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  1. I believe it's ridiculous that it hasn't been implemented yet. Likely a publisher contract condition. Hope this is rectified soon. Signed. - dRb
  2. ArmA 2 review on Gametrailers http://www.gametrailers.com/video/review-arma-ii/52735 - dRb
  3. I too hope that ACE2 will be modular. Most of the features in the original ACE mod were quite useful, but having them on all the time interfered with the flow of a mission or simply annoyed me (weather & injury systems especially). I can only hope that the end user will have more choices in the future. - dRb
  4. DrBobcat

    SLi Support (Or lack thereof!)

    Currently using nForce 182.50 and two GTX 260s I too have been experimenting with SLI in ArmA and have found that "max pre-rendered frames" must be set to three or more in order for it to work properly. When I had it set to one, my performance was not any better in SLI than single-card mode. However, once I pumped the number of pre-rendered frames, my performance soared a good 60-70%. Give it a try? - dRb
  5. DrBobcat

    patch 1.02 suggestions

    Aside from many of the things people have mentioned so far, I would very much like to see weapon switching while moving. I mean, if BIS has truly improved the system to allow for separate torso animations, then why not just merge the current "standing" weapon animations with the current leg movements? It's physically possible to make these sorts of movements in real life and now the engine supports it. So, why not? - dRb
  6. What driver version are you using? I am using 185.85 and seeing no increase in performance in SLI mode, regardless of whether I use AFR or SFR. - dRb
  7. Although 505 did mention a Steam release on Twitter, has the date for that release been confirmed? I would prefer to get the game from Steam than anywhere else... - dRb
  8. DrBobcat

    ARMA 2 and aircraft

    Seeing as I spent a significant portion of my time flying in both ArmA and OFP, I can completely agree with many of the complaints presented here. While I feel ArmA was a step in the right direction in most respects, the way in which it handled yaw was atrocious. Everytime I made a strafing run in a plane or helicopter, I could not help but cringe as my targeting reticule swung from one extreme to the other as I futilely tried to keep it on target. It was as if I was flying diagonally and it frustrated me to no end. I only hope that they change this one, minor flaw. - dRb
  9. DrBobcat

    Vehicle Entrance Animations?

    Any company must always balance the quality of its products and the time it invests to improve upon said quality. More time means more wages to pay and more technology to purchase. And, last time I checked, capital is a finite resource. Cut BIS some slack and don't contribute to rumors, - dRb
  10. But zoom, unlike many elements of the UI, can be avoided simply by not being used. I can understand why some may not want to use it, but adding it to the difficulty menu seems frivolous. Your second idea is much better. - dRb
  11. Technically, the first thing I will do is experiment with settings and control configurations. After that, though, it's offer to the editor to do some experimentation! - dRb
  12. DrBobcat

    GTA 4 / PC

    It seems incredibly alienating to expect everyone to have i7 chips and DDR3 just to play the game well. What kind of marketing strategy is that!? - dRb
  13. DrBobcat

    New ArmA II Pictures!

    In case none of you have seen the videos, they state in the upper-left corner that the game is still in an alpha state. So, if you notice something is a little off, please be patient. - dRb
  14. DrBobcat

    USA Politics Thread - *No gun debate*

    While I am an individual who favors socialistic ideals, I can wholeheartedly concede that there are persons who exploit the systems put in place by the government. I have personally known a few and they are bothersome. ("Woe is me! Let's crack open another cold one!") Still, I highly doubt they are the majority of the individuals out there. I know you Conservative folks will argue that such a belief is "wishful thinking" and "naive." However, I have spent years now buried in books on criminology, education, poverty, and race. I fail to see how it possibly could be all "made up." If it were, it would be one of the greatest lies in the history of mankind. (next to religion, that is! *zing*) I apologize for coming across so strongly before, but hearing someone say "race is no longer a problem" just touched the wrong nerve. Oh well. *-* Regarding personal freedoms, I believe there is a fine line between one man's personal freedom and another man's oppression. For every person on Earth to pursue his or her own goals is absolutely impossible. Sacrifice is, and always will be, necessary. Why must our views be dichotomous, anyway? Is there no balance? - dRb
  15. DrBobcat

    USA Politics Thread - *No gun debate*

    Because race is such an insignificant issue in America, right? [/sarcasm] Really, I voted for Obama because I believe he will bring about widespread changes to the economy that McCain would not have if he had been elected. Only with considerable government involvement can the impoverished ever rise out of their current position. Conservative beliefs of "self-determination" and "elbow grease" ring hollow in the hearts and minds of many minorities throughout the nation. How can one take on a suitable career when real estate costs force you to live in the inner city, when unemployment pushes 50% and the only position available is that of cashier at your local Burger King, and when your neighborhood's schools are woefully underfunded and understaffed. [source] Yes, the answer is to offer tax breaks to our country's leading corporations. It will all trickle down eventually... - dRb
  16. DrBobcat

