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    My problem with the Aimpoint model in ArmA.

    that may be, but i think they could just simply make the aimpoint housing semi-transparent. i play professional airsoft, and i use a Aimpoint and EOTech sights on my HK416D. when using them with both eyes open, the sight it self appears seethrough. one thing that does bother me is the placment of the view when looking down the gun when not using the sights.. its way too far to the left of the weapon. to me it seems as if when not using your sights you are viewing with your left eye (which is too far to the left), and then switch to your right eye to use the sights. when you are sighting the weapon your head is slightly tilted and your shoulder is slightly raised to line up your eyes with the sight, to me it would be more accurate if the weapon was placed closer to the center and lower on the screen when your not looking down the sights. i understand the limitations of having a virtual box over your head blocking most of your view, but thats no excuse to make the view over the weapon wrong. i'll take some pictures of my HK416 from my eye's perspective and post them up so we can compair them.
  2. well dang.. i cant get 3D RIpper DX to run.. it just closes when i click on launch... weak.. real weak
  3. Dynamax

    GPS is useless

    one really important thing about the GPS they need to change or add.. please give us the option to move it around.. i play on a 16:10 disply, and the GPS is like 2inches from the screen's edge, i really find it obstructive and avoide using it. either make it so it is always on the edge of the screen, or remove it compleatly and give us back the minimap/esc function.
  4. Dynamax

    Armed Assault videos

    yes it does. duelcore PC have a better time recording than a single core. on my machine, i can run fraps without any loss in FPS.
  5. Dynamax

    Kicked out of a game-issue

    thats odd, i have never had that msg pop up, or been kicked out of a server for that matter. been playing since 1.02 and have yet to see anything remotly close to that. maybe you were kicked, and its not a server problem?
  6. i got my hard copy from EB-Games. funnything.. i had to ask for it at the counter, it wasnt out on display at all... they had it all locked in a back room.. took them a few min to find them... what the hell is going on?
  7. Dynamax

    AirMonster for OpF.

    you do know that the GAU-8 is about 1/3 the length of the A10? the berrals are 6 meters long, not counting the rest of the beast.
  8. Dynamax


    i want my 2 min of life back.
  9. Dynamax

    Ati x2900xt is out!!

    looking at bushes and or trees doesnt affect my FPS at all really. in Paraiso, i get on average 40-50 FPS guess im one of the lucky ones.
  10. Dynamax

    Ati x2900xt is out!!

    Dont laugh just yet, just because we experience some problems with the latest Arma beta patch... maybe we are not seeing all that our cards could pull out of Arma but i've been playing Evolution with an average of 50 FPS in mostly high settings. I dont think there is much proven technology that can handle high shadows, textures, AA, AF, etc... with a reasonable frame rate. 20'ish is just not smooth for me.. and future proof beats proven any day, i'm very happy with my G80 . HA!, i got me a ATI X1950XTX and i get 60-70 FPS average on evolution. games settings : Res-1680x1050, 16:9. everything else at high or very high. viewdistance set to 1,800 meters (1.8KM) CPU- AMD X2 4600+ (2.4Ghz-OCed to 2.8Ghz) DDR2 PC6400 800Mhz (2gigs) 250Gig WD SATA3 MB- Asus M2N-E AM2 soon to change over to a AMD AM2 FX62, and a second X1950XTX in CF
  11. Dynamax

    Beta 1.07.5154 feedback thread

    i think we need a secondary weapon function key, seperate from the fire select key... along with an animation for flipping up the sights for the GL. its a pian having the GL sights up all the time blocking your Iron Sights, and also having to cycle through the fire select key to use the GL and then cycle through again to get back to your main weapon. it would make things alot smoother and faster for when in a fire fight. hit the secondary function key, and the guy flips up the GL sights and your good to go, click the secondary function key again, and back to your riffle you go with the orriginal fire mode you selected befor using the GL. they have given us so many usless key functions, why not do something usefull with them now? also this secondary function key can be used to turn on tac lights or even weapon mounted lasers.
  12. Dynamax

    Map Reading

    another neet little thing i noticed.. when you bring up the mini-map via the esc key, your position is always in the dead center. so even if you dont have team markers that show your location, just hit esc and there you'll be in the center.
  13. Dynamax

