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    Role Selection Screen is blank.

    Our group just encountered this problem as well with the CUP update from yesterday, I don't believe there was an update to A3 itself. Newly created missions with modules or without, made from either editor however will work. If anyone can shed any light on this that would be great, thanks.
  2. I'm guessing that file is missing from the bon_recruit_units folder? Check and make sure it's still there. It should work as long as it is, and you didn't edit anything else along the way.
  3. Hey everyone, after searching through these forums I've seen lots of similar postings to what I would like to make, but I'm looking for some advice, and with some basic scripting knowledge some help in the long run. I'm wanting to make a static fuel point (IE a fuel tank, etc) that can be filled with fuel, much like a fuel truck has a cargo capacity. Use basic scripting to set the max value of the fuel capacity for the tank and an action to use it to refuel like any other fuel truck. Optionally to add the ability to check how much fuel is stored in the tank as well. If anyone could provide any insight I'd greatly appreciate it, thanks.
  4. I know there is a way to do this that exists, but I can't wrap my head around it. What I' m aiming to do is have a script that is a predefined loadout for certain classes of units (IE, medic, AR, AT, etc.) that once the game has detected they are on the map (like with many of the recruitment scripts out there) it will change the unit from their default loadout to the predefined one. I attempted using a trigger the size of the map set to repeatedly when the faction was present but could not get it to removeallweapons and just add a different weapon as a starting point. If anyone has some insight or direction I could approach this that would be great, thanks.
  5. Thanks for the reply, but if it only works for units already placed I don't think that is going to be a solution. Basically if a unit is recruited in MSO, when it is spawned into the game world I want it to spawn with a custom loadout rather than the loadout scripted into the unit itself.
  6. Is there a support thread or forum for this mod anywhere? I keep getting kicked for CBA keys not being accepted by the majority of the servers out there that are hosting DayZ, and then on the servers I can get into once I get to loading character data battle eye kicks me for a memory corruption, anyone else experiencing this?
  7. Is there anyway to make an AI go unconscious without them bleeding? Or at least without them being able to bleed out and die?
  8. USMCWall


    Doesn't work in regard to being able to use ACEs medical system rather than just walking up and hitting heal.
  9. Anyone having a JA2L error with the 1.60RC3? Mine refuses to work now, get an in game error as well about dsound.dll. Everything was working fine until I patched again.
  10. I will package them both up for you and dropbox it over skype.
  11. This is kind of along the same lines, but is there anyway that the date select can re enabled from 1949 (I believe that is the I44 cutoff) back to 2020 as the max year? I just thought it'd be easier to be able to select any date, rather than turning off I44 just to select it while editing.
  12. ACE hasn't caused us to lag on any map, to include CSJ SEA, Takistan, and Chernarus. Using Unsung, default ACE, and an I44 version of the MSO. I would have to go out on a limb and say the culprit is something else.
  13. Is anyone else having an issue where gunners won't engage if you're physically in the vehicle? IE: I'm driving or gunning in an M3 halftrack, and the rear gunner will never engage unless I physically dismount. Most of the time the main gunner will engage in any tank or vehicle, but never the secondary turrets, IE rear guns, hull guns, commanders, etc.
  14. If you have UNSUNG installed, that might fubar everything as well, ,my compass still goes by the UNS standard one even when I'm not running the folder, so who knows.
  15. I have it up to 7 recruitment slots now, you just have to add in additional config names like soldierWb, soldierWsaboteur, etc and follow the pattern of the rest of the dialog.
  16. Yes it is, but we're having issues with not being able to use any of the I44 grenades or demo stuff, other than that it works fine.
  17. Using 3.31 on dedicated hasn't caused any performance issues in our experiences thus far.
  18. Just as a heads up, in our MSO version I used the module for ACE respawn with weapons and mags, I believe is what it's called. Haven't had any issues, and we always respawn with current loadout + ruck contents (including manpacks) from when you died. It however will not respawn ruck contents upon reconnection.
  19. Egg, I had that start doing the same thing just out of the blue in my UNSUNG MSO, then I re-pbo'd the mission and it stopped, not sure what causes it or what fixes it, but you're not alone.
  20. There's a link somewhere (if I had it I'd link it) for the enable_a10.pbo, which is what you need for the planes to come up in the list in the editor.
  21. Is anyone else not able to take off in the F100/Skyraider? Only the O1 is flyable. Mine still won't work even after trying the space, it won't close the unit box.