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    Long time lurker.<br><br>I've been described as a movie buff (though I don't think I am), and music wise my tastes are quite eclectic, some favorites:<br><br>The Ramones<br>The Clash<br>Portishead<br>Rolling Stones<br>Stiff Little Fingers<br>Franz Ferdinand<br>Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  1. Doc. Zaius

    "You don't go up against a guy with a firearm...

    It has been known to happen, though...
  2. Doc. Zaius

    Air Force Photographer

    Hey, Killagee. After seeing various photos you've taken and posted here on the forum, I think you should definitely pursue it.
  3. Doc. Zaius

    Radio Chatter

    F-14s engaging a pair of Libyan Migs over the Gulf of Sidra. MP3, 7 mb.
  4. Doc. Zaius

    Metal Gear Solid 3

    God, I have to wait till March for it to come out here. What's the CQC system like?
  5. Doc. Zaius

    Equipment carried on missions

    I think one thing to remember about Tears of the Sun (other than the fact it's a movie. Heh.) is that they were only supposed to get in and extract a really hot doctor, and be in country 12 or so hours.
  6. Doc. Zaius

    JFK Reloaded

    I purchased JFK: Reloaded. The ballistic modeling is rather impressive, and it appears to have a form of ragdoll physics. Also, there's a comprehensive set of replay options. I'm having a difficult time of thoroughly recreating the Warren Comission's version of events, not because it's impossible, but merely because you are required to miss the first shot to stay accurate to the Warren Comission findings. At any rate, I don't see how proving Oswald was able to make the fatal shots on Kennedy automatically dissolves the notion of a conspiracy - Maybe if the developers had less of an agenda we could've been given a more flexible simulation. And, of course they plan to give away $100,000 - Why not make the prize $50,000 and make it a free download? Surely that would be more in step with their stated goal of educating us all.
  7. Doc. Zaius

    Picked up full spectrum warrior today

    Anyone want to post their profiles/save games? I've already played through on X-Box and can't be bothered now. I just wanna tinker with the Ranger snipers and then go back to Rome: Total War.
  8. Doc. Zaius

    Back from the Sandbox

    Welcome back! Glad you're safe.
  9. Doc. Zaius

    N korea train blast

    North Korea cloud 'not nuke blast' At any rate, something happened. According to this Alaskan seismograph, at least.
  10. Doc. Zaius

    Operator field photos

    The rest of his shots are here and here. As for him... He left a beautiful family behind if the rest of his webshots are anything to go on.
  11. Doc. Zaius

    Where Are You From

    17 years old and in my final year of high school here in Hamilton, New Zealand.
  12. Doc. Zaius

    Russkies find alien spaceship in Tunguska

    I'm reserving judgement until Pravda reports this.
  13. Doc. Zaius

    RZN Fighter Pilot Addon

    Looking VERY nice. Downloading now.
  14. Doc. Zaius

    Team America- World Police

    Looks hilarious. Looking better than the Thunderbirds movie, but I guess that's not saying much.