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  1. Hey Sickboy, any chance you could update the EditorUpdate to be v1.08 compatible. I was editing away a mission and added an object under #Buildings that caused a CTD. This is a problem for over confident mission editors who don't believe in the save every change routine. I know you know this CTD is occurring because of a few of the classes within your config not matching what is in the updated BIS file. It would be awesome if you could do an english translation of the object names too. With those changes, your EditorUpdate would be the best.
  2. Darkfall

    Chammys Sound Mod

    thanks guys
  3. I agree that it can bring the performance down a bit. Would be great for everyone if it was made with intensity options so that users without quad 4's and 8800GTX's could select an appropriate level of smoke, dust, brick and whatever else you chuck in your next awesome release.
  4. Awesome mod work DMarkwick. It would have been good of BIS to include some options for effects like this in the release. But they have modders like you DMarkwick to do the extra work, and we thank you and every other mod maker for the time and effort you guys put into making a good game... awesomer! Would be even more realistic with bricks, timbers & timbres(music: distinctive property of a complex sound) flyin'.
  5. Darkfall

    Patch 1.08 - Released!

    nice. I guess your not in the forum now? Was your file size 564.65MB?
  6. Darkfall

    Info on upcoming 1.08 patch

    Armaholic says: The patch will be available at our download database once the upload is completed (around 12:30 GMT+1)
  7. Darkfall

    Info on upcoming 1.08 patch

    Paused my download. Going to wait 15mins and see then what is doing.
  8. Darkfall

    Info on upcoming 1.08 patch

    Im downloading at 28K/sec on 1200kbps connection. Let's hope we get all the file without CRC errors
  9. Darkfall

    Info on upcoming 1.08 patch

    Sweet. 564.65MB is that right?
  10. Darkfall

    Info on upcoming 1.08 patch

    No I'm not gettting served by you mate!
  11. Darkfall

    Info on upcoming 1.08 patch

    When it's announced look, mirrors: http://www.jbtl-nordland.eu http://www.foxyfighters.de http://www.ofp-2.com http://www.thecenter.at http://www.bis-ingame.net http://www.armed-assault.de http://www.arma-base.de http://www.morphicon.de http://armatechsquad.com http://arma.valuenet.nl http://www.armamdb.de http://www.armed-assault-zone.com http://www.armaholic.com http://www.themedicstation.com http://bis.4players.de http://whitewolf-kampagne.de http://www.utw-squad.net http://www.airborne-hq.de http://www.globalearth.de http://gbe-clan.com http://www.worthdownloading.com http://www.nextgenerationgames.de
  12. Darkfall

    Info on upcoming 1.08 patch

    Yeah mate. I'm at Newcastle NSW. Going to hit gamearena when we get updated? ... Guess I'll shutup now. It will get put out as soon as they can, I'm sure...
  13. Darkfall

    Info on upcoming 1.08 patch

    Download manager... check F5 key fully functioning... check ADSL optimized and a go... check ArmA fresh installed... check Tired of waiting... check BIS rules... check
  14. Darkfall

    Info on upcoming 1.08 patch

    Waiting... waiting... F5(refresh)... waiting... waiting... F5... waiting... waiting... me! I wish I never looked at Armaholics news. Now I'm going crazy with anticipation. One thing I hope they fixed up from 1.07 is the fly/insect shadows cause that did suck.