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    Taviana Island for ArmA 2!

    Job well done! This is impressive :) Loving all the custom buildings! Just needs some more interiors :D I did a quick run around the map and found a bunch of little bugs pretty quickly, but for some reason I didn't take time to write down coordinates :confused: Not sure if you want bug reports here, but anyway: - The stadium is sunk into the ground (looks intentional) but I managed to get out on the field and then couldn't get back to the spectator area, the fence is too high and there's no entrances. - A couple of other buildings appear to be sunk into the ground too, one custum brown building with small roofs over the entrances was lowered so that you could only see half the doors (sorry no coordinates :butbut: ) - The big scaffoling (several scaffoldings stacked on top of each other) was placed too close to each other so you couldn't use all the walkways to get up (sorry no coordinates :butbut: ) - I stumbled over a school desk hovering in the middle of a field close to a city (sorry no coordinates :butbut: ) I'll try and get some coordinates if you want them, don't have much time this week though :(
  2. Hey I just have a quick question that I haven't managed to find a detailed answer on. When you add a key/signature to the server, does the server allow players to use the corresponding addOn or does it require players to use the corresponding addOn? A soundmod for example, could you add the keys to the server and thereby allow the players who want to use the soundmod to do it, while still not forcing the players who dont want to use it? Sorry if this is a stupid question...
  3. Hey IceBreakr. Very nice job on this island, lots of fun :) I have discovered something weird though. The "placement radius" option for units is not working at some locations on the island. They spawn at the editor position no matter what. It seems to be working in Fernando, but not in Calixo. In Guyaucca it works on the western part, but not the eastern part... :confused: I don't have a clue what might cause this...
  4. Holy crap! I managed to get it working, and isn't it just wonderful! I've had my eyes on this for a while but for some reason never took the time to try it. I tend to overdo the "atmosphere" in my missions, placing multitudes of objects around villages, and even enlarging existing villages/forests. To do this in the 2D editor is somewhat of a pain in the ass, considering that I have to switch between the editor and preview for every placed object to make sure it doesn't look like crap. But with the help of RTE this is all going to go a lot faster! I do have to say that the "special OA installation" instructions are somewhat vague. - You don't have to rename your arma2oa.exe - You have to figure out for yourself where the ".7zip" is located, considering that all the download links lead directly to the self-installer. - You have to figure out for yourself that the ArmA II folder in the .7zip is the folder you should place in your ArmA 2 directory and rename to @RTEditor. I'm guessing this is because the team is working on an update that actually installs properly by itself for OA as well... :) Oh and another thing: The text on menus in RTE is seriously difficult to read with my graphics settings, I'm running 1920x1080 with 100% interface resolution and very small interface size. I can of course lower these settings but doing that gives me a serious case of claustrofobia... And it's a bit of a hassle to change resolution back and forth between editing and playing. I can't be the only one with this "problem"? It would be nice if it was changed anyhow. Big thanks for bringing this to the community! Mission editing just became even more fun!
  5. No it doesn't help :( When I change "TalkTopics" and "Languages[]" the only thing that happens is that I change what language the unit can speak when speaking to other units on the battlefield through the action menu. Speaking with civilians for example. The radio commands are still given in english, no matter what TalkTopics or Languages I set to the units. Or what classes they inherit. That leads me to think that there is something else that determines what Radio Protocol the unit uses... And on top of it all I just realised that a mod that uses it's own radio protocol (OHPLA) doesn't seem to work with OA/CO. They do work if I run ArmA II on it's own, but my units doesn't change their Radio Protocol no matter if I run ArmA II or OA/CO... Edit: I just managed to give them Russian radiovoices! But I'm not sure what else I cahnged. What I did was to change their identyTypes to russian: identityTypes[] = {"Head_RU"}; Now I need to figure out what else that changes, and why the russian radio is on the russian identities only. Edit2: So "Head_RU" seems to be an "original" ArmAII identity. The strange thing is that it is not declared anywhere, instead it seems that all parts of the identity are added in the corresponding configs. So the voice config adds voices the identity "Head_RU", the face config adds faces to the identity "Head_RU", and so on. Then you add which units are using the identity in the vehicle config. At least that's how it looks like now, both when looking at the original files and when looking at the new radio protocol from OHPLA.
  6. Thanks for the suggestion, unfortunately neither helps. The language seems to affect only language in conversations. I'm starting to think it's connected to the identity or head of the units... but I don't understand how.
  7. I have downloaded some middle eastern units that I would like to speak Takistani on the radio. I have a little knowledge about .cpps but not much, I've been searching like crazy but I can't figure out where the heck it says what language they will speak. The units are on the independent side and based on the "SoldierEB" class, but they speak english on the radio... I've tried changing the "languages" settings for them but that appears to affect only what language they speak when talking to civilians through the actions menu.
  8. Duggedank

