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  1. David

    Tornado f3 & gr4

    No one called you a liar at any point, they were just pointing out what could have been a potential mistake. The problem with doing research is that to carry it out effectively you have to go beyond the internet. There are so many ill-written articles online that it is easy to get incorrect information. Also, if you do get insulted, the best idea is to just ignore it and not rise to it. I'm not going to argue whether you deserved it or not, but responding to it only escalates the problem and de-rails the thread. Speaking of which, I think we should get back on topic before it is too late...
  2. David

    Tornado f3 & gr4

    I don't kow why you are carrying on with this attitude. Can't you see that at the start tht people were only trying to help you, and then you just turned around and started insulting them? I think you are being very unreasonable with RockofSL, and I can't blame him for being agitated after you kept putting down everyones help so aggressively. In regards to the maverick, I'm not an expert myself, but I wouldn't disregard people such as RockofSL or Cobra. It's all well and good looking up articles on google, but you can't beat first hand knowledge that other people can provide from experience. As for the Tornado: The back half of the Tornado doesn't look too bad, maybe could use a bit of detail in some places though. However, the front half looks a bit off, especially the nose (which needs re-working) and the cockpit. The engine intakes also need to be changed, as they currently look like they have been just stuck on the side and don't really look like part of the engines.
  3. David

    Invasion 1944 Alpha Relased

    Yeah, I know what a tank/armour is, I was just pointing out that I could have sworn 30 Corps (ie: the only armour in OMG) was British...
  4. David

    Invasion 1944 Alpha Relased

    It's a shame you guys are giving up on it. In a way, it actually reminds me of the Airborne forces who fought at Arnhem; who fought hard and who were so close to suceeding, but in the end were forced to surrender. US armour?
  5. David

    William Porter's Blog

    I thought BIS were publishing it themselves?
  6. David

    Airline Pack by CSJ

    Group it to a resistance soldier and then set the probability of presense for the soldier to 0%.
  7. David

    Enemy In Sight - the next OFP "clone" ?

    Then http://www.1944game.com/ might be for you...
  8. David

    Enemy In Sight - the next OFP "clone" ?

    I liked the Red Alert series. You got to play as a wide range of different countries. Sure, there were only two 'teams' with each all using the same units, but it was still nice to be able to play as your home country for a change.
  9. David

    Enemy In Sight - the next OFP "clone" ?

    After reading the interview I find it slightly (probably more than slightly, actually) dssapointing that even though you are fighting in Europe there are no European countries involved (bar Russia). It say we will be fighting in Plymouth, for example. Since when have we been unable to fight for ourselves and have had to call in the Americans to fight for us...? I'm sorry, this isn't a dig at America but it does get frustrating with all these "America vs the world" games.
  10. David

    ArmA Progress Updates

    His weapon has no shadow? And am IÂ seeing things, or is that British DPM?
  11. David

    Invasion 1944 Info Thread

    It's a vicious circle: You don't give a release date and people complain. You give a release date but you don't stick to it and they still complain.
  12. David

    OFP videography

    Not normally the one for making OFP videos, but I threw this WWII video together in a few hours last night. http://media.putfile.com/WWII10
  13. David

    Texture replacement or decals?

    I remember that bonus map. I used to love 'digging' deep underground and making my own network of caves.
  14. David

    Walking inside vehicles in ArmA?

    Ouch. All this talk of Joint Ops and walking vehicles is making me want to go re-install it...
  15. David

    Battle Tank/APC Preference

    In WWII, yes. Although I was dismayed once to see a T-34 take out my M1A2 in OFP.