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  1. Hi folks, I am a huge BI fan and have been ever since the ambush demo when it ran on my Geforce 2 Ti and now that ArmA 3 is coming along I realise that my 7800gt isnt really going to cut it anymore if i want the full experience. I have entered a competition to design graphics for a computer case in Nvidia's "skin it to win it" challange. I am now in the top 25 finalists and need YOUR help to win 1 of 5 gaming PC's up for grabs! Please spare 10 seconds and VOTE for me. Thank you.
  2. Dirty Harry

    Painting weights, rigging in o2

    Thanks for the replies folks. I seem to be getting..somewhere with painting weights within o2 using "redifine and normalize". Its important not to have any keyframes loaded. If you want to test, load an .rtm after you have painted your weights
  3. hey folks, ive been working on some units in max. What i've done is some minor and some not so minor changes to the bis soldier. Ive not edited the arms or head because i want to keep the UV and texture untouched for the custome face files. The problem i have is not knowing where to go once its imported in o2. thanks for any help.
  4. IMHO you have that backwards. If your going to rely on the work of others to produce models then you are restricting your "freedom" and creativity.
  5. Dirty Harry

    Weapons Desert Reskin

    yup, the post i made was with an earlier ver of the spec map and _co map (very quick and crap reskin job :P) Lets get some updates mate lol
  6. Dirty Harry

    Weapons Desert Reskin

    hey aimpoint, afaik, when it comes to "_smdi" files, you just want to edit the GREEN channel. white is bright, black is matt. :P example i did for a desert m4 (not to be released) the m203 part came through nicely but the actual texturing was a...cut corner job Im sure your stuff will look awsome
  7. Dirty Harry

    Games Convention '07

    Game 2 is to my understanding, completely different to arma in terms of gameplay. dynamic AI enemy/friendly(?) generals plotting their own missions and tactics. Continuing the idea of that your one soldier in a massive war. you go to one battle while others are going on elsewhere. didnt you guys read the PC gamer (UK) article? P.S btw, who cares about codemasters game? its built on a racing game engine for crying out loud
  8. Dirty Harry

    Weapons Desert Reskin

    very, very nice! It would round up nicely if you edited the _smdi and maybe the _nohq files too :P
  9. Dirty Harry

    BSF STUDIOS presents

    very nice work there fellas.
  10. Dirty Harry

    AI sandbag-bugfix "addon" v1.1

    was the cheap shot neccessary? Missions just got that little bit easier to make with this addon nice work.
  11. Dirty Harry

    Dirty Harry's Special forces.

    the chamber shouldnt be painted etc, i know this fixing.
  12. Dirty Harry

    Dirty Harry's Special forces.

    *update* WIP! WIP! WIP! WIP!
  13. Dirty Harry

    1st Infantry Division

    great work mate!
  14. Dirty Harry

    1st ID Infantry

    i had a wonder... Im not sure if theres a work around right now becuase theres no tools but, If you were to add a specular map to the soldier with strong effect to the IR patch, then maybe it would glow quite brightly with NV. The down side is that it might glow without NV as well (moon light). Just a thought, havent tested the idea