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  1. Dauragon

    Gran Turismo 4

    real simulators dont have damage or any realistic crash effect
  2. Dauragon

    Gran Turismo 4

    gargl have to wait 7 march to get my hands on it for the time being i'll just drool on some pics
  3. Dauragon

    Climate Change

    ugh its very cold in switzerland, there is ice everywhere on the roads on morning and evening the wind is not so strong but it still punchs its coldness in our faces , you can't get out with at least 3 sweaters and 3 pants on lucky northern englands in tshirts having barbecue, bleh
  4. Dauragon

    World Car of the Year 2005

    yes extremely rich, but they come from allover europe aswell, we can see all the GB plates on the land rovers and the yellow NL plate with weird numbersd like 69 on BMW's but the restaurants up there are like 5* the price of a restaurant in a nice city :S
  5. Dauragon

    World Car of the Year 2005

    personaly hjere in switzerland, you go to a nice luxury place in the mountains like Verbier or Crans Montana you can see 1000 Porsche Cayenne Turbo other dozens of Touareg and a couple thousands of X5, these cars are so popular that driving one is normal at those place, but they are very usefull for transporting all the ski stuff with the family, most swiss family has a house near the lake and a house in the mountains called "Chalet" in french, and i'd definatly choose a Porsche Cayenne Turbo for these kind of winter trip
  6. Dauragon

    AMD or Intel?

    NetBSD OpenBSD FreeBSD Redhat EL Suse EL Gentoo Solaris 10 ... You have a specific OS in mind? Â Â What were you planning to run on those 64 bits anyway? games
  7. Dauragon

    Gta san andreas

    did anyone manage to swim to a locked city and then take a car and go to a pay n spray? because i managed to swim to las venturas but i got killed because you immediatly get 4 stars, by searching for a pay n spray
  8. Dauragon

    Gta san andreas

    switzerland here, bought it in a small video game shop this game is amazing :o from the soundtrack to the bmx bike riding , i was surprised there was a track from rage against the machines and depeche mode hah and police on motorcycles are funny they cant drive very well anyway back to playing
  9. Dauragon

    Vampires/Undead Pack Beta Release

    aah thisd is sweet now all i need is some british urban sas units and i can make a hellsing (anime) scenario!
  10. Dauragon

    Goodbye F-14

    Damn it was my favourite Aircraft of the USA its so beautiful, so sad but everything has an end
  11. Dauragon


    :o how long did it take!?! i will never be able to sit on a bike for that long and if one day i would travel from new york to california it would only be in a hummer h2
  12. Dauragon

    The Acropolis(!?)

    Too offtopic
  13. Dauragon


    once i am 25 (4years) i am going to do the unlimitted cc license and buy myself a Kawasaki ZX10 or a Yamaha R1, just love these engines and their power ooooooo  once i get them im gonna go to germany on teh autobahn R1 ZX-10 but currently for a 2 wheel experience i own this http://www.technoscoots.free.fr/image-s....024.jpg i dont want those crappy looking like 125 cc scooters their so ugly Â
  14. Dauragon

    How to get over a girl you love ?

    what about theavonlady? shes gonna kill you
  15. Dauragon

    Anyone want one?

    damn and the comments are so fuunny!