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    ArmA 505 Europe Release + US Publisher

    i think it is. given they do have somethings the retail version doesnt have yet (the grass is pushed down when you go prone so you can see better) along with other stuff.. yet i get lower FPS in the demo than the retail.. funny eh?
  2. Dynamax

    Armed Assault videos

    anyone else has a link that works, i didnt get to watch this one... damn youtube.
  3. Dynamax

    Confirmed release dates and countries.

    it's official, BIS now has a US/NorthAmerican publisher. they have yet to say who, but hey that got one and thats great. seems like the US release is going to be towards the end of Feb, probilly befor the 27th.
  4. I cant see that because im struggling with a quad core QX6700 & 8800GTX , all my parts are top end but still have terrible FPS problems. I have only got it reasonable running 3000 view distance with HIGH settings, one tip someone gave elsewhere when I was enquiring about more performance was that I should reduce to multi-sampling in the drivers, that did indeed get rid of the lag I was experiencing when near tree's and bushes. Yes AA appears to be hard on even a top end systembut FWIW I think a fair amount of this has to do with the Nvidia Drivers for the 8800GTX and the 680i motherboard im running. or maybe your quad core isnt being used they way it should. last i checked, ArmA doesnt fully support multi-cores in any way that it would make it worth the money in getting a quad.
  5. Dynamax


    there is only one thing about the weapons for Game2 that i would love to have.. a customisable weapon system. i do not want to have to deal with 500+ pbo files of the same weapon with different attachments. keep it simple.. make a base weapon:ie- a bare M4 reciver, have a preview window of you weapon choice. in this window it should have attachment point marks on the base weapon which you click on and a new window opens showing a list of parts that can be used. i much rather have a system like this than the current system that is in arma (same thing as ofp). once the modtools are released im going to look into the possiblility of making such a system for ArmA.
  6. Dynamax

    Audio Bug Latest Directx Update

    i am having the same issues with my sound after updating Directx.. was working fine befor. i wouldnt jump the gun on this one and blame ArmA just yet, since we did only get this problem after the directX update. also the fact that after the update even F.E.A.R.'s audio has gone fubar. so im guessing its a directx issue more than it is ArmA.
  7. joystickSensitivity[]={0.500000,0.500000,0.500000,0.500000,0.500000,0.500000,1.000000,1.000000,0.500000,0.500000 ,0.500000,0.500000,0.500000,0.500000,1.000000,1.000000}; ok.. i would like to know which numbers belong to which axis.. dont know why a referance wasn't added ie.. X-+ Y-+ Z-+
  8. Dynamax

    Patch 1.02 Released for Czech and German ArmA

    if you got the d/led german version.. it's already 1.01.. dont patch it.. just use the 1.02 patch and your good.. so um yea.. uninstll and reinstall ArmA and patch to 1.02.. dont use the 1.01 patch.
  9. Dynamax

    Helicopters in AA

    you dont have dog fights with helicopters
  10. i was wondering if it would be possible to impliment a better system for weapons. i was thinking along the lines of having a base weapon like (example) an M4A1 with nothing on it, just the reciver, barrel, and stock. have some attachment points (proxies) on the areas of the M4 where you would put stuff, like have a proxy on the top rail on the reciver set as an "Optics proxy". one or more "General attachments" proxies on the handgaurd or RIS for things like a laser unit, Tac-light, or something like a tactical grip. also a "GL Proxy" for a GL attachment. i dont see why BIS have stayed with their system of weapons where you need to have a compleat and seperate PBO of the same weapons if they only have different parts on them. makes the addons folder alot larger than it needs to be. i would have made it differently, like have a folder or a PBO in the addons folder called "weapons.pbo" with all the basic wepaons, and then have a seperate folder or PBO called "attachments.pbo" with all the parts that can be put on the different weapons. not only would that reduce the size of the addons folder it would also allow players to custumize their weapons and make the game more enjoyable. once the mod tools are released im going to look into making such a system as a stand alone mod. i dont want to end up the same as i was with OFP where i had over 2gigs of just different set-ups for the same gun. at least then we could have a really well done base model and have people make just the attachments for them.
  11. Dynamax

    Armed Assault videos

    ok i have just about had it with all these stupid complaints.. if your not Czech or German, you shouldnt have the game yet. if you did buy the game and your not happy with it, good, you shouldnt have it yet anyways. you think that ArmA hasent been released in other regions why? because they didnt get publishers there?.. thats only part of the truth. the game was rushed out, and so what, so are many others. Bis has released ArmA in these small regions because they know where the majority of the die-hard OFP fans are. this helps Bis with testing and finding Bugs befor they release ArmA to the rest of the world. just think of the impact on sales if ArmA was released to the rest of Europ and North America.. it would bomb out.. the few months befor the 505 releases are for fixing the worst of the bugs and getting ArmA to a state where the bugs left wouldnt impact the sales and turn possible new customers away from this great game. please stop making usless topics about things that are going to get fixed.. if your not in the regions where ArmA has been released DONT COMPLAIN ABOUT THE BUGS!.. oh and for the last and 12,000th time.. ArmA was first announced in mid 2005.. it has not been in development for 5 years, and peope who keep saying that have no reason to be posting anything on this forum as they know nothing about ArmA. go back to playing your arcade shooters and wait for when ArmA is ready and released in your region!
  12. Dynamax

    a better weapon system

    thats great, i cant wait to get the tools needed to get something going.
  13. Dynamax

    keyboard doesn't respond

    i was wondering why i no longer can use my "search" function in windows explorer.. get some messed up error... damn *coughstar* *coughforce*
  14. Dynamax

