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  1. dermannmitohnegesicht

    [WIP] FFAA V6 (Spanish Army Mod)

    the changelog in the steam workshop says: **** Fixed geometry in some walls p3d*** ***** Replace some objects around the map ***
  2. dermannmitohnegesicht

    can't place trigger

    nope. don't use anything other than mouse and keyboard at the moment. tried it with other keyboard and/or mouse but still no change. last time i remember that it worked was around three weeks ago and i haven't changed anything since back then. also what i forgot to mention is that i checked for corrupted files already, didn't help aswell.
  3. dermannmitohnegesicht

    can't place trigger

    hi there, the title is a little misleading, i can place triggers, i just can't change anything there. i don't really know when it started, as i took a little arma 3 break but returned when altis was released. i have this issue both in the dev build and with the stable one. when i place a trigger i can't change most of the options for that trigger. what i CAN change is: everything that needs to be entered (size, condition etc.) and by whom it is activated (blufor, radio etc.) what i canNOT change is: everything you need to click at (shape, once or repeatetly etc.) the buttons that you normaly click at seem all to be deactivated. what i try to say is that normally if you choose the shape either rectangle or ellipse is greyish, but for me they are both the same, having the color of being the deactivated one and when i click on them, nothing changes. if somebody knows something it will be appreciated! for further information just ask and i will try my best ;) if nobody can help me i will post it in the feedback tracker, i just thought i try it here first. thanks in advance...
  4. dermannmitohnegesicht

    sidewalk memory lod

    thanks! that actually helps me a lot! :)
  5. dermannmitohnegesicht

    sidewalk memory lod

    thanks a lot! i works now! :) once again the problem was my own stupidity! i just should have read your tutorial more varefull! then i would have seen that there is something called "named properties"! now i found everything i needed in the arma sample model aswell! thanks! just one more question: i looked through the config files, both from the arma sample models and the arma 2 files and noticed that most of the fences/walls aswell as the roads, trees bushes etc dont have any entries at all. so do i need a config file for my walls and sidewalks? everything i made is now working as i want it to work, the walls fall as they should and so on, so i dont really see a need to write a config for them. they dont have to be placed in the 2d editor and they are just fences/walls and sidewalks. but as i mentioned, i'm noob and so i better ask and don't rely on my feelings ;)
  6. dermannmitohnegesicht

    sidewalk memory lod

    thanks a lot! that's awesome! :) so if i make a higher building which is actually put together from 2 or more models, would the names of the points be the same? i mean when the first part is on ground level and the second would be higher ( like for example the harbor crane model) i understand it that the models wouldn't snap together over each other but next to each other!? (even if the points of the ground level model would be at the top of that model) and one more question please :) i asked that quite a while ago and i know this board is not the right one but i don't want to open a new thread again and it is not really important (yet). i made a fence (well actually its a wall) and place it in visitor. ingame it works just fine, it falls like a fence should do and everything, my problem is that on the map it doesnt appear. i mean this little grey box which arma walls usually have. iguess it has something to do with the config file. i put it together from another config because i am still learning to understand and write them. so here it is: thanks! edit: i now found out that the "icon" line is just for the icon that appears when i place the object in the editor...still leaves me without the grey boxes ;)
  7. dermannmitohnegesicht

    sidewalk memory lod

    hi, i'm making some costume sidewalks at the moment and descovered something. i opened the bis sample models of arma 1 sidewalks and found this in the memory lod: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/535/memoryci.jpg when i use this in my own sidewalks they are magnetic in visitor which makes them easy to stick together. as i'm also making parts which fit to the curves of a road, this is rather usefull. but i have questions about it: can i use this or is there a good reason bis doesnt use this in the sidewalks of arma 2? later i'm maybe going to make some costum fences aswell and is there a reason why i shouldn't use it in my fencemodels? it would make placing fences rather easy... thanks
  8. dermannmitohnegesicht

