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    The AI enemy detection is broken

    Here is a sample test mission where I display my idea of how AI visibility in fog is skewed. Test 1 1.1 Start mission, fire 1 shot into the air. 1.2. Slowly walk toward the enemy (forward along the runway). 1.3. Observe he will spot, identify and kill you way before he ought to. Test 2 2.1.Same as above, but try to flank him instead in the deep fog. Note that you cannot, fog seems to be irrelevant. And actually, the camouflageCoef and smokeshells seem to be working. So no worries there.
  2. dmarkwick

    The AI enemy detection is broken

    I've done that also, but still the feeling pervaded, which is why I tried the fog. In situations where I cannot make out the enemy because of fog, the enemy can always track me if there's "line of sight" and I was previously revealed. So I cannot use fog to lose an enemy, which I might expect to do. I also tried affecting the setUnitTrait "camouflageCoef" property, although I can hide if not revealed, once revealed that coef seems to mean nothing any more. (There's also some recent problem with smoke sources, so I expect smokeshells may no longer have their previous obscuring powers, but I haven't tested that.)
  3. dmarkwick

    Ranking system?

    You'd need a teamwork game mechanism for this, and the game relies on players doing that themselves. If you wanted to force it, you could make some mod where player skills are reduced if they fall outside of some arbitrary distance of the group mean location, and have some mechanism where the squad leader can create small (even one-man) sized subgroups so they can be split etc. But I suspect this would not be a popular mod :)
  4. dmarkwick

    The AI enemy detection is broken

    I have had great experiences with AI in this game, but recently I've noticed that once you are spotted, or that once you are noticed (i.e. you fire at them and they hear you) you can be seen and tracked far more accurately than in the past. In the past it was still a chore to lose an AI's attention, but lately it seems..... worse. As an experiment I upped the fog to high levels, and they seem to ignore the fog, which I'm pretty sure they didn't used to. Vanilla ArmA3.
  5. dmarkwick

    Select all units: Spacebar

    Have you tried using the ` key instead? (The key to the left of the 1 key, might be different for different regional keyboards).
  6. dmarkwick

    Re-uploading mods on the workshop

    I guess that Steam is one place where you CAN control it, AND it's the go-to place for most users I might hazard a guess.
  7. As far as I understand it setting your resolution % makes it render that much above or below your current resolution setting. I have mine set at 120%, so it renders slightly above my setting, and is sampled back down. I think of it as a slightly more preferable version of AA. If you set your % to 75, you get a "muddy" look, where the lower resolution is sampled upwards. I doubt it will affect your stutter problem, unless you have it set to really high (like your 200% example), that's more likely to be hard drive access or something similar. Try defragmentation, or an SSD drive if you can afford it.
  8. dmarkwick

    Podagorsk gone, now what!?

    *edit, never mind, was addressed by Neo You'd be amazed at how often that sig matches the content :/
  9. dmarkwick

    Podagorsk gone, now what!?

    You can grab it still from Armaholic.
  10. dmarkwick

    Why are the sounds so bad ):

    On the other hand imagine buying a Lada that is artificially rigged to sound like a Ferrari :/
  11. dmarkwick

    Free Games

    Nice, thanks for the heads-up :) I bought the whole Humble Bundle.
  12. This seems interesting :) I wonder if it can use TrackIR to line you up? i.e. you raise the weapon, you have a random offset, and you move your head slightly to realign. I don't know how you would handle the lean functionality though. Maybe it's a bad idea :)
  13. The main problem as I see it will be the lining up of optics/ironsights to one eye only. Unless this is built into the game you'll need some VR API where you can offset the eye interoccular distance per eye. It's no fun trying to aim with the gun lined up on your nose :)
  14. I've had some decent gameplay from mixing them together. Got to be careful not to overdo it though, it's easy to lose your FPS :)
  15. dmarkwick

    Is AA worth it?

    I don't think there's much to be done about large cities, at least as far as options go. I think it's just the result of so many enterable buildings being close-in to the player and higher LoDs being displayed and AI navigating/perceiving the dense area. For some interesting gameplay that can happen in cities with a high frame rate, you might try something like reducing the object/terrain view drastically and bringing the fog right in to give context. I tend to stay away for that reason, and choose an interesting village that's more feasible to get gameplay from.
  16. dmarkwick

    Is AA worth it?

