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    Remove Exploding vehicles

    Hi, sounds all well and good... but currently the game engine can't even display 60 vehicles simultaneously on the server side without crashing Server FPS 8 or 0 I've already seen... And what will it be like when every vehicle is calculated in its individual parts? Unfortunately, you have to cut back and just let the vehicles explode so that they are gone from the memory and the CPU load.
  2. DJ-Hazard

    ArmA3 Wishlist and Ideas

    Yeah ARMA 3 i love you BIS i hope you incloud the Weapon Integrated Battle Management System for the non us millitary version ;) http://defense-update.com/products/w/winbms.htm Thx God for ARMA 3 and BIS
  3. Hey great community ! my one question for the addonmakers is! is it possible to make a Modul-addon this means following ! we take the Hillux-Jeep or the URAL Truck from the game an mod him so that he have a open loading space. oky... now we gerate some Weapons, like rocket launcher form a plane like this pod form the SU-25 and other kind of stuff my Inspiration i got form Lybia war engineerin :) http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5221/5632762535_75bdbc5f78.jpg "SU-25" http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-MArVAhzylGI/TZyEBc3tCqI/AAAAAAAABHU/iy-_K6vGmvs/s1600/Libya_rebels.jpg and now the Clou is you can attach what you wont on the Hillux loading space.. possible with "the attach to Command" so you can customize the jeep with weapon you wont. but no CBU-97 xD thx you and sorry for my poor english i hope you unterstand my request.