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  1. Is it possible to script the AI to go backwards whilst firing? I know that this is not best practice for operating weapons. I am ot trying to get them to do this as standard behaviour, just getting them to misbehave for a camera.
  2. Deepsmeg


    As I said in one of the ArmedAssault.info comment pages, we've been thinking about putting our NBC weaponry into ArmA. This won't just be the scud pack, we'll integrate the NBC into other stuff as well. If you can make an animation on your unit called nbc_shield, the kill script will detect it and will not hurt the unit. Currently, the NBC stuff has not yet been brought across from OFP, but it's going to be our next big thing. If you could incorporate the shield technology early, you'll be future proofing your unit. http://www.dsfproductions.co.uk/forums/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=8 Ok, with all that said and done, the units are looking better now, NBC gloves & overboots next would be good.
  3. Deepsmeg

    cheyenne moutain complex

    He doesn't have permission to release the bits he didn't author. This has been pointed out to him politely several times. His final response could be paraphrased as "waaa! I'm going to hold my breath, then get somewhere else to publish my work, you're not my friend any more!" That's why not all of us are treating him with the respect you think he deserves.
  4. Deepsmeg

    cheyenne moutain complex

    Colonel Well, could you send me a copy of the topside WiP? Thanks.
  5. Sorry, I've already said too much.
  6. And the influx of stupid questions begins. No, the wormhole video was added in post-production. So was the dialling in fact. And the gates themselves. The only thing in game is running up to a rock. Yes, a rock. It got turned into a DHD in post-production as well.
  7. We're making the gate better! This is why: http://www.dsfproductions.co.uk/downloadmanager.asp?fileid=82
  8. Deepsmeg

    Stargate Mod Released

    Vala isn't in series 7.
  9. Deepsmeg

    Stargate Mod Released

    Colonel Well didn't and he got pwned.
  10. Deepsmeg

    Stargate Mod Released

    Moral of the story: When the Ãœber Verwalter tells you to do something, you do it.
  11. Deepsmeg

    NBC Units 1.35

    Just a reminder to you guys that you can be really cool and make your NBC guys compatible with our NBC scuds! I can't remember the command off the top of my head, but it's buried somewhere in the depth of our forum and news posts. Just a suggestion.
  12. Deepsmeg

    Stargate Mod Released

    Don't hold your breath.
  13. Deepsmeg

    Stargate Mod Released

    Nope. I made NamedGate for the 1.2 release.
  14. Deepsmeg

    Stargate Mod Released

    yeah, ou can't just drop one down now, you have to save it first. I dunno why you'd drop down just one though... What could it dial?