    I prefer to render slightly larger than the display, and have a low AA over that. So render at (say) 125%, and a x2 AA, it seems to give me a reasonable result.
  17. dmarkwick

    TrackIR,FacetracknoIR not working o x64

    All I can tell you is my TrackIR continues to work in x64. (As you mention TrackIR in the title.)
  18. dmarkwick

    Annoying with vanishing particles

    I added a comment to the feedback ticket.
  19. attachTo command? You could attach the table to an invisible object like an invisible heli pad, or perhaps even the building itself, then attach the items to the table. You'll have to fiddle with the offsets and the orientations etc but it might be a solution. I don't have information on the recent bug unfortunately :( just trying to suggest a (maybe temporary) fix.
  20. dmarkwick

    Annoying with vanishing particles

    I came here to open just such a thread as this :) So it seems that there is some crazy PFX optimisation algorithm kicking in maybe? Here is my impression: When some vehicles are smoking, I see very "thin" pfx for them. When I look away then look back, they are full pfx, but often most of the particles just pop out of existence again after half a second or even less. Actually they're not popping out of existence - because they reappear when I look away for a while. So they are still "there", just not rendered. The visual impression is NOT good. When I'm looking at some scene, I see smoke pfx popping in & out of render, often the dead vehicle is generating particles that "live" for a fraction of a second before being culled, looking terrible. Moving around the battlefield is hugely distracting when columns of smoke just disappear, or reappear. It happens to all pfx it seems, I see it happening to smoke grenades too, which is definitely NOT cool. I see milky thin white smoke that covers nothing, I look away for a second, look back and the proper thick smoke is back again. After a few seconds it gradually turns milky thin again. Maybe the AI is still affected by the non-rendered particles, maybe not, but I might imagine for MP players this is a huge problem. It's affecting me personally because I'm trying to get some nice smoke effects going but I am unable to. The arbitrary nature of the render cull makes it impossible to get any kind of reliably reproducible effect. For information, I have the options/video/particle quality set to high, but I've also tried in the other settings.
  21. dmarkwick

    Arma3 Videos

    I'm going to be happy to see a tanks DLC.
  22. dmarkwick

    ASR AI 3

    ^ does the same problem happen for the setCustomAimCoef ? One thing I would try is to add some small time delay into your EH code, to try and counter any other event that might be overwriting it. player addEventHandler ["Respawn", {TEST = [] spawn {sleep 2; player enableStamina false}}]; Not tested for syntax error, example only :)
  23. Sry if duplicate, I didn't see any other similar post. In the debug console, I seem to have lost my command execute forward & backward buttons :/ I rely a lot on being able to bring up recent commands rather than retype them all again each time, I guess these buttons were removed/moved/replaced sometime in a recent update. Does anyone know if there is a key combo replacement for this feature? I tried a few guesses but nothing yet.
  24. dmarkwick

    Fog observation

    I thought there was already some fog discussion, but I didn't find one that was very recent, so I start a new one :) While playing some modded ArmA3 with ASR, DAC, ACE & some other more visual/content centric mods, I noticed that when I decided to add thick fog into the mission, AI seemed to be picking me off with alarming accuracy considering that I couldn't even see them. So I took away all mods, only vanilla A3. One player unit 100m away from an enemy unit, facing each other, with fog set to 100%, no decay and minimal base (so that the fog is essentially uniform). I monitor the enemy distance and knowsAbout as I walk slowly toward it. At around 55m distance, the enemy unit starts to notice me. I can juuuust about see him too. His knowsabout slowly increases as I approach, at about 30 meters it is usually around ~0.03 or so. I cannot tell him from a friendly at this distance, and apparently he can't either. At 25m his knowAbout has jumped to 0.22, still no recognition. The instant I step below 25m, he fires on me, every time. I don't regard this as too bad actually. But, if I halt at ~60m or so, just outside his range of vision (and mine) and fire my weapon, he becomes aware and after maybe 2 or 3 seconds, will see me and immediately hit me. This is I think what is happening at the first mission I mentioned, if AI are aware of enemy in their vicinity, they seem to possess greater spotting ability than the fog should allow. In fact, if I fire my weapon at 100m away, his knowAbout immediately jumps to 1.35, but he doesn't fire. I presume he knows enough to know there is an enemy and the direction, but cannot identify one visually. So I guess I'm saying that, in my opinion, the visual enemy recognition in thick fog seems to be higher than is reasonable. Now, I can counter this somewhat by fiddling with the setUnitTrait command and affecting the camouflage, and maybe even make some monitoring addon for it, but it's difficult to work out what the fog value is at any altitude for a given set of fog parameters, when the fog is volumetric and has altitude parameters affecting it. If anyone has such a formula to work out the current fog value, at the unit's current altitude, with a given set of fog parameters, I'd be hugely grateful :) However, even affecting the camouflage only delays detection from a zero start. As soon as firing starts - the enemy are back to spotting with better-than-realistic ability.