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  1. Hi DmenX3, The C++ background will help you much concerning model's configs and scripts. But to get the hang how to implement something new, reverse engineering is the only way to learn from each other, because you will not find the actual tricks in the tutorials. And do not worry, when you run into trouble, you will always find a helping hand here  Having nearly the same background as you have, I am still learning from the old cracks since I have started modding 5 months ago. have fun and good luck, mike Thanks, and good luck yourself.
  2. Yeah man, I've been reading the crap out of Wikipedia, but any more knowledge on the subject is always welcome. Actually I do have a question for you. Can you give me an idea of what buildings in Slovenia and Croatia look like? I have a few pictures but they're pretty generic. What I mean is, is there anything specific to the Balkan architecture that would make it stand out from the rest of European/Turkish culture? BTW, I think I'm going to post a full synopsis in the post below so that people get more of an idea of what I'm doing.
  3. Thanks man. It's definitely going to take some luck .
  4. Wow...Thanks man! That's truly terrific work there. I hope I can put all this stuff to some good use!
  5. Ah, thanks much Opteryx. These look very helpful. I was looking through a few tutorials on height maps going into Visitor 3. What I'm wondering is if any site has a detailed description of how to convert DEM's into maps on ArmA. I'm guessing I'll still have to manually add all the buildings in the map designer, but to take the actual topography from the locations where the battles (that I'm recreating) occurred would be really sick, even if nobody that played it knew.
  6. sure, i'll try to scrounge up some of my work off my CD collection, I have an ongoing problem with my HDD so I keep most stuff on disks....Now I just need to find them. Oh and I know I'm not equally skilled in all areas. I've been programming in Microsoft Visual since the dawn of that program (1997) and I learned C++ 1991. I'm very interested in getting familiar with the ArmA tools, and I am trying to read every tutorial out there. In terms of graphic design, I am quite horrible when it comes to making things look good. What I am good at though is making wonderful 3ds Max renders. I kinda get caught in the whole texturing/lightmapping area. To be honest I've made independent mod scripts for about every game from here to Japan. (Often with the help of a little reverse engineering...Whoops, did anyone hear that? ) So I suppose to be more specific I'm really looking for 2d people and people who know how to get around the ArmA tools. Maybe that's more accurate. (BTW, just in case it isn't understood, I do live in California, so there isn't really any problem with language barriers. I don't live anywhere near the Baltic area.) ((And by that I mean I speak English, sorry if I offended any Slavs.))
  7. Hey there everybody. As of recently I've taken a huge interest at the Yugoslavian conflict of the 1990's after the collapse of the Soviet Union. I am a skilled programmer/scripter/graphic designer, and I wish to have more people with hose skills to work with. I am currently looking for people who know their way around the ArmA editing tools specifically people who know how to import 3ds Max objects to Oxygen and get them to be functional in ArmA, people who know how to use Visitor 3, and people who know how to script entire missions. Just to make sure you understand this isn't another project that ends up being some skill-less slob that want's all the work done for him. I intend to head this project with great intensity and hope to speed up the process by getting skilled people on the team. If you are interested in helping post, or if you want to know more (I didn't want to write about the whole mod then have nobody read it  ) In the future I will also be looking for people the speak a Yugoslavian sub-dialect (Serbian, Slovenian, Croatian and whatnot). I hope to hear from all interested parties.
  8. DmenX3

    2 Fixes for 1.9

    Quite sorry about that. I meant 1.09, thanks for correction.
  9. DmenX3

    2 Fixes for 1.9

    2 issues I think should be fixed in 1.9! 1. Women!!! I find the opening sequence to the original campaign one of the funniest thing ever! The "relaxation" island is a sausage fest! We need to add women to ArmA because it just looks weird with only men. 2. Map Markers! I am a very vivid map maker and I draw extensive battle plans with CoC CEX NATO markers. The main problem with all map markers is that as you zoom out they stay the same size, and as you zoom in, they stay the same size. This is a problem because if you zoom out all the way, it clumps together. If you zoom out [my hundred] map markers should stay the same size as I made them. The marker size has to be there for a reason other than to waste time! Edit: Before anyone says anything, I'd like to apologize for the crude sausage fest joke. But I mean...Come on....Srsly guyz.....
  10. DmenX3

    What made OPF better?

    Whoa! OP I have an almost identical computer (graphics + processor is spot on) but I'm running XP with DX9. I can play on full settings (but I keep view distance on 3000 for realism) and it doesn't lag at all. It could be the Vista or maybe its the RAM (I have 3gigs of DDR2 RAM on Windows XP ) Anyways I think the lag probably has to do with memory access. Tune your computer, defrag, and increase the paging file....Every little bit helps
  11. DmenX3

    ArmA is controlling my Computer's Sound

    WOW! I had a similar problem. When I was playing ArmA I had the Bourne Supremacy soundtrack in the background and when I lowered the music volume in game it lowered the soundtrack from my media player. Weird!
  12. DmenX3

    Current Problems

    Okay I have four major current problems and I'd like to alleviate both. First, my stats: Windows XP SP2 (btw I have .NET 2.0 Framework, not important though.) ArmA European 1.05 3 Gigs of DDR2 RAM 8800GTS 320mb DDR2 Graphics Card 2.67 Ghz Processor First Problem: I have download the 1.08 patch from 7 different places and none of them work because they keep saying the zip or rar is invalid. Second Problem: I have 1.05 and I want to join multiplayer (which I obviously cannot) so I create a game so I can play against bots, but when I hit the Create button it crashes to desktop. Third and Fourth only occur with addons and mods but they are not mod specific so please help me! Third Problem: Very often it will say I need caa10 addon. I've heard of it, but where do I get it? Fourth Problem: Very often I'll get an "Error compiling vertex shader VSTerrain" and it will crash to desktop. If you can help me, thank you and you are my hero.
  13. DmenX3

    The Maxed Out Arma

    I have a 2.67ghz proccessor 3gigs of DDR2 ram and a 320mb DDR2 8800 GTS graphics card with max setting and large combat with no lag what-so-ever (however i installed a messed up external texture render which actually SLOWS DOWN my texture rendering speed and its seemed to have locked up so I'll have to reinstall windows)
  14. DmenX3

    How To Retex unit

    Im sorry for this but i need an answer.........bump
  15. DmenX3

    How To Retex unit

    i may only do just 3rd 4th 7th 9th 11th 14th 17th 22nd. Besides im probobaly not gunna release it and i have a 500gb hard drive so no a difference to me I just want to know. (I remebered another question...is it posible to make multi color map markers with something like a 200x200 or 100x100 resolution?)