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  1. Dragon44

    OFP Addon request thread

    please, someone would have a new link for this addon? North Korean Army Pack 2 http://ofp.gamepark.cz/index.php?showthis=4129 the link is broken in OFPr.info :( to anyone who can upload on rapidshare I'd be grateful. tks! ;)
  2. Dragon44

    Brazilian Releases

    Hey Miles Teg, below the helicopter was missing: UH-60 BlackHawk - Brazilian Army ===================== Original Model by : BIS Original Textures by : hotshotmike1001 Retextured by : Dragon_44 Version: 1.0 Image - 3 Image - 4 DOWNLOAD - BR_HM2 (Blackhawk) - [7 MB 7z] ----------------------------------- and more a brazilian addon: Marine Corps - Brazilian Navy =========================== Original Model by : BIS & Murat Retextured by : Dragon_44 Version: 1.0 DOWNLOAD - BR_CFN (Marine Corps) - [40 MB 7z] Needed: VILAS - US Weapons Pack
  3. Hi community! I am the Dragon44 and I release some addons of the Brazilian Army. For some time I make addons from Brazil and other Latin American countries and I hope to soon launch a few more addons that I have here. In the future I plan to release addons for ArmA2 too. The first addons that you can give are airmobile infantry and MBT Leopard 1A5 which is currently the main tank of the Brazilian Army. MBT Leopard 1A5 Credits: Model and Original Textures by: VILAS Retextured by: Dragon44 I5GopREPz4A ------------------------------- Brazilian Airmobile Infantry Credits: Original Model: Bohemia Interactive & Murat Textures : Dragon_44 Faces: HDlaeppli (SwissMod) More images: Image - 01 Image - 02 Image - 03 ----------------------------------- Armaholic mirror: - UH-60 Blackhawk - MBT Leopard 1A5 (1*) - Brazilian Airmobile Infantry (2*) - Marine Corps - Brazilian Navy (3*) Required addons - Brazilian Airmobile Infantry (1*) - Western Europe Weapon Pack (2*) - US Weapons Pack (3*)
  4. Dragon44

    OFP Addon request thread

    oh very very grateful! This was even though I was looking for =) sure to leave the island and the game much more real. Soon post pictures of work on the island that I'm doing. Thanks again.
  5. Dragon44

    OFP Addon request thread

    Hi! I am looking for an addon that had seen long ago that changed the textures of the streets of the game, but until now could not find, if anyone knows the name or some similar addon I ask you please post here. I'm making a new island and I would like to use this addon that greatly improves the streets and roads of the game. Thanks
  6. Dragon44

    BinPBO Error

    I got it! thanks for help Kju :) now the model is locked and the addon is functioning normally. I'm with other problems regarding the construction of aircraft's, but I'll post this in another topic. once more thank you for help :D
  7. Dragon44

    BinPBO Error

    The error continues. What I did was unzip the file .pbo after being compressed by BinPBO config and change the format .bin by .cpp ... ok, when I was in the game to see the soldier he appeared like this: I think that is missing the section CfgModels in config, correct? If I leave the config format .bin the game closes and the error. Thank you for your help, at least the soldier is already appearing in the game.
  8. Dragon44

    BinPBO Error

    the config is pretty simple, just the basics. But when an error occurs and the game closes. See the config: I put the config in this site that you posted and did not show errors. I do not know what can be :( :confused:
  9. Dragon44

    BinPBO Error

    I'm trying lock an addon of troops that I made using the model of BIS, only when using the BinPBO to lock the addon in the game and I see the soldier's game an error and closes. This only happens when you lock the soldier, is replacing the config and am using the p3d soldier almost unchanged. Log BinPBO issues that apparently shows that the error is with the program. The file to be binarized has to be placed in some special folder? or have to put any command on BinPBO apra work properly? this only happens when binary code addons soldier. log errors issued by BinPBO: Please help me, this is preventing me from bidding various addons :(
  10. Dragon44

    OFP videography

    Good, soon to be released new brazilian addons for OFP, it still has several brazilians working addons. =)
  11. Dragon44

    OFP videography

    Yes, I used many addons but never launched them to the community, was only to make the video. His addons are very good, hope to see new addons made by you. ;)
  12. Dragon44

    OFP videography

    To celebrate this day, September 7, which in Brazil is the independence day, I made these two videos in OFP that recreate the parades that take place here.
  13. please tell where could put this code? thnk's
  14. I click on your screens but goes to a page on photobucket where the images are still small :( example: http://m279.photobucket.com/albumview/album.... the image that appears is this small:
  15. excellent SARMAT! continue with good work like this! beautiful aircraft and models!!