    Shooting problem in AA

    i feel like an idiot asking this.., but are you by anychance useing a no-cd fixed(cracked) exe assuming your copy is a hard copy and not a downloaded version? if so.. remove the fixed(cracked) exe.
  14. Dynamax

    tweak for 2gb users

    that was a great tip man. where i used to get around 20 FPS i easly got well over 50.
  15. Dynamax

    Harrier Agin

    go get the PATCHES, and you'll get a working hud.
  16. Dynamax

    ArmA Public Beta Patch 1.05.5143

    love the beta patch. my game runs so much better, its like a compleat different game. i did find a nasty bug, and i wonder if anyone else gets it. when using a tank (T72 or M1A1) on you own(no AI), when you switch from driver to gunner or commander, or just not in the driver seat, the tank starts to move on its own. also the engine no longer turns off, and it doesnt matter what seat your in. i hope they get that sorted out befor making it an official patch. other then that, i havent noticed anything else. i love the view distance now, and the game runs alot smoother at these higher VD settings.. the game LOOKs the way it should now. its something else comming down the road to Corozel with the mountains in the far distance ahead.
  17. Dynamax

    Armed Assault videos

    oh god!.. i just creamed in my pants... uhoh.. my chair! AHH!
  18. Dynamax

    MP5 SD6 not to scale?

    does anyone else besides my self think that the current MP5 SD6 model seems a little small? i think it look quite a bit smaller then it should. i have held a real MP6 SD6 in my hands and i know its not that small, and i know that this version of the MP5 is in fact slightly longer then a G36C. the MP5 SD6 is 756mm in length with the retractable stock fully extened, and 603mm with it retracted. unless the soldiers in ArmA are all just "really tall",i think someone must of made a mistake when checking the scale. this really bothers me, and i hope they get this sorted out, the scale of the MP5's used in OFP was correct. current MP5 size what it should be as you can see the current MP5 is around 10-12% smaller then it should be. hope this gets fixed.
  19. Dynamax

    Public Ban List

    there is a nameless jerk going around servers causing nothing but chaos and distruction. this player has a blank space for his name, but i do have his ID# ID removed by moderator: Ask for ID in PM i have seen him on many servers, and every time he connects all he does is TK and blow everything at spawn. there is also another player going around with cheats who can drop bombs anywhere on the map no matter where he is. i have not been able to find who it was as it seems that what ever he is spawning over the map isnt tied in to his kills. the last time i saw this, 3 towns were reduced to rubble in seconds, and more then half the players both opfor and bluefor were all killed.
  20. Dynamax

    Old ATI Cat 6.7 wicked

    yes, it is sad. i have been waiting on ATI to get new drivers out to fix not only proformance issues but i also crash when viewing any videos be it streaming or dowloaded. 7.3 should be out in a week or two.
  21. Dynamax

    Setting Controls For Aircraft

    thats why you select aircraft controls from the drop down tab and change the keys there, then you will still have thoes keys for infantry.
  22. Dynamax

    Ambient Wildlife

    i think it would be far too unrealistic to have such large predatory mamals such as bears on such a small island how ever small that population might be. in 400 square Km of land you might find 3-4 bears during the fall season, and thats near rivers. it would be more believable to have smaller predators such as foxes and cayote's. as far as farm animals goes, pigs, sheep, goats, cows, hourses, and even chickens are all good.
  23. Dynamax

    Lcd 32" and AA

    it doesnt so much matter the size of the screen, be it a 46"in LCD or a 15"in CRT.. what matters more is what resolution your running at. as to your 8ms response time. that just how lone it takes your screen to go from white to black. the faster the response time the "crisper" the motion on the screen, which is why CRT's are better for gaming and video since they have faster response times. the slower the response time the more motion blur and ghosting. if your running your 32" at 1024X768, you should get the same frame rates if you were running on a CRT or LCD monitor with the same resolution.
  24. Dynamax

    ArmA photography - Questions&Comments

    man, the MP5's look so small... guess that havent fixed the scale on it yet, what a shame. i miss the old OFP MP5's, they were nicely done.
  25. Dynamax

    KC-10A Extender

    what, besides the scale? um.. i think the boom isnt extended. but yea, the scale is off, that KC-10 is not that huge