    Thirsk Island

    Doh! I hadn't realised that. OA being standalone messes with my brain... Yep, tried it and it looks nice. It's not a blizzard, but when thinking about it my friends would hate me for forcing the sound of a blizzard on them so this is probably better :) It works great with some fog. Thank you!
  9. Duggedank

    Thirsk Island

    Ah thank you! But how do I get that snowstorm working? Just execute the script at mission start or something else? On the other hand, I took a peek inside the thirsk pbos and found a script that looks like it controls "no server snow", I don't understand where to edit it though... Maybe there's a simple change in here somewhere that allows me to have snow? But that standalone snow script is probably way easier to use :) I'll try it right away. And about OA, for some reason I think I would prefer to buy Combined Operations, it seems things are "more compatible" with that version. But I'm not too keen on buying the same game twice, I do like Bohemias work, but still... I need to eat as well ;)
  10. Duggedank

    Thirsk Island

    ^This^ I don't have a clue how much the performance is affected by having the blizzard show on the host, but I would really love to have it working for me when I'm playing with my friends. Since we don't have a dedicated server. At least make it an option? Thank you for a wonderful island anyhow, I'll just go with bad weather and high fog until I find a way to get the snow working. And I don't have OA so can't get environment effects from there. Or maybe I should buy OA... and a dedicated server... :)
  11. Duggedank

    SLX Mod WIP

    Well I can't vouch for this since I haven't tested it that much, but I'm adding a "Restrain" action to all captives by using the tied up animations from the scene in the Campaign where Team Razor is tied up and that seems to actually lock them down pretty well. (_unit switchMove "ActsPsitMstpSnonWunaDnon_sceneNikitinDisloyalty_Sykes") there's four slightly different ones, one for each member except Miles. Maybe they can suddenly decide to run off, but (_unit disableAI "move") should solve that no? I guess one might argue that there's no point in asking you to do it when I already do it by myself, but maybe someone else would like it as well, and the less scripting I have to do by myself the happier I am when making quick missions for me and my friends :)
  12. Duggedank

    SLX Mod WIP

    I guess it wasn't just me after all, nice to see it fixed so quickly! Hey, Solus, could you possibly add an option to tie the captives up? That way they wouldn't go running off as soon as you leave them. It's of course nice that friendly units can keep an eye on them, but it makes sense to tie them up and not just leave them standing around somewhere.
  13. Duggedank

    SLX Mod WIP

    Hi! Great job Solus. Last time I tried it was with OFP and I liked it back then as well, although I think the shovels were a bit over the top... ;) I've tried it out for some time and noticed a few strange bugs, I don't think they've been reported before: 1 - The RPG7 ironsight turns the RPG into a big blob of erroneous textures, it looks a little bit like an unfolded parachute. 2 - I'm getting a missing sound message (very rare) I think it has something to do with the "suppressive fire" command. Message: "Sound AB_4_order_action_suppress_06 not found" 3 - I noticed that it's unwise to use the knife while prone... I got stuck in a loop of knife attacks for a while before finally getting out of it. I'm pretty sure the RPG7 bug is just for me, otherwise everyone would be mentioning it, it's quite obvious... But does anyone have any idea what could be causing such a thing? I think that's it for now. Thanks again for an addon well done!
  14. What the heck? Where's my bad luck gone!? I'm putting together a quick mission for today with a couple of friends and thought I would want a plane taking off, obviously the plane crashed into a tree so I went on here to see if someone knew how to do it. And here you have posted the exact solution - today! Nice one! :) It's working perfectly by the way, thank you!