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  1. nice work finally an italian addon bel lavoro behoram
  2. Duncan

    Falklands Mod 1.0 Released

    good work guys excellent mod Â
  3. Duncan

    Armed Assault FAQ

    i ll wait arma i want arma
  4. Duncan

    Conspiracies: Deluxe

    i ve a little problem i m arrived to military base, i ve killed any soldiers found nico vislav but nothing happened so i have change modus operandi sneaked into the base found nico but nothing happened again anyone can tell me how can i do ? i dont want use end mission cheat thanks
  5. Duncan

    Conspiracies: The Experience

    a question i ve reached atomic power plant ? and now what can i do ? campaign is finished ?
  6. Duncan


    Anyone can fix problem that give these error "operator unknown" problem its in Sef_misc.pbo maybe it s a problem of config cpp
  7. Duncan


    semper fidelis hoooha
  8. Duncan

    BAS Tonali SF and BTR-T

    maybe was too difficult make navy seal better tonal special forces
  9. Duncan

    Y2K3 - Updated Ofp Config.

    i ll suggest a what would be nice if pilot of chopper can have a Mp5k as machinegun and not a Mp5N u can found a nice Mp5k smg into HKpack
  10. Duncan

    New bas thread

    i've a quest for BAS When Navy Seal's pack coming on our pc ?
  11. Duncan

    [SP] Missing in Action

    yes now work thx for help
  12. Duncan

    [SP] Missing in Action

    i don't find radio tower link in your m.i.a. page isn't correct
  13. Duncan

    Marine assault pack

    a very nice work
  14. Duncan

    Bas pavehawks

    i'll go a bit off topic little quest for bas : maybe navy seals can go out before christmas ? thanks whooooooooa