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  1. wtf?? in my group 5 units, but i see in cargo only one, and gunner is fly
  2. DLEM

    G36 Pack

    i have the question, maybe you will doing SD version with this RAS http://www.wgcshop.com/pcart/shopper.php?itm=GG-03-057
  3. DLEM

    Facestex2.pbo update

    very very very good, thanks
  4. DLEM

    101 airborne

    Very good, but I think you cant will release this, because I did not give to you the sanction
  5. DLEM

    New ACU soldiers

    very good, but where is texture??
  6. DLEM

    New ACU soldiers

    good new, yes, show the boots
  7. DLEM

    ACU soldiers

    please all discusions in this topic http://www.flashpoint1985.com/cgi-bin....57;st=0 I think it is necessary to close this topic
  8. DLEM

    101 airborne

    Star Wars
  9. DLEM

    101 airborne

    Sgt_Eversmann thank you man but about F5 i know, because i modeling 3 years, simply it not always works, even on that model that at you on a sreen
  10. DLEM

    101 airborne

    thaks guys mp_phonix da vse ok, textura i pravda ne na vqste:) no staralsja kak mog spasibo
  11. DLEM

    101 airborne

    i understand about lods But I did not have time them to do, and desires About texures, I know, that they bad, but I already wrote I am not able to draw them I basically on modelling Basically I did only vehicles. This my first model of human
  12. DLEM

    101 airborne

    the_shadow i dont know, maybe later. When interest to modelling again will come
  13. DLEM

    101 airborne

    thanks version with fixed grenadier des hand and team leader arms http://s58.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=1OU38U1A0MUB63POEFTGUWDIVA Lee_H._Oswald helmet 512x512 body 1024x512 But a problem in other, I a little was mistaken with the size of a helmet as I did it in separate p3d  document