    USA Politics Thread - *No gun debate*

    Thank you, Scorpio, for the insight. While somewhat... blunt, I cannot think it could have been put any better. One of my professors was born in Iraq and he shares much of your sentiment. I only wish the general public knew more as well. Perhaps, actual progress would then be made. *shrug* - dRb
  17. Ugh. I sounded so young and my vocabulary was quite out of place. Oh well. He gave a honest answer to my question, at least! Thank you for the interview! - dRb
  18. DrBobcat

    ArmA 2 vs OFP 2

    It's strange. Although I am expecting ArmA 2 to be the superior product given what has been presented thus far, I am hoping Codemasters will not tarnish Flashpoint's name with their game. I have yet to decide for certain if I will purchase one or the other, nor have I even decided I will buy either game! It all comes down to what they each "bring to the table." It sure will be an interesting race, regardless. - dRb
  19. Excellent! I recorded my question and sent it off. I imagine this interview will prove quite informative! Or, at least, I hope so... Thanks Jerry! - dRb
  20. DrBobcat

    GC 2008 Press Coverage

    ? Game2 is not ArmA2, Game2 was canceled right? What's about the physic's in ArmA2 now? Any difference? I hope yes... they blog entry say's that Building Destruction will be new in ARMA 2. But the GC didn't show us something new. I hope BIS go realy to change much more things like physic's, new control system, animation system... Game 2 is now ArmA 2. - dRb
  21. DrBobcat

    Jonny´s Army Special Forces

    Just to save you from an impending verbal beating, I highly recommend you add a little more detail to your post so that it seems like constructive criticism rather than a depthless rant. I for one love this addon and believe it is the best special forces unit pack released for ArmA yet. The models are varied and the quality is consistent. Sure, more work could be done if Jonny so wishes. I have learned, however, from a multitude of mod communities to be content with what you do receive and not ask for too much. They're still human after all, - dRb
  22. DrBobcat

    Operation Flashpoint 2 officially announced

    Didn't know that Russia have only small numbers of soldiers and other military things.... Why Japanese Forces didn't react? Maybe because CM don't know much about geography? Or is it simply "better" for US gaming market to ship US units across the ocean... Rumors say players could only play "good and brave" US side maybe collecting and using some chinese and russian stuff... Hell, I am an American and I completely agree. Why in the world would the United States be asked to aid the Russians in combatting the Chinese when they are more than capable of providing a solid resistance on their own? Additionally, your comment about the bypassing of the Japan is just as valid. It is starting to me like the plot of a subpar action film... I hope, at least, the gameplay will make up for it all. - dRb
  23. DrBobcat

    Blood Money

    This is a special project I have been working on for a while with some help from a friend of mine. Essentially, it was our goal to capture the fun aspects of games like Mercenaries and see how well they would thrive in ArmA. Although some may ridicule or criticize the mission for its unrealistic aspects, many individuals who helped in the testing stages said they thoroughly enjoyed it. MISSION: Blood Money v0.95 (beta) DESIGNERS: DrBobcat & Scoot PLAYERS: 1 minimum, 8 max, 2+ recommended REQUIRES: - ArmA Version 1.14 - Queen's Gambit - Skaven's RACS - Robert Hammer's AK and Pistol Pack - Pingu's Claymore - LowFly's Editor Upgrade DESCRIPTION: You are one of eight mercenaries recently hired by the southern Sahrani government to help counter the SLA threat. Working together as a team, you will be assigned to missions by a liason and rewarded with large sums of money to spend however you please. The more death and destruction you can cause, the greater the size of your account upon leaving. FEATURES: - Designed to be played by a single group! - Join-in-Progress ready! - Mission vary in objectives and location, be they cunning ambushes, daring rescues, or chaotic seizes! - If you find things becoming too challenging or easy, change the difficulty level! - Purchase weapons and vehicles from the black market and local government! - Get to the fight quickly either by respawning at your leader's camp site or by HALO! - Call in fire support such as an artillery barrage, a missile strike, a fuel-air bomb, or even an attack by a manic camel pilot! DOWNLOAD (1.8mb PBO): MediaFire FileFactory ArmaHolic  (thanks Big! ) PICTURES (sorry for the poor quality): CREDITS: Barmyarmy      - Modified HALO script BAS         - Briefing framework BIS         - ArmA Dr Eyeball     - Description.ext template Igor Drukov     - HALO mini-map LowFly       - Editor Uprade ManDay       - Original HALO script Mandoble      - Scripting help OFP/ArmA Community - General aid Pingu        - Claymore addon Robert Hammer    - Pistol and AK addons Skaven       - RACS units addon BETA STATUS: - The top priority is finding and destroying bugs, as usual! - Suggestions for new missions, support types, and others are more than welcome! - While I most definitely do not want anyone to review the mission as it is, criticism and praise are welcome too! Enjoy! - dRb
  24. DrBobcat

    High Definition Tropic Island

    Well, weather already affects the height and frequency of waves. I imagine the extremes, however, are dictated by the island designer. I doubt you could go beyond those limits only as a mission editor. - dRb
  25. 1.0 -> 1.05 -> 1.08 -> 1.14 That is the patch flow. -dRb