    Forest borders not working

    sorry to reactivate this thread, but i got the same problem. as the solution cant be viewed anymore, i have to ask again. i tried around a lot with my own island and then i tried it with the tut sample map. i added some lines to the config and hoped that this will work, but it didnt. so here is my config: what am i doing wrong or am i just too blind to find something obvious?! thx
  9. dermannmitohnegesicht

    icons for objects

    heyhey! i'm just playing around a bit at the moment and most things (surprisingly) work as i want them. i got one issue though... i made a little object, quite simple. i already can put in the map and it works as it should. BUT when i place it in visitor and then get the map in the game the object icons dont appear. i dont mean the special icons like for a lighttower, just the simple grey block. BIS objects placed in visitor have those blocks in the final map. i gues its an config problem, thats why i post this here! if it isnt please move it where it belongs ;) i use the config file from mondkalbs tutorial, and changed it a bit. as i said, the object itself works fine, just the block doesnt show up on the map. the config: thaks for your help!
  10. dermannmitohnegesicht

    buldozer crashes when cell size is under 30

    solved after re-install of windows! thanks anyway!
  11. dermannmitohnegesicht

    buldozer crashes when cell size is under 30

    thanks, but still doesnt work... i even re-installed everything (even the game itself) to really follow the tut from the beginning. when i started with visitor i learned it with this tut: http://www.armaholic.com/forums.php?m=posts&q=13680 but they are pretty much the same anyway... so i guess it has to be a problem with my pc but i just cant imagine what could cause this...has anybody experienced problems that could appear with any program that visitor maybe doesnt like?! doesnt matter if its the same error, i just want to try everything possible before re-installing windows (which i will do this summer anyway but havent got the time (and the motivation) at the moment)
  12. dermannmitohnegesicht

    buldozer crashes when cell size is under 30

    thanks a lot for the help, but it still doesnt work...the first size i've already tried before (but tried it again just to be sure) and the second with the cell size of 2 i tried now but also doesnt work. i wrote not more information because i am not sure what would be important, so i hoped that people would ask ;) well, what can i say anymore about it...the cell size under 30 never worked. it didnt bother me till now. for some time i was just learning how to use visitor properly and also how to write configs (should still improve that, but thats not the point here) so it was not really important for me how big the cell size was. but now i would have some nice ideas and 30 is just too much for that ideas. so it works with cell size 30 and also works via o2 (never needed that program, so i just tried to see if it works there). for the error message itself...its pretty much a windows standart error message. i'm sorry, i dont know the message in englisch it something like "program doesnt react anymore" (maybe someone knows the real english message ;) ) thats pretty much everything i could think of at the moment but if you need some more info just tell me which ;) i would really love to get it running properly...
  13. hiho! well, the title says it all. when i use a terrain cell size smaller then 30, buldozer crashes. it loads and i can see the island for 1 or 2 seconds and then i get an error. terrain grid size doesnt matter, it happens with every size. cell size doesnt matter either, tried from 29 down to 10. it happens with and without obejcts aswell as with imported terrain or no terrain at all. doenst matter if i saved it before starting buldozer, or not. re-installing doesnt help. i think (!!) everything is set up correctly, as it works without any problems with a cell size of 30 or higher. i can binarize it and use it in the game without problems. anybody got an idea?! i would appreciate it! thx
  14. dermannmitohnegesicht

    Another time binarize!

    okay iread everything i could find here but still cant get it work! somebody please help me! i dl binarize and put it in a folder named "binarize" on my desktop. then i moved my whole addon folder  (which contains a config.cpp my hangar.p3d and 5 paa files) in this folder. then i opened bin, but it only pops up and closes after a second. same is with the binarize.exe so here's my question: how to i write into the command line of bin(i have to enter the directory of my addon folder there right?)? what exactly do i enter there? i am using XP if that's important! please help a person who has absolutly no idea of how anything works! thx