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  1. Drew77

    XAM 1.3 Released

    WOW Very nice work on this mod I would like to say thank you guys that put all your time into this it is really awsome
  2. Drew77

    XAM 1.3 Released

    why dont you people READ there is NO PASS just put XAM as user name.
  3. Drew77

    XAM 1.3 Released

    there is no pass just put XAM in the name slot. BUT IT IS VERY SLOW sais 5 hours and 2nd link does not work
  4. Drew77

    Version 2 - Skaven's RACS

    Very nice, I will try them now.
  5. Drew77

    Huge drop of FPS

    Yes the new patch I have lost about 20-30 fps and it really take to much out of the game and I cant even play. To bad it is just to bad.
  6. Drew77

    Huge drop of FPS

    Yes the new patch I have lost about 20-30 fps and it really take to much out of the game and I cant even play. To bad it is just to bad.
  7. Drew77

    US Version Won't Insatll

    It seems to be working now I cleaned the cd really well and it works fine now.
  8. Hi I have the us version of ArmA and I went to reinstall the game today and I keep getting this error file coppy error CRC does not match. Does anyone know how to fix this what is the prob plz let me know asap! Thank you
  9. Drew77

    Zmod (Crappy Zombie Mod)

    Is there any new work being done on this mod because I really like it. The mod is very fun but there is 1 porb that i am having. In the game I can have huge battles like 400 men vs 400 men my setting are all on hight and no lag and does not go below 20 fps. Now when I put a small amount of zombies like 50 zombies vs 12 guys no lag at all about 50 fps. The anytime I put over 100 zombies for some reason the game starts to jump. Like 120 zombies vs 12 guys It just really bad and the more zombies I add the worse it gets. It has to be something wrong with the addon because my fps does not drop and all when it starts to jump it stayes around 40-50 fps. Now I am running the USA version of the game and when I say it jumps it means I will take a few steps the game will freeze for 1 second then i can walk another few steps and freeze and so on. I tryed to turn down grafix no help. If you could fix this prob it would be great because as of now you really cant play it. e660 running at 3.4 Asus striker GTX 8800 4 gig corsair 2x2 gig sticks raptorx 10,000 rpm x-fi sound card corsair 620 PS windows xp 32bit sp 1&2
  10. Drew77

    Beretta M9A1 ADO© V1.0

    NICE I will give it a try
  11. Drew77

    US Version runs awsome

    Not at all the GTX is running awsome, And btw all setting are on high.
  12. Drew77

    US Version runs awsome

    I had the english 1.5 version and it ran ok but I would like to see it runs better. I just go the US version and man what a huge differance the game runs alot better and there are so mnay changes it is now really fun to play. If you are having some probs just buy the US version there is a HUGE differance. Like the AI is way better they flank and fight alot better, also the boats work now so I have made so awsome missions using boats there is just a hige differance between my US version and the english version. Right now I am very happy what with they did and now I find the game to be much better to play. And btw I never go under 15 fps even when there is a huge battle for example I have 450 sla vs 230 high end usa troops no lag at all fps was around 25 fps all the time. BIS THE US VERSION IS AWSOME THATNKS SO MUCH I AM GOING TO BUY 2 MORE FOR MY OTHERS PC'S My pc e660 @ 3.4 8800 GTX Asus striker 4 gigs of ram 2x2 gig sticks CORSAIR (NEW STUFF REALLY AWSOME) x-fi sound card WD raptor 10,000 rpm windows xp sp 1 and 2 32bit
  13. I want to buy the us version of the game threw atari downloader. Can someone let me know if they are like sprocket were you only get 2-3 reinstalls b4 you have to email them and explain to sprocket why you need to reinsatll your game and it take WEEKS for them to get back with a answer. Let me know because I would buy the game right NOW if you dont have to go threw the hassle of those reactivation problems. Just let me know if I buy it from the atari site can I download and reinstall as many times as i want thats all I want to know?? I would go buy the game in a second.
  14. Drew77

    ArmA is out in the US..what are you waiting for?

    I would but after what I went threw with sprocket I think I would wait. I mean I can download the game from sprcket but everytime I need to email them and have the activate the game is really bs I am going to wait for the cd or dvd. Unless you dont have to ativate the game everytime you have to reinstall then I would buy it online so let me know. So all I want to know is if you get the game and download it and then install that is it?? Because with sprocket they make you download it and you can only install or reinstall the game 3 times because you have to email them and get more activations and takes a FEW WEEKS FOR THERE REPLAY WITCH IS BS!!!!!!!. With the US version from Atari if you just download and install and dont have to reactivte it LET ME KNOW I WOULD BUY THE GAME RIGHT NOW. but if threr download servise if like sprocket forget it I will wait for dvd.
  15. Drew77

    US Demo Released

    I have just tested the demo a little bit and I am getting about 20-40 fps better than english 1.5. I want to test how it runs in the city but cant get editor to work add units and so on if some one can tell me I will be more that happy to run tests. My pc Windows XP e6600 8800 GTX 2 gig ram Asus Striker I dont know if there is a lock on the fps because i never go above 60. Also all the setting are on very high. Test update. In the big city by the airpost driving around in a hummer did not hit below 30 fps yet but I need to add units to see how much it can take but I DONT KNOW HOW TO ADD UNITS