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  1. Thank you for this terrific add-on!
  2. Very fun add-on Loki, thank you very much!
  3. Did I tell you how much I love you guys? I really do!
  4. DaKa

    31st Normandy mod -WW2

    Awesome guys, can't wait for release and some MP Tiger vs Sherman.
  5. DaKa

    Mouse-Auto-Center Defeated!!!

    "They said it couldnt be done Nicejob mate, will give it a good ol' test when im home " Hehe, with this addon, I know that anything is possible in ArmA. Great work, downloading now.
  6. You are a GOD! Thank you very much!
  7. DaKa

    --=Terrain Starter Kit=--

    I am not sure that should the stuff in the layers cfg look like this: "ca\SHEMYA\data\pole1_mco.png" Or this: "P:ca\SHEMYA\data\pole1_mco.png" the first "version" is in my layers cfg.
  8. DaKa

    --=Terrain Starter Kit=--

    Alright I'll check it again, but I am almost 100% sure that I did everything right, thanks for the reply.
  9. DaKa

    GoodMorning Sahrani with Mike Melvin as guest

    Good show, I liked it, who is going to be Jerry's and Loki's next victim?
  10. DaKa

    --=Terrain Starter Kit=--

    Nice and simple tutorial, just what I need hehe Although think I found a "bug". When I want to import the SAT and the MASK, here's what I get: "Error saving 'p:\shemya\data\layers\S_000_000_LCO.png" without the " . I think I looked everywhere, but I really couldn't find any S_000_000_LCO.png. It may be a bug or just a mistake by me, I don't know I am new at this.
  11. DaKa

    Visitor 3 Quick Tutorial

    Hey guys! This may be a unusual question (and there is no pun intended to anyone) but is there someone who knows how to put in the Sat and Mask into the map, because I encountered some of your problems, but I am getting too confused, like how did you fix the Crashing when you tried to import the Sat? I am a newb in these stuff and an explanation for a new guy would be very apreciated. Thank you! UPDATE: All I asked is to summarise it lol  Here's a pic: This happens when I try to import that SAT and the MASK.
  12. DaKa


    I checked your site every day at least three times to see anything out yet, and now I am giggly like a schoolgirl!!! Please continue your mod, you guys are making beautiful add-ons, thank you!
  13. DaKa

    Evolution (Red+Blue)

    This question is to KilJoy: Hey, can I modify your Evo? I will not add or take something, I will only rearrange the airport and some vehicle spawn timers, all credit is yours, I will not claim anything as mine. Thanks!
  14. (For Maruk) I don't know if this question was posted earlyer, but do you guys intend to release a demo of ArmA II?
  15. DaKa

    Tourists on Uhao

    Has anyone recorded the event?