    Harrier sound mod for ArmA

    anyone know how to uninstall that cpbo.exe.. been looking everywhere..
  15. Dynamax


    good god people.. next we are going to have a 50 page thread on how the soldiers dont have teeth modeled, or what ever else they find to complain about. all this b***hing about littel un-important little details is enough to drive a guy mad. i feel real bad for the BIS guys and i hope only a few of them have to read through all these bs posts.. they are going to run out of prozac over there...
  16. i have had an AI unit chase me into a building, and hunt me down inside.. maybe it was a fluke.
  17. Dynamax


    you mean you rather have glowing spheres of energy floating across ArmA's fields than thin steaks of light which better simulate a small bright object moving at over 2,000 feet/s... sorry but no thanks, we already have flare guns in ArmA. you can keep your "energy balls", i'll take ArmA or OFP tracers anyday. face it, watching trasers in real life with your eyes is defferent than watching them on film or in a video game. the distance that a bullet travels per/frame means you are going to have thin little fading lines. the tracer addons made for OFP sucked, i hated them then and i still hate them now. they were compleatly usless since they moved no where near the speed of the bullets, and couldnt be used as a refferance for shooting moving targets, as the bullet fired would hit down range well befor the addon tracers. i would want bis to change only one thing for the tracers, and thats the rate at which the tracers are fired. one every three round would ge great. look at the wonderful laser beems. oOOooOh
  18. Dynamax

    fixed wing aircraft

    ok, i checked the search and found nothing on this, and i wasnt sure where to post this so here goes. there is something really wrong with with the fight model for fixed wing aircraft. the first thing i found was the bank(roll) control. it's almost as if there is no sensitivity set for it. when i try to make a smooth roll left or right, the aircraft (AV8B) snaps around in a fast spin as if i was pushing my stick 100%, and the odd thing was that it does the same on keyboard controls. just a tap of my left or right key and the aircraft spins to a 45*, and if i dont counter with the opposing key it'll go 90*. the pitch control is also not right, as while im flying i have to keep the stick back or keep pressing the back key to stop the damn thing from nose diving or even doing an inverted loop if im high enough. i just hope that this is just part of an unfinished set up that will be fixed with the next set of patches, as its almost impossible to fly in a straight line with the way things are now.
  19. Dynamax

    German Patch 1.01 released

    i would just like to know why they release this online version with out a working 1.01 patch.. kinda silly.. it also makes me a bit agery since i just spent $64 Canadian to d/l this great game. i hope they get this mess fixed this week, casue i didnt let go of my hard earned money to have to deal with an unpatchable version.
  20. Dynamax

    Armed Assault is -AMAZING-

    There is nothing wrong with ArmA's sounds. Its the unpolished code witch will be fixed with patches. OFP had the same issues and now it's great. If someone says they have no problems with the sounds then great, its working correctly for them and their hardware setup. thats not to say that others with different hardware shouldn't have wonderfull sounds also, it just means that that audio coding in the API isnt perfect. I say big deal, and just be happy you get to play the damn game befor the rest of the world. Oh and thats right i forgot, since you are the few who get to play it first, is it any wonder why some are getting issues and some are not? Like it or not you guys are simply the "beta testers" for the rest of us. BIS knows fully well that release of a buggy ArmA in North America can make or brake ArmA in this huge market. Give them a break, just enjoy what the rest of us are dreaming of, and just let BIS do their thing and fix what they can. What a bunch of spoiled kids.
  21. Dynamax

    Armed Assault videos

    dont know if anyone noticed.. but the HK MP5's that have been shown so far.. are off scale. they are like 15% too small. and yes i have held a real MP5A4 and MP5SD5 in my hands.. they are not that small.
  22. could you please clarify whether they ship to north america? like canada? i have a few people up here who would really like to get their hands on this game myself included
  23. Dynamax

    ArmA Progress Updates

    ok.. wtf is that a bad joke? Armed Assault with StarForce... cant be true..it just cant.
  24. Dynamax

    Latest screenshots available

    im not sure if i remember this correctly, but i think a while back i read something about weapons and vehicles having the ability to call up custom animations for them selfs. like an M4 would call for its own animation so the player model holds the weapon correctly along with reload animation. if this info is correct this means that the objects (weapons and vehicles) have premade animations stored with-in them, and this is far better than making it so that the soldier model has to have all the animation files in it. this can also lead to having the solders move with vehicle mounted weapons instead of the old OFP style(store room dummy). would sure make this game look and feel alot better. i hope im right on this.
  25. Dynamax

    Sounds - bullets

    does anyone know what file i have to mod to change the sounds of bullets flying by? i would like to change the default "whoosh" to more of a "CRACK!"