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    VBS3.7 new maritime features possible in ARMA3?

    Third party tech? VBS solution is native to the engine.
  2. I have seen that already, it's a pretty good summation, even if it's not quite summarized enough :) (i.e. it's too long). For me NMS is pretty much what I thought it might be, except I was expecting less actual gameplay. I was wondering how they would tackle the problem of what to actually do, I'm a little disappointed that they turned to survival/crafting game style that seems to be everywhere recently. The only thing I was actually disappointed with is the galaxy shape - I know a strange thing to be disappointed over :) - it seems to be just an endless void, equal in all directions? No classic double-spiral shape. I guess there must be some sort of shape because it's said there is a "center", unless that center is an arbitrary point in that void.
  3. I think it's really the only way to enjoy it. The flight characteristics are horrible, the gameplay is grindy, but if you like the art style (it kind of reminds me of Chris Foss) it can be relaxing. I feel that once I stop playing it though, I'll never go back to it.
  4. dmarkwick

    Arcade Realism Settings?

    It's bizarre if you assume they're all the same people :)
  5. That Russian space game, you know the one, Nomansky, I would describe the gameplay as being rather "flat". That is, you experience about the same thing continuously, while doing the same things continuously. If you like to wander about and look at things that are somewhat different (and almost guaranteed to be unique) then you can get some enjoyment out of it. Luckily, I do. However unless the gameplay ramps up over time then my interest will definitely wane. I'm suspecting there is some amount of upgrade rubber-banding, as I get bigger better ships so the choice of further ships seems to be expanding, although that might also be a mechanic of further travel. I'm hoping there is some gradual expanding of available gameplay in this fashion, eventually allowing the use of far larger ships and even large ships with landers. I'm pretty sure this would have been definitely touted as a feature though. Maybe future patches will expand the gameplay. As I understand it, there wasn't even as much gameplay as there is now until a few days before launch.
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    I mention campaign because it was mentioned directly to me as a reason for more openness. I felt it polite to at least acknowledge the point made even if I didn't see it.
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    Well, sorry if I mistook your comment as a reply, but you quoted me, referred directly to me on either side of that comment, I assumed it was all for me :)
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    Well as I see it there are two things to consider: "No need for the community to get mad".... nice idea, never will happen :D "community" will always get mad when something isn't to someone's liking in some way. OK, so it's easy to ignore an internet shitstorm, because it's exactly the same as nothing at all really happening. Nerdrage is ignorable nonsense IMO. However it brings me to the second point.... There are human beings on the receiving end of nerdrage. I've seen how nerdrage has destroyed developers' confidence and passion for their own product because of it. The two ways to counter it is to not give out unnecessary information or to ignore feedback on information. I guess we are lucky that BIS want to give out information and even to occasionally respond personally to community questions. But, the balance will never be right for some people. There are posts right here on this forum where users explicitly say the devs do not care and only want to cash-grab. This is I hope generally recognised as patently false, but yet the posts & accusations continue. Professionalism prevents the devs from responding harshly, no such consideration is given by the nerdragers :) I can't possibly comment on the idea that the campaign "disaster" could somehow be avoided by being more open, I never play campaigns so have no real idea what you could possibly mean.
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    Then don't imagine stuff I didn't try to say :) I'm not in marketing, and I have a minor disdain for it tbh, so my opinions are based on my own feelings. In that spirit, my feeling is that sales probably wouldn't be too different overall. Those who like ArmA will prurchase (generally), those in the middle might wait for reviews etc. Only the early money for presales would be the major difference.
  10. I would suggest a couple of things. First, resolution :) drop it to 1920 x 1080 (I understand you might only have listed your monitor's ability not necessarily the res you're trying to play at). Drop ALL graphic properties to their minimum. If you get great performance, start to raise the properties gradually. You'll soon see what properties have the biggest impact. Start by raising the view distance, terrain detail & object distance to your liking. Then change shadows, reflections etc. Then the various post process fx. As you begin to hit a performance loss, decrease some of the previous properties. Example, as you increase the post-process fx & hit some wall, try lowering object view distance etc. Try different approaches to problems, example instead of AA, try no AA but render at 150%, 125% etc. Or some combination of AA and render %.
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    Any thread made up of user speculation is going to be filled with nonsense. The constant cry for more info seems pretty forlorn to me too. I've seen how more communication between developer & user can become ugly. Myself, I would actually prefer less info. Maybe an announcement, video, but then just keep it release day purchase only & just.... release it when it's ready. Pre-purchase seems to give the illusion that information becomes a commitment. I mean, sure I pre-ordered :) makes sense for me to. I haven't been disappointed yet. But threads like this become filled with nonsense IMO.
  12. dmarkwick

    DNC Leaks

    I included a 1-line analysis of Clinton in my previous post :) Everything you need to know: Meet the new boss, same as the old boss, etc.
  13. dmarkwick

    DNC Leaks

    Well let's see what's on the table :) if Trump wins America gets.... what? A change? Something different? A shakeup? Confirmation of the actual ineffectiveness of the Presidential seat? If Clinton wins what does America get? Exactly the same thing as it already has for decades now. It seems clear to me that Trump is working to a plan. First step was to do two things simultaneously: say some ridiculous crap that: Got him endless FREE publicity. Got him the support of all the low thinkers. (Getting the low thinkers early on was a great step. They generally don't like to change their minds and have difficulty responding to new information. Get them early and most of them will cling to their choice for the duration, and are easier to get at the beginning than at the end). Next step is to methodically dispatch his direct opponents, one at a time in order of their threat. Does this by appealing to playground tactics, which disappointingly seems to work. Job done. Now he seems on a glide slope to the Presidency. Scott Adams brought up an interesting point: Donald aside, the Trump dynasty is a good looking bunch. Who wants to watch Hilary & family become more decrepit over the next 4 years when the Trump family look like they're just going to continue blooming? Don't underestimate this idea, I think it will become maybe not the deciding factor, but certainly a part of it. All he has to do now is to be more careful with his rhetoric, which is exactly what he's doing now. He's starting to use autocues more now. I think people had better start to think in terms of Trump vs West in 4 years time. ;)
  14. dmarkwick

    Disappointed with lack of Interactability on Tanoa

    You know what map does have almost 100% enterable buildings? Altis. But, not much in the way of forests. There, people moan about furnishings, seriously. Or, performance, which is more pertinent. I guess what Tanoa brings is a different focus - vegetation. I guess what we could deduce here is that there is maybe some trade-off to be considered here, and that mission makers should use the appropriate map for the intended scenario? Just a thought. I know the purpose of this thread is not to provide reasonable justification :)
  15. dmarkwick

    Disappointed with lack of Interactability on Tanoa

    That's the thing that makes this unplayable? You can't possibly get any gameplay out of this because you cannot rush into every building? I'm not saying it's all perfect. But I'm not going to grab one single thing I cannot do & dismiss the entire game because of it. There's simply too much other stuff I CAN do.
  16. dmarkwick

    Where are key bindings stored/recorded?

    I you continue to have problems with losing your settings, you could try setting the [username].Arma3Profile file to read-only. (After setting all your settings obviously ;))
  17. dmarkwick

    Disappointed with lack of Interactability on Tanoa

    Then you must be unimaginative to the point of offensive. A huge amount of people get out of ArmA what they put in.
  18. dmarkwick

    APEX - what about ships?

    Everyone has their thing. I don't think BIS can be held wanting because they don't cater to everyone's thing. If it's your thing then you have the power to make it. I see a lot of comments suggesting that BIS are slacking because their thing isn't done natively, without acknowledging that BIS actively enable and support modding for exactly this reason.
  19. dmarkwick

    Third person mode & realism

    Steady on, overreaction :) the fact is that 3PP is a server setting, which when enabled applies to everyone in the game. This means this is how the owner of the server wishes it to be, and all others can "suck it up" ;). No-one has an advantage because everyone has the same ability. Now, I'm firmly in the 1PP side of the"argument", despite being one of the .0000000000% solo players. No-one is failing to acknowledge a single thing. It would be, if it were the case.
  20. dmarkwick

    Placement radius not working?

    I don't know if it's working completely. All I can tell you is that I tried a placement radius of 1000m on a unit and it seemed to work, however I saw no visible indication on the map of the area. On the old 2D editor I would see a dotted circle representing the possible spawn area, since the Apex update when I've been "encouraged" :) to use Eden I don't see any such indication, in either 3D or 2D modes.
  21. dmarkwick

    How much would you recommend the Apex Expansion?

    Rgr dat :) I'd like to get some new pfx image sequences first. But on a similar topic - I am making a startled birds addon, it seems to be working nicely, especially on Tanoa where it seems made for it :) just need to iron out a few bugs & I'll release it for player testing (I cannot test for MP myself unfortunately), Moving for too fast for too long might startle some birds up, but moving carefully will not. And also firing a weapon after a long period of quiet will scare up many many flocks :) increasing with tree density.
  22. dmarkwick

    How much would you recommend the Apex Expansion?

    Tanoa is a great map. The dense foliage affects the AI hugely, it's possible to stumble upon one another and they don't have any magic eyesight. Plus, last night I played around with the new VTOL troop carriers. Ordered a group into the CSAT one (the one with cool wing fans) and ordered it to fly to the top of a nearby mountain. Ordered it to come back, which it did very fast, then ordered it to land next to me on the runway. It came around and hovered, and lowered to the ground, all the troops got back off. It was kind of awesome.
  23. dmarkwick

    Disappointed with lack of Interactability on Tanoa

    Or indeed DX12.
  24. dmarkwick

    Disappointed with lack of Interactability on Tanoa

    Well it's always going to be something. For some people it's the performance cost of All The Things. For others it's the lack of enterable buildings. For others it's the lack of furniture. It wouldn't matter whatever BIS's approach is: this thread would exist in some form :/