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  1. Danbri

    ArmA 3 will be available on Steam?

    Hi! Long time since I was here. Just want to give my opinion on this, plz don´t use STEAM. For all of us who doesnt play on the net its just a bloody annoyance. I have games that I dont play because I just dont want to anymore, but I cant even give them away (boxed versions that is) because they are locked to my account on STEAM. EVERY singel game I bought have had problems on releaseday because of the STEAM servers are full...big point in preorder there...etc.... So plz, use conventional DRM if necessery. kind regards, Daniel
  2. Seems odd that patching the game would destroy the savefiles...thought that was a problem from long ago...but ok. Was there any releasenotes mentioning this?
  3. Hi! Long time since I was in these forums. I updated Op. Arrowhead to 1.57 and now when I try to start any saved mission/campaign I get the messeage that the files cant be loaded since there are incompatible versions. Why is this?
  4. Danbri

    Support Heli crashes, first mission.

    Well, the plot thickens....after restarting the mission some 10 times, suddenly the other chopper makes a nice halt and lands as it should. Can someone plz explain thisone? A bug?
  5. Danbri

    Support Heli crashes, first mission.

    Nope, only original games. I jump out of my chopper and then start running towards the trees and then the other heli swoops down and smack, rigth in the trees. Every time!
  6. Hi. I have reinstalled OFP (+goldpack and Resistance, 1.96) and thought I play it through again, but in the first mission when your landed at Everon alongside another heli+squad, that other Heli just keep landing in the trees and blows up. I tried to restart several times but the same thing happens, but as I remember it, that isnt supposed to happen, is it? Dont know if anybody understands what I´m trying to describe but I hope so.
  7. Danbri

    Arma feedback thread - based on 1.09

    lol, seems that there can´t be a topic without ripping each others throats.... If one finds something "trolling" or whatever, then don´t answer it, report it to a moderator or you to will contribute to the trolling. Anyway, to the topic: I have been playing way to little to see any major improvements, but somehow I think the game feels more stable now. I still highly dislike the targeting system (as compared to OFP) but that seems to be a feature, not a bug, sadly .
  8. Danbri

    Arma feedback thread - based on 1.09

    If you turn the post processing to low, the iron sights should clear up for you LOL, I AM getting old.....Thx..
  9. Danbri

    Arma feedback thread - based on 1.09

    I might be wrong, but to me the ironsights seems to have become more "blurred". Its been a while since I played but I think i remember the sights to be clear. I tried the shooting range and could hardly se the sights at all. But then again, I´m not getting any younger either
  10. Danbri

    ArmA is just ... disappointing

    I finally got to grips with the graphical issues and have been able to play ARMA without having to alt-tab every 2 minutes. To discover an unbelivable boring environment in the campaign. The one and only thing that I disliked in OFP was the desert. And what do we have in ARMA? Realy missing the woods from OFP. I dont know if its related to the desert thing, but I dont get the same "feeling" that i got and still gets in OFP/Resistance. But thats just MY thoughts
  11. Danbri

    "Adult" style sigs

    I have to say that its more embarresing to check in on a "BI" forum at work . Then I´m glad IF there are som naked women!
  12. Danbri

    Expansion: Arma: Queen's Gambit

    They are only thieves if they force you to buy it, if you feel you dont need the new content just dont buy it. I have to agree here. For those (myself included) that feel ARMA was released to early or whatever and think that its not ok to put out this expansion or even ARMA2, just dont buy them. There is to much namecalling from all sides here(still) and that is not helping either us or BI.
  13. Danbri

    ArmA2 Discount

    I´m really confused right now. Why is is it still ok to tell all the "whiners" to go posting in the "dissapointed..." topic but noone (including you moderators) are telling the happy ones to post there comments in the "awesome..." topic?? Are you seriously thinking that this helps either Bohemia or the community? This thread gives me a real Deja`vu feeling because this has been the state since ARMA was released. Asking for a refund is of course not possible in any way, and I see it more as a "I´m dissapointed" statement than anything else. Either EVERYBODY has the right to say there thing or noone has. If I´m happy, then fine. If I´m unhappy, then ok. The OFP community has a reputation for being supportive and mature among players, gamesmagazines and others, but I´m sure that there must be another community out there, because this isn´t  by a long shot. "fanboys" or "whiners"- get a grip! ITS A GAME!!!! My expectaitions (spelling?) where very high since playing OFP since start, so confident that ARMA would be (not buggfree) a better release than OFP was I preordered my game. Sadly I found that it was a long way from OFP in one big important aspect (for me that is); the overall feel. I wouldn` dream of asking for a refund, instead i´m probably not going to buy ARMA2 as a result. But this is MY choise of action and one that I´m free to take. Abit of ranting, but my message again to you all: Its only a PC-game! Cool down on all sides plz.
  14. Danbri

    Expansion: Arma: Queen's Gambit

    Has there been any official words yet about this expansion? Thought that there would be an "update" here in these forums by the developers? Or did i misread that?
  15. Danbri

    ArmA is just ... disappointing

    After finally getting the graphical artifacts sorted out, I have been playing through Arma and sadly I have to say that the missions and the story is a long way from OFP. Something is missing but i cant (as someone said above) put the finger on what it is. I think that maybe a game of this complexity should have a main caracter (Armstrong in OFP or Troska from Resistane) that one can relate to. Now it feels like a bunch of random missions. And I dont buy into the "make your own missions then" argument because that is not an (time-)option for me as for so many others. I admire those that can take the time and have the skills to do there own missions, but dont tell the rest of us that`s what we should do to. Just my thoughts!