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  1. Dingmatt

    DSF Stargate Mod

    Going between maps in single player is easy however in multiplayer a large map will be used. We're currently experimenting with different seperation methods. Heres a greater overview of the DHD to tide you by:
  2. Dingmatt

    DSF Stargate Mod

    Its called the DHD and its a major pain in the ass lol. We've got a few beta units out but works been halted on them till we've sorted all the new gate code. We'll eventually release a total conversion but swapping out old ofp code will probably continue untill the release of ArmA II.
  3. Hi all, Didn't want to resurrect our year old thread so I thought this was the best option. Just reassuring the community the mods not dead, were just doing some major recoding. Heres a dialing vid for the latest beta. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=1VqIpOMiM-A
  4. The gates are slowly improving... having trouble finding the time to work on them though.
  5. Dingmatt

    StarGate : Challenged Empires

    Hello everyone, Were starting to modify Warefare to act as CE's base (theres no point reinventing the wheel). Heres a short clip:
  6. Dingmatt

    Movement Code

    Hi all, This goes out to the BI developers but if anyone else knows the answer than please do tell. I've managed to locate most of the AI movement code in the 'Advanced_UpdateSquad.sqs' file but is there movement code present in any other files (i mean 'attack enemy base' and 'patrol' type code)? Cheers all,
  7. Dingmatt

    Welcome to the ArmA Warfare forum

    Very nice, Warfares now been chosen to be the basis of the Stargate: Challenged Empires Gametype. You've saved me so much coding, cheers...
  8. Dingmatt

    StarGate : Challenged Empires

    Hello all, Heres the Winners (no particular order): <ul> [*]SMERSH [*]LORNE [*]MNICH.MAISTER [*]SCARFACE_FI [*]MEGAR I'll arrange special access to the forums for them, congratulations guys. Also a well done to all who entered, don't be disheartened; there will be more opportunities to aquire beta testing status later.
  9. Dingmatt

    StarGate : Challenged Empires

    Hello all, I've seen some good entries so far and its coming up to a very close finish. Remember the winners will get exclusive access to the StarGate RC1 addons, they can choose to help us beta test them or just have a play; its up to them. There guaranteed to have at least two weeks head start before the general release and will recieve continous updates over this time. As a sweetener i've decided to give them permanent beta tester status, meaning they'll have the chance to test evey addon DSF productions is involved in over the life of the mod. The compatition ends tonight midnight (00:00 GMT, 18:00 CST), so get your arses in gear and post those pics.
  10. Dingmatt

    cheyenne moutain complex

    Well hate to tell you but you have no power, you never have and never will. But untill a release theres no point in arguing anyway, what problem are you having with the geo lod anyway?
  11. Dingmatt

    cheyenne moutain complex

    Colonel Well are you like 5 or something? I've never seen so many broken sentences in one post. Feel free to convert over bxbx's gates if he's given you permission to; as for the DSF ones, don't be surprised if they don't work with your complex.
  12. Dingmatt

    cheyenne moutain complex

    oh that chesnut, i'll go with non-profit fanfiction and i believe any addon that depends on the use of another; automatically using it. Should need permission if not already given in its readme, the stargate mods disclaimer has protected its work for over 3 years now... Colonel wells addon would use the gates and not be restricted by the disclaimer, if he did something stupid to bring MGM down on him; we'd be pulled into it as well. I don't think thats fair. ------------------------------- I like the complex but keep the gates a seperate placement.
  13. Dingmatt

    cheyenne moutain complex

    Oh look, colonel well's holding his breath again. Wonder if he'll stamp his feet next? Oh, the StarGate in the complex doesn't belong to colonel well and he'll need my permission if he wants to spawn it with the complex (i'm sure that correct). I can dial between maps in single player but not multi for obvious reasons.
  14. Dingmatt

    StarGate : Challenged Empires

    Hi all, The next version of the gates is ready for beta testing, so i've decided to open up a competition. Heres the rules, its a screenshot competition: * You can enter as many images as you like and the screenshots have to be stargate related. * The top 5 users will recieve the StarGate RC1 addon for testing (including StarGates, Rings, SG Units and SG UI). * Once one entry has been chosen all others from the user will be disregarded. * Sign your entries somehow (watermark, signature, etc) The images must be posted on the stargateassault.net gallery which can be found here (you will be required to join the forums before you can upload). Heres a few links to help you: StarGate Ships Alpha Release StarGates Mission Makers Release StarGate Units Alpha Release StarGate Pyramid Release Feel free to link to the images throught this forum but do remember to watch your image file size. Best of luck ** Edit ** Oh, i forgot; deadlines the 12th May.
  15. Dingmatt

    P90 ready to download

    lol, were all working on P90's. I'm happy the DSF one is an original addon.