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  1. Nah I haven't tried it. im too lazy idk when ill get around to dealing with this bullshit. battlefield 3 will just get my time until i do.
  2. Maybe you should open your eyes and read the thread title you person you. ---------- Post added at 21:56 ---------- Previous post was at 21:45 ---------- I put the cd key in where it asks for the serial number and it says: 1. Activation process has been terminated The SERIAL was not found in the database. Most likely the SERIAL has been entered incorrectly. Press 'Back' to retry activating (please verify the correct input of the SERIAL) or click 'Cancel' to abort. If the problem persists, please visit our support homepage for possible solutions: https://support.securom.com/PAunlock/?c=1200 Then it gives me the option to manually activate and I hit that then it says...... 2. An online activation can not be performed. Please contact your software vendor to manually retrieve your unlock code. Please make sure, that you have prepared the following information: -Registration Code (Serial number) -Unlock request code which is displayed below. Please visit our support homepage for possible solutions: https://support.securom.com/PAunlock/?c=1000 Then it says unlock requestcode: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Unlock Code: (blank space for me to enter it) serial: (blank space for me to enter it) ---------- Post added at 22:03 ---------- Previous post was at 21:56 ---------- I just had an epiphany. How about instead of calling a cd key a serial number, installation key, and registration code at different times during the installation process. We just call it what its real name is which is a cd key. Crazy right? So how do I fix this outrageous, crazy, insane, rediculous problem I'm having?
  3. Where on the booklet? I'm talking about the serial number not the CD key. I already put the CD key in during the installation.
  4. I uninstalled arma 2 OA because I was getting some retarded message bad serial number given in setup. So now I'm trying to reinstall and it is asking me for my serial number. Where do I find it?
  5. My complaint is if you are looking down your iron sites on your rifle and egaging multiple targets you swing your head and rifle together not your head faster than you can swing you rifle. Your head and eyes are stuck on the rifle and keep looking down it. It is different just like I explained. And your argument is also disproven by the fact that NONE of this applies to left and right movement. Its like the gun is weightless and your head and rifle move instantly together. This is something i already explained in this thread. So the excuse of explaining this away as the weight of the weapon is false because the weapon is weightless in your left to right movement.
  6. It's not floating zone or head bob. That was part of my original post is if it is an option what option is it and where do I go to change it?
  7. The weapons weight huh, ok i didnt know that. But that is not how it should be if you are looking through your iron sites. What should happen is there should be a cap on speed raising and lowering the weapon. But youre head and weapon should move together if looking down the sites. ---------- Post added at 02:34 AM ---------- Previous post was at 02:29 AM ---------- And also.. if its the weapons weight then shouldn't it apply to left and right movement too? So like I said I'm right you're wrong. Thanks for the sarcasm though, fail.
  8. There is a really terrible nonsense feature in the game. If you move your mouse up and down your head moves first and your gun lags behind it and catches up to it after a second. So if you jerk your mouse up to the sky hard your head will look at the sky and your gun will take a minute to catch up to wear you're looking. But if you look left or right your gun and head move together instantly with no lag. So essentially you can shoot targets more easily and faster if they are to your left or right but slower and harder if they are above or belove you. Is there a way to make the up and down looking like the side to side looking? Please update the game and remove this crap or tell me how to fix it. Thanks.
  9. I replaced the files and I'm still getting kicked. DAO shows up now with a red circle on the servers list.. but I can get into a server called C5 cerebus which has a yellow circle..? why?
  10. I already reinstalled can someone send the files please? How can we do that?
  11. Hey, I don't know how to do that stuff. Do you think I could download those files and just replace them and see if it works? Where do they go?
  12. Now I have done these for sure. (and still have the problem)