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    Confirmed release dates and countries.

    not really, lets face it. EA are going to be laughing counting their money from the stack of games they released to little kids in the time Armed Assault was developed, all of which have a playable life span equal to your average may fly. I respect BIS for caring about its product. It does comes with drawbacks like having a hard time releasing into a market dominated by companies like EA that build fast, sell, cut the losses, and move on, but thats the way it is. why build a product that people want to keep when you can sell them a new one ? -- it's sad, but thats the way games are going, and im glad BIS hasn't slipped down that road yet. There's always a niche market, and if only a few developers cater for that market, they more or less have that entire niche audience to themselves. Better the whole pie of a smaller market, than a very thin slice of a larger market right? Plus there's a pride thing there, for BIS at least. Pride doesn't figure much in EA's philosophy, only sales
  2. I made myself a custom face using the makeface2.jpg template hosted at Avon Lady's site, and it works fine for me and anyone who sees me ingame. But I also made a custom face for a friend, using exactly the same template in the same way, and his looked like a Picasso painting ingame, with eyes on cheeks and ears on forehead. He had to rotate the image 90 degrees before we saw his face as he wanted it. How come some people need to rotate the image, and some don't?
  3. dmarkwick

    Air Force (Is there one?)

    IMO the reason there's no airforce addons is that OFP is not really too good at handling fast movers. Helos yes, but jets always seemed (to me) to be out of place in the OFP engine. Battle area not big enough, and the graphics not suited for the sort of distances you need to see at in a jet. So people make the things that OFP can do well, and just live with the limitations I suppose.
  4. dmarkwick

    Mapfact.net releases DAC

    Hi to you Silola first of all thanks very much for a very excellent script addon, it's one of my favourite OFP extras. If it's going to help you decide one way or the other whether to continue, take a look at this thread: Novajev CTI+DAC I think DAC is the perfect accompanyment to CTI, for the reasons I lay out in that thread. Try out the mission (I can highly reccomend the "busy" version for SP play) and see what you think.
  5. dmarkwick

    Novajev CTI + DAC

    Hi there MadRussian, I can recommend the "busy" version of the mission for SP play, if you've got a reasonable machine to play it on. I'l try to answer each point: No. there's no measures for not starting out right next to a DAC patrol, and in fact the game is fine like that the island is big enough to make that possibility quite rare, but it has happened to me. What happens is a desperate initial struggle for survival (my own experience had me spawn in a small forest with DAC armour attacking from outside immediately) compunded by the knowledge that they were radioing for backup. It's possible to survive, long enough to move the base HQ vehicle somewhere safer. I'm of the opinion that sometimes you should NOT win, the real possibility of losing CTI is something that seems to fade away after playing it a while, and the odd desperate struggle is what makes it more tense. Yep I know what you mean there. It would be nice for either: CTI to spawn a resistance camp (or camps) that can spawn out small recapturing & holding groups or Ability for east/west to garrison towns or Uncaptured neighbouring towns to spawn & send across help or You get the option to leave some forces behind like ECPs dismiss mode. Or something, there's lots that can be done. I suppose it's not outwith the bounds of man's wit to manually place DAC waypoints at flag positions to encourage regular town patrols. Sounds cool, I could definately make use of that the increase of DAC "player spawns" would be balanced by the eventual decrease of the resistance DAC elements. The resistance do not spawn at the moment, I don't have plans to change that but it's still yet a possibility. Performance is something that needs to be constantly borne in mind. Yep, lag is the problem, especially for MP games. Bare in mind the host's machine needs to control reduction logic for each and every player, and that gets worse as the game expands as you might imagine. All in all, I think DAC is the perfect complement to CTI, and I'm glad that I'm the first to implement it, and the first to think of it (at least, I'm not aware of any other ) *EDIT* The "busy" version is updated. Reflects exactly the same starting positions & other recent tweaks as the MP version, which I had forgotten to update.
  6. dmarkwick

    Novajev CTI + DAC

    Ah, yeah I see the user missions forum now Can a kind mod please move me?
  7. dmarkwick

    Otokar Cobra Series

    Wow, you crazy Turkish onion guys are doing some great work, easily among the best in the whole OFP community. And I'm really pleased to hear it will be available for Armed Assault too, so straight away we can have some quality 3rd party addons right off the bat. Great stuff, and thanks very much
  8. dmarkwick

    Confirmed release dates and countries.

    Sounds like BIS use SF themselves - doesn't bode well IMO. I won't be having SF on my system thanks, even for the chance to play OFP updated with TIR Wait & see I suppose, but I won't be pre-ordering.
  9. dmarkwick

    Ironsight ?

    Actually, those picture are not incompatible with each other. (and in fact cannot be, because the same model & pose is used for each view.). Try closing one eye, holding your hand in the position shown so that your view of that part of the monitor is blocked, then hold the "rear" of the imaginary rifle and you're pretty much in the position shown in the second picture. You might be distracted by the zoom level, you should be able to get a fix suitable for you soon enough, but you'll see less of your surroundings though.
  10. dmarkwick

    To the Addon,Mod, and Island Makers.

    I hope the Novajev island is converted across, that is hands-down the best map I ever saw for OFP.
  11. dmarkwick

    How to...?

    Are you sure about this? That the last mod specified is the one which determines the config file? I only ask because I recently started using this method of combining mods and I don't want to nerf things up I added a skymod to the end of an ECP mod shortcut, does this mean that I have lost the ECP config settings? No, adding a Skymod to the end wont remove the ECP effects, provided the sky replacement is simply replacing textures etc. I'll ellaborate on my example: <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">"C:\Program Files\Codemasters\Operation Flashpoint\FLASHPOINTRESISTANCE.EXE" -nomap -mod=@Mod1;@Mod2;@Mod3 In the above example, the config.bin file would be used from the @MOD3 mod folder. However, if the @MOD3 folder doesn't contain a /bin/config.bin file, then OFP will check if @MOD2 contains a config.bin file. If it doesn't it will check @MOD1, and if it doesn't contain one, as @MOD1 is the last mod-folder listed, OFP will load Vanilla OFP. If however for example only @MOD1 contains a config.bin file, then it will be loaded. The addon contents of all three folders will be loaded, but OFP will use the config.bin file from @MOD1. I haven't made that very clear, so if you still have further questions, post them and I'll try to explain it more clearly. Nope, you've made it perfectly clear thanks
  12. dmarkwick

    How to...?

    Are you sure about this? That the last mod specified is the one which determines the config file? I only ask because I recently started using this method of combining mods and I don't want to nerf things up I added a skymod to the end of an ECP mod shortcut, does this mean that I have lost the ECP config settings?
  13. dmarkwick

    U.S.T.P. Guide to realism for YOUR addons

    I think a well implemented and useful idea will be the proof of the pudding, not his post count
  14. dmarkwick

    Ironsight ?

    The most logical way to do it is to slightly alter the point of view position for ironsight use. Let me explain: For normal movement the point of view origin (POVO) should be centered between the eyes. As you would expect. But for ironsight use the POVO should be moved about 1.5 inches to the right (or left for lefties) to allow the animation dude to accurately depict the stance of the aiming soldier model. (Bare in mind that the new way to do ironsights is not by way of 2D overlay, but using the actual gun model as seen in the game. For the record I prefer the 2D overlay method.) Otherwise the animation guy is going to have to make his aiming model hold his rifle to the center of his face rather than the aiming eye of choice. I also advocate the moving of POVO for scoped weapons IE the sniper rifle, to the end of the sight rather than the eye. This would allow you to poke your weapon through foliage, keep your face hidden yet allow you to see through the scope. Perhaps this is already modelled, I feel that it is going by some recent experimentation.
  15. dmarkwick

    U.S.T.P. Guide to realism for YOUR addons

    I don't think BIS will be validating addons. I heard something about this but it turned out to be wrong. It's be an enormous undertaking for them and an unnecessary one, the good addons find their own levels
  16. dmarkwick

    U.S.T.P. Guide to realism for YOUR addons

    If USTP becomes a well used staple, the way that JAM has become for Operation Flashpoint (albeit for completely different reasons), then yes I would use it.
  17. dmarkwick

    Operation Frenchpoint Release #6

    I love the Frenchpoint stuff, very high quality addons indeed. One question though - I see that "RC1" is in most of the download names. Assuming this means "release candidate 1" is there much likelyhood of them being superceded by new versions?
  18. Thanks for the ideas Pity you can't group non-AI objects really
  19. I got a mission where in about 30 random farmsteads & buildings across the map I have ammo crates each with a 10% chance of existing. Sort of like a found resistance cache. I find that the people playing the mission don't really do the sniffing around that I'd hoped for, so I thought that I would maybe attach a sound, say frogs, to an area that has an ammo crate. My question: how can I tie the probability of existance of a frog croak object to the existence of the ammo crate object?
  20. dmarkwick

    Evasive Moves?

    I reckon it's got to be a dive/roll. Useful perhaps for getting across exposed doorways quickly?
  21. dmarkwick

    Where can i get GOTY cheap + delivered in the UK?

    I recently got a clutch of GOTY editions from PCWorld. If you have one near you, check it out. It was selling them at Å2.99, with a buy-two-get-third-one-free offer
  22. dmarkwick


    I would guess an appropriate mod would appear about 3 minutes after the game goes out on sale
  23. dmarkwick

    Anyone knows how CfgCloudlets works ?

    I see that there's a minYspeed and a maxYspeed, tried setting those to zero? Or at least very small values. I'm getting this from looking at the FDF cfg by the way. On a somewhat similar topic, I'd like to make wreckage smoke permanent as in FDF, any ideas as to what I need to alter? I'd like to have thick black billowing smoke for the duration of the battle, I think it's one of FDFs greatest effects.
  24. Can you let me know what happens with this trigger? I tried it but didn't see any noticeable difference. I placed a "West:Men soldier down on the map but I don't know if this was enough to activate the script. I was using some UKForces soldiers at the time.
  25. dmarkwick

    iFEEL support & 3D ironsights

    I think most people find their own method, I was never specifically trained to focus on the foresight, but I guess it was implied. I think most people will get a rough lineup on the target, then focus on the foresight to get it where you want in relation to the hindsight, then refocus back onto the target. The zoom seen while in ironsight is necessary because there is a psychological effect where what you are concentrating on is effectively zoomed in your mind, so that fighter pilots see planes in a lot of detail but are confused when in simulators they're only represented by a few pixels. Sometimes simulator planes are enlarged for this reason.