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    Well, if you're interested, please click on the Flork link, I've explained mostly everything there.
  1. Deusrexmachina

    Lampedusa - Do it yourself!

    Yay, this looks like an island I've been waiting for a LONG time, just mostly plain bare terrain to train with the A10!! Gonna try it soon.
  2. Deusrexmachina

    Novint Falcon Pistol

    Bugger, sucks though... PERHAPS someone could make an external program and make it work the same... duh.
  3. Deusrexmachina

    Novint Falcon Pistol

    I wonder if this works in OpF and in ArmA...
  4. Deusrexmachina

    SLX MOD public release

    Looks more like dust and rust to me...
  5. Deusrexmachina

    ArmA Addon request thread

    Can anyone please implement Dragon Skin? http://video.google.com/videosearch?q=Dragon+skin&emb=1# Thanks.
  6. Deusrexmachina

    Assigning Buldozer controls

    I'm NO expert in this stuff, but I wonder if this program might help? (you've to seek trough the videos on the right column to find the right one).
  7. Deusrexmachina

    I have a question!

    But this way you dunno if you've mistakenly done a blue-on-blue, aka friendly fire. In OpF's single mission "Battlefields" with the Y2K3 mod I was very surprised I've accidentally killed one of my guys in the heat of the battle. Knowing the number of enemies I've gunned down may not be important, but I do think it's relevant to acknowledge mistakes from my side. If I don't recall wrongly, years back in OpF's campaign I haven't killed many yet have finished two consecutive missions, but I've been reported to Colonel Blake because of my way of fighting and the game ended there. I may be wrong though. If anyone else can please confirm or vitiate this...
  8. Deusrexmachina

    Tanks disappear when flying too far.

    Thank you so much to Lou Montana and Sabre Tooth Sniper! It works!! Sorry if I didn't reply earlier, managed only today to try it out. Thanks again, very much appreciated.
  9. Deusrexmachina

    Tanks disappear when flying too far.

    Oh, sorry for not givin' enough info, my bad. :P It's a simple training mission with the editor to get used to the various air vehicles -official and non-; me roaming with the A10 while the live targets are tanks and UAZs with machine guns, running around in waypoints while trying to nail me down too. The setviewdistance is around 5 km; I've lowered it but there were no differences at all, so I've raised it to even 6 km. The island is the... er, small one -can't recall the name, sorry-, then have tried another island but not an official one, and the results haven't changed. Have tried playing with the various video options with no success. All details are set to high or medium, and the resolution is 1360x768x32. You think the 1.14 upgrade will make the difference? But no one else had this problem before? Thanks for the reply though.
  10. Hi. When I fly at quite a distance, say roughly more than a kilometer from the target, the tanks disappear, while approaching them they just pop up back in sight. In OpF this does not happen, even at a pretty high distance I can still see black dots (referring to the deserted island). So far I've never experienced slow FPS nor problems while on foot or in ground vehicles. ArmA runs smoothly in every situation I've played, but this on & off popping somehow does make a difference between aiming at a target and being one yourself. Any solutions? ArmA's still on 1.09, I was without the internet for almost two months -on and off, more off- so I couldn't update myself with the game. PC specs: IntelCore2 Quad Q6600 @ 2.40 GHz 2 GB RAM nVidia 8800 640 Mb VRAM XP Professional
  11. Deusrexmachina

    0.5 seconds.

    There's also a short clip (not from YouTube, can't recall in which site I've found it) where there's a guy shooting a minigun (the camera's on his right rear), and can clearly hear the CLICK, brief delay, then the shots fired.
  12. Deusrexmachina

    0.5 seconds.

    In good ol' Wikipedia there's info 'bout the A10, specifically of it's weapons systems. In this forum instead there's an interesting discussion between the GAU-8/A and GSh-2-30.
  13. Deusrexmachina

    0.5 seconds.

    Whaaaaaatever, it's not my intentions to argue, just adding ideas, and since this is considered a "simulator"...
  14. Deusrexmachina

    0.5 seconds.

    Well, if you consider the speed of the A10, it can travel up to 833 km/h. It's 231 meters per second. So in half a second you travel 115.5 meters, and hitting a target at that speed with a delay DOES make a difference, so you've to make counter-measures to deal with this half second.
  15. Deusrexmachina

    ArmA Addon request thread

    Thank you very much, engag... looking at it now.