forums/imagehosting/524e0be61455c76.jpg 135 kb! ??????? I've gone through quite a few drivers.
  21. DieterWeber

    My laser pointers are HUGE!!

    Big whoop. Anyway, back to the problem.
  22. DieterWeber

    Hitman 5: Absolution announced

    WTF? They made it so 47 can READ MINDS?
  23. DieterWeber


    That nasa link even confirms my opinion. lol they mad.
  24. DieterWeber


    You guys are wrong. Get over it.
  25. DieterWeber


    Wrong. The leaves create a lift like a wing and it causes it to stay in the air longer. Everything else, no matter the shape or weight, is pulled to the ground at 9.8 meters a second.