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  1. I switched to a new computer and i had to install all the tools again but this time i got a cfgworld error following with a shader one anybody has a clue about its meaning? BTW the game works fine by itself thanks and all Dramboi
  2. Thanks u all for the help espacially DR_eyeball
  3. I wonder if anyone here knows how for make a progress bar that execute when a person tries to defuse bomb or wrench an electrical system thanks Dramboi
  4. Dramboi

    bulletcam script

    MM.. the man wrote "bulletcam script by KyleSarnick I found on the BIS Forums" or u can type bullet cam as there r quite a few
  5. Dramboi

    Syrian Army Pack

    BTW if u ll combine those two mods together it would be much easier to use them on the Hamal game server
  6. Dramboi

    Syrian Army Pack

    Finaly some OPFOR to go along with although i never knew that the Syrian use lizard uniform Btw if u need some more Syrian faces i will have a face pack ready soon
  7. Dramboi

    HaPPy B day ARMA

    HaPPy B day ARMA ! Â
  8. Love the work but need some retexturing i really think you should release some units for beta testing
  9. Dramboi

    Projekt Gardinas Island

    Where could i get this wonderus tool ?
  10. Dramboi

    A problem of many people

    Thanka for the time but it still doesnt load paa ... ok found t i forgot to put \ on the end of the dll path problem solved 9}
  11. Dramboi

    A problem of many people

    I second that , major problem little help
  12. Dramboi

    My face in game

    Can i make different set of face pack for specific model ?
  13. I wonder if theres a script command to put a jpg on a range target mm thanks