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  1. What would be an amazing addition to this is an improvement to the "cook off" module where isntead of exploding, vehicles have a change to just catch fire and slowly burn. The fire could do damage to the people inside as long as they are in it. 


    This mod does it somewhat





    But its kinda janky and the vehicle being on fire doesnt hurt everyone inside. 

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  2. Is there a way to make a single player version of the Squad/AAS gamemode? 


    Will the AI know to attack the sectors sequentially? Or is it strictly a PVP thing? 



    edit: So i watched the video that shay posted, but I cant get it to work like he did.


    Everything is fine but the AI that spawns does NOT attack the objectives. They just sit in place at the main base spawn. Im using project opfor factions (mid east militia